Cremation Insurance
cremation insurance for seniors

Cremation Insurance for Seniors(9 Companies)

Burial insurance also known as cremation insurance is life insurance for seniors. This type of coverage is whole life final expense insurance. Burial and cremation insurance are just marketing terms for their primary purpose. According to In 2019 16.5% of Americans were 65 or older with a projected 22% by 2050. As you get…
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Cremation insurance

Cremation Insurance What it is & How it Works

If you are wondering what exactly is cremation insurance or how does it work? You are in the perfect spot for answers. Cremation insurance is simplified issue whole life insurance & guaranteed issue life insurance. Both are permanent whole life policies that never expire, build cash value, have level premiums(premiums never increase) and level death…
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final expense insurance for cremation

Buying The Best Final Expense Insurance for Cremation in USA

If you are looking to buy final expense insurance for cremation we can help you. In order to buy the best final expense insurance for cremation you must work with a life insurance agent/broker licensed in your state. A broker can shop multiple companies in the USA to find you the best premium rates. You…
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