Life Insurance for Seniors over 85(It’s Possible)

If you are over age 85 and need life insurance it is important to know that now is the time to get covered. There are life insurance for seniors over 85 options however your options are limited at this age.

We will go over everything you need to know about life insurance for seniors 85 and over 85.

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Can You Get Life Insurance at Age 85?

Yes, you can get life insurance at age 85 however the companies that offer coverage are limited because a lot of life insurance companies are not going to offer life insurance for seniors at 85 or over 85. Now term life insurance is not going to be available for seniors 85 or over 85 Universal Life Insurance is not a good option since the underwriting is so strict.

This means your only option is burial insurance which is final expense life insurance. It is a simplified issue whole life policy designed to be a permanent life insurance to pay for your funeral expenses which is why it is called final expense insurance.

These policies offer coverage amounts of $10,000 , $15,000, $25,000 up to $40,000 in most cases. These types of life insurance also build cash value which is like a small savings account with the policy.

Can You Get Life Insurance after Age 85?

Yes life insurance for seniors over 85 is possible however there are only a handful of life insurance companies that will offer you permanent coverage.

You cannot get companies like Mutual of Omaha at this age as they will not cover seniors over 85. Your options are limited because at this age most life insurance companies see this as high risk because the older you are the closer you are to death.

Companies Available at 85

If you are age 85 then there still are a lot of life insurance companies that will offer you coverage if you qualify. The companies below will still be able to offer you coverage if you qualify.

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Aetna
  • American Amicable
  • Guarantee Trust Life

Some of these companies also offer additional riders like accelerated death benefits and grandchild riders. Riders are additional add-ons to provide extra benefits from your policy.

Companies Available After 85

Now life insurance for seniors over 85 options are limited as we mentioned. There are 2 solid life insurance companies seniors over 85 can apply for with us.

  • Aetna
  • Guarantee Trust Life

Aetna is a policy with no waiting period if you are healthy and can answer all their health questions with a “no”. Now Guarantee Trust Life has an automatic waiting period but after year 1 of having the policy it will pay 50% of the death benefit to your beneficiary so it is not a full 2-year waiting period policy.

Plan availability for these also depends on your state. Both those carriers may not be available in select states.

To check the state availability and see life insurance quotes specific to your age fill out the form to your right.

Example Pricing

Waiting Period’s

Your health will determine whether or not you can get a life insurance policy without a waiting period or with a waiting period. The good news is with the liberal underwriting of these carriers we can help most seniors qualify for burial insurance with preexisting conditions.

That is why when you speak with one of our agents they will ask you health questions to determine if they can get you qualified for coverage without a waiting period.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance over 85

There are no guaranteed acceptance life insurance for seniors over 85 or at age 85. For this age range you are going to have to answer health questions on life insurance company applications.

Burial insurance with no health questions does not exist for seniors over 85. Again this is why working with our highly trained agents is crucial for you to get approved for a policy.