ParamountQuote.com seeks to provide consumers with a fast and convenient process to purchase burial insurance to protect their families.

We help 90% of our clients get day one level coverage with our advanced underwriting training.

Our clients experience same-day instant approval for coverage within 30 minutes or less! We work with the top A+ Rated Carriers nationwide with either an E-mail Signature or Voice Signature process for their applications.

The agent you work with will:
Qualify you within minutes
Pick the Rate you Select
Do a 3-way call with you and the Insurance Company and get you enrolled.

Tim Connon is our Founder & CEO

He had an idea to provide consumers with a quick and easy process for purchasing burial insurance. In addition to this, he also has elite training for the underwriting of all the carriers ParamountQuote works with.

This means he knows exactly what health conditions can still qualify for day one coverage and he has passed that training down to the agents here at ParamountQuote. This is how we maintain a 90% day one coverage approval rating.

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Tim Connon is a licensed insurance agent in over 30 states. His state licenses for his authority to sell products in these states are listed below:

  • FL #W105569
  • AL #3000341610
  • AR #18546735
  • AZ #18546735
  • CO #577260
  • GA #3212432
  • IA #18546735
  • IL #18546735,
  • IN #3608994
  • KS #18546735
  • KY #DOI-997388
  • LA #856966
  • MD #3000987047
  • MI #18546735
  • MN #40590670
  • MO #8449428
  • MS #10717911
  • NC #18546735
  • NE #18546735
  • NV #3386510
  • OH #1188813
  • OK #3000340705
  • PA #862588
  • SC #18546735
  • TN #2406480
  • TX #2287826
  • UT #813438
  • VA #1072731
  • WI #18546735
  • WY #383243
  • WV #18546735

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Tim Connon has been featured in many publications due to his knowledge and expertise. His expertise in life insurance, business, marketing and overall life experiences have been featured in the following publications: