Prosperity Final Expense Review Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering if Prosperity Life’s final expense is any good? Then you are in the perfect place. This burial insurance carrier is one of the best final expense life insurance companies on the market.

This is going to be the ultimate guide and review to prosperity life and their final expense plans. We pride ourselves on our in-depth thorough analysis of burial insurance carriers and what they offer.

We are going to cover everything you need to know about Prosperity final expense. This will help you make a properly informed decision to protect your family from the burden of your final expenses.

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Now we are going to get into the nitty-gritty fine print of this company and its plans.

Prosperity Final Expense Products

Prosperity Life Insurance Group LLC has 3 different burial insurance products. They actually go by the name New Vista Final Expense or if you are in NY it would be Golden Promise.

  • Level Plan
  • Graded Plan
  • Modified Plan

Right away based on how we listed these you rate them by the best plan starting first on the list to the least good plan at the bottom.

Keep in mind that these are all simplified issue policies which means basically there is no medical exam required or specialized tests from someone coming to your home. For prosperity final expense applications you simply answer their health questions with the carrier on the phone.

After you answer the health questions and they perform the Medical Information Bureau Health Report and prescription checks They will let you know if you have been approved for either the level, graded, or modified death benefits.

After that, you would simply apply your voice signature instead of signing a paper application.

Level Plan

This is their day one coverage plan. This is their best product above all for several reasons.

  • Rates are locked in for life
  • They offer coverage of $1,500 – $35,000
  • No waiting period for benefits
  • Death Benefit can never Decrease

Now to get Prosperity final expense coverage you have to work with an independent agency like ParamountQuote you cannot get a policy from Prosperity directly.

Prosperity products are not available in the following states:


If you live in any of those states there are still options for you and you should speak with one of our agents to find a policy in your state.

Graded Plan

The graded death benefit is more expensive than the level plan. It is limited coverage for the first 2 years but if you pass from an accident it will pay the full face amount.

Now if you do not qualify for level this is still a great option because it is not a full-blown 2-year waiting period.

The way it works is if you die within 12 months your family gets 30% of the death benefit. If you die in 24 months your family receives 70% of the death benefit. When you are past year 2 the full death benefit will be paid if death occurs.

If death occurs from an accident during the first 2 years the full death benefit is paid to your beneficiary.

Prosperity final expense graded plan still has the 2 same features as the level plan.

  • Rates are locked in for life
  • Death benefit never Decreases

Modified Plan

This is our least favorite and their most expensive plan. There is a 2 year waiting period for benefits with this plan.

It works on a Return of Premium basis. So if death occurs within the 1st year your beneficiary will get 110% of the premiums paid into the policy. After year 1 if death occurs your beneficiary will receive 231% of the premiums paid in.

Once you are through the first 2 years your beneficiary will receive the full face amount. Accidental death also applies to this policy so if you die from an accident your beneficiary will receive the full benefit.

This plan does have the same 2 features as the others.

  • Rate locked in for life
  • Death Benefit Never Decreases

Policy Riders

Prosperity life offers 2 different riders you can attach to your policy.

  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

The accidental death rider lets you add additional coverage if death occurs due to an accident. This can equal up to double the face amount.

Now the accelerated death benefit is if you become terminally ill. This means you can withdraw a portion of your face amount early (20% – 50%) which is counted as a loan against the policy and subject to interest for things you may need such as pre-planning your funeral etc.

Prosperity Background

They have several companies underneath their umbrella.

  • SBLI USA Life Insurance Company
  • SUSA Life Insurance Company
  • Shenandoah Life Insurance Company

They are rated A- by AM Best which is the top rating authority regarding insurance.

  • Their Website:
  • Phone – 1-866-787-2123
  • Address: P.O. Box 1050 Newark, NJ 07101-1050

Prosperity Final Expense Underwriting

Qualifying for Prosperity life plans is simple. You do not need to do a medical exam or give blood or anything like that.

You simply answer their health questions, perform a prescription and medical background check as well as look at your height and weight. Based on how you answer their questions you will either be approved or denied.

We will cover this in 3 sections:

Prosperity Final Expense KO Questions

If you answer yes to any of these you are not eligible for coverage.

Modified Questions

If you answer yes to the above questions you will be offered modified.

Graded Questions

A yes to these is Graded.

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