Burial Insurance for Seniors over 60 Ultimate Guide

If you are a senior over 60 and need burial insurance you are probably wondering a couple of things like can I get covered? Or will I even qualify? The answer is yes you can qualify for permanent life insurance which is burial insurance.

This type of life insurance coverage is designed specifically for seniors. It is meant to provide a quick payout of death benefits to your loved ones when you die so they are not stuck with a big funeral bill of $10,000 or more. We help seniors at age 80 and even age 85 qualify for affordable coverage with our expert-level training and will do the exact same for you.

We are going to cover how to qualify as well as the best and worst brands when it comes to senior life insurance to cover funeral costs so you can make an informed decision of what exactly works best for you.

How to Get The Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 60

When it comes to getting the best coverage it can be straightforward, it just comes down to a few factors that determine what life insurance or burial insurance is best for you.

The most important questions to ask would be:

  1. Is there a 2 year waiting period?
  2. Is the monthly premium affordable?
  3. Has the company been in business for over 100 years and A-rated?
  4. Is there a rate lock?
  5. Is the coverage permanent and will it ever decrease?

These are the most crucial questions to ask to make sure you are not winding up with some gimmick of a policy. In addition to this, the waiting period question will vary because if your are in extremely poor health you may not be able to avoid a waiting period.

Work with the Experts

This is exactly where we come in we help 90% of our clients get approved for coverage that has no waiting period. Now if you fall into the 10% category of clients we cannot get approved for that kind of coverage we will still help you get the best-guaranteed issue policy on the market.

Burial insurance for seniors over 60 is supposed to be simplified issue coverage meaning they only look at your medical history with no medical exam involved. This means as long as your health conditions line up with their health questions you should be approved instantly over the phone.

All of the carriers we work with pass those questions above with flying colors.

Which Life Insurance for Over 60s?

Now something very important to understand is that if you want the best life insurance or burial insurance over 60 it needs to be permanent coverage which is whole life insurance or final expense insurance. The reason for this is that temporary coverage with higher death benefits will expire after 20 years.

If you have a policy that expires 20 years from now when you reach age 80 your only option will be whole life insurance and at that point, the premium will be very expensive considering your age.

The idea is:

“The earlier you get burial insurance the cheaper it will be.” – Tim Connon

Life Insurance for Seniors over 60 with Diabetes

We have written several articles on life insurance with diabetes. Here is the good news for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetics. Since these plans are simplified issue people with diabetes can get day one coverage as long as there are no serious complications such as neuropathy and even then depending on the severity of that our agents can still help you get covered.

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This is why it is crucial to work with our agents and their advanced training because within 20 minutes they will know exactly what you qualify for.

One company to watch out for a NOT go with is New York Life associated with AARP. We also do NOT recommend John Hancock either.

How to Qualify for Burial Insurance for Seniors over 60

To qualify call our customer service line or fill out the form to your right to see quotes. Once you do this one of our agents will call you over the phone and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Introduce themselves
  2. Ask comprehensive health questions
  3. Confirm the coverage being applied for
  4. Begin either the voice signature or email signature process depending on the carrier

After these steps, you will receive confirmation from the company right over the phone. This is all done in 30 minutes or less.


“Can a 60 year old get whole life insurance?”

Yes, you can qualify for coverage with no waiting period and a low monthly rate or you can qualify for coverage with a 2 year waiting period and higher premium depending on your health.

“What type of life insurance is best for a 60 year old?”

Whole life insurance is best for a 60-year-old because it is permanent coverage and will not expire, unlike term insurance.

Life Insurance Companies we Recommend

Our top burial insurance companies we recommend to seniors over 60 are:

These are the best burial insurance for seniors over 60 companies. They hold the best reputations and some of them like MOO come with living benefits which allows you to use the coverage if you get terminally ill.


This is the perfect time for you to get burial insurance for seniors over 60 because the monthly rates are low and your health conditions may not be too severe to qualify and get coverage in place. The faster you act to get this for your loved ones peace of mind the faster you can take this off your to-do list.

We work with all of the top companies nationwide and with our expert-level training, we will help you find coverage within minutes. Get you and your families permanent peace of mind. This coverage pays out quick which means your family will receive the check within 24 – 48 hours then pay for your funeral and be able to focus on just grieving your loss.