Open Care Final Expense Plan Review 2024 Legit & Costs?

Who is Open Care Insurance Company? First and foremost they are an insurance agency, not an insurance company BIG difference. This is our opencare final expense plans reviews full truth guide.

When it comes to final expense whole life insurance to protect your family from the financial burden of your final expenses getting the right product for you is imperative.

The best way to get the best policy for you and your unique situation is to work with an independent insurance agency like us with access to all of the top major carriers nationwide.

That being said the question is “Is Opencare Final Expense Plan good for you and your unique needs?”

We will find out in this Opencare Final Expense Plans Review. We will go over everything you need to know about this company and plans to help you make a properly informed decision to protect your loved ones from your burial expenses.

The Open Care Senior Plan is a Legit Life Insurance Policy

The Open Care Senior Plan is a legitimate life insurance policy. That being said the pricing of $7.49 monthly on their ad’s is not going to be the legitimate cost for all who apply.

The actual price of the Open Care Senior Plan is going to be according to your age, health, lifestyle, gender and amount of coverage.

Those factors will determine the cost of open care final expense insurance.

Opencare Senior Plan Products

Open Care Seniors is a company that specializes in life insurance for final expenses also known as “whole life insurance” or “burial insurance”.

Open care final expense insurance is simplified issue whole life insurance & guaranteed issue whole life.

Their plans do not require a medical exam which is common for most final expense life insurance plans. What this means is that you would answer health questions on the life insurance company application.

At that point, they will look at your health history and prescriptions, and based on those you would most likely be approved or denied.

Their products are as follows:

  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Accidental Death
  • Medicare

Now their Open Care Senior Plan is advertised through their opencare final expense commercial on TV that they run.

We have warned in previous blogs about the issue of buying into TV advertised policies. The reason being is that more often than not we have encountered clients that bought policies with a 2 year wait period for their death benefits.

Most notably Colonial Penn policies.

Open Care advertises $25k of “free benefits” we often refer to this as a gimmick because it can imply that the coverage is free… It’s not.

Life Insurance Agent Pro Tip: There is no such thing as free final expense insurance for seniors. Any life insurance policy is going to require a monthly premium payment period.

This is why it is crucial to do your due diligence on opencare final expense plans reviews before letting the power of marketing sway you into a policy that isn’t the best option for you.

Open Care Whole Life Options

There are 2 plans they offer.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance Plan

This is a guaranteed issue product it does not have medical questions or require medical examinations of any kind acceptance is guaranteed.

However, this is the kind of plan we refer to as a last resort. If you are healthy you should not ever have to settle for this plan.

This policy will not pay any benefits if death occurs within the first 2 years of having the plan and is much more expensive than day one coverage.

Here we have a plan that you have to qualify for. This is cheaper because it is underwritten therefore if you qualify you get a better rate.

For this you would answer their health questions and they would perform a Medical Information Bureau Health Report and a prescription check.

Depending on your answers you will either be approved or denied for open care final expense insurance.

The bottom line is providing your family peace of mind that they deserve and based on the fact that Open Care Senior Plan is not transparent with what companies or products are being marketed to seniors, it might not be a good idea.

Furthermore, Open Care Final Expense plan does not even compare to Great Western which is a much-better-guaranteed issue product with a Return of Premium Benefit.

This means if you were to die within the first 2 years of having your policy your beneficiary would receive the premiums plus 10% which is a great rate of return.

Again if you do not have HIV, current Cancer, CHF & COPD together or are on Dialysis, you should not have to settle for a 2-year wait policy.

Reviewing The Open Care Senior Plan Commercial Fine Print

The Open Care Senior Plan Commercial advertises the final expense plans that they sell. That being said the Open Care commercials can seem misleading regarding some of the wording used in the ad.

Open Care Final Expense Commercial Mis leading advertising

Now the screenshot above taken from their commercial shows they advertise up to $50,000 in life insurance coverage. They key word here is “up to” which means it is going to depend on what you qualify for with them.

Not everyone that calls in for open care final expense plans is going to qualify and get $50,000 in coverage. Life insurance companies do not operate that way, they need to know your age, health and gender to get an accurate quote.

This brings you to the next big problem with their commercial.

Open Care Commercial Fake Prices advertised

The screenshot above makes it sound like anyone can get coverage for less than a $1 a day. Now instead of you doing the math we have done it for you. Let’s say it is 50 cents a day since they claim “less than a dollar” well this adds up to $15 a month.

Now real life insurance companies set their premiums based on age, health and gender which means rates always vary. There is no definitive way to say that everyone is going to pay less than a dollar a day period.

If you think that when you call the open care final expense commercial you will be paying $15 a month you will be very disappointed. Unless you are extremely young with no health issues(even though this ad clearly targets seniors) you will be paying much more than $1 a day.

Open Care Senior Plan Commercial Fine Print Disclaimers.

The screenshot above shows the fine print of their commercial and confirms that Open Care is not a life insurance company. They also state that “benefits, pricing and insurance companies vary by state” which proves not everyone is getting coverage for $1 a day.

There you have it, you do not know which companies or prices Open Care will offer you until you call in to one of their agents.

What is the Open Care Senior Plan?

The Open Care Senior plan is final expense life insurance that offers between $5,000 – $50,000 in whole life insurance death benefit.

Final expense insurance is also known as burial insurance and funeral insurance which is a small simplified issue whole life policy used for end of life expenses.

This includes funeral costs, credit card debt and other expenses left behind after death.

Now the actual phrase “Senior Care Plan” is a marketing term for their funeral insurance products.

The open care senior plan does not require a medical exam to qualify for coverage. In addition to this applicants ages 18 – 85 can apply for the open care senior plan.

Now as we have mentioned you are going to find much better and more affordable final expense insurance with other companies than settling for open care final expense insurance.

Does The Open Care Senior Plan Benefit Me?

Yes the open care senior plan does benefit you by paying for your funeral costs when you die. That being said any final expense policy with any life insurance company is going to benefit you in the same way.

So why not shop around before you settle for the Open Care Senior Plan?

You should contact 2-3 agencies licensed to sell life insurance in your state. Gather 2-3 life insurance quotes from each agency and compare the costs with the Open Senior Plan quote.

Based on the amount of coverage and cost provided is how you should make your decision.

In addition to this make sure you speak with an agent that can field underwrite your health.

It does not make any sense to gather online quotes without speaking to an agent that can recommend a company that will accept you with your specific health conditions.

Getting a bunch of low life insurance quotes from companies is a waste of time if your health issues prevent you from qualifying for them.

Open Care Final Expense Plans Cost

When it comes to life insurance the cost of the coverage is based on your age health and lifestyle. If you are healthy then their going rate for $2000 worth of coverage is $7.49.

This is a non-tobacco rate meaning it applies to non-smokers.

The Open Care Final Expense Plan cost is more expensive than Mutual of Omaha according to this quote from their website.

Now if you are someone with health issue’s that will make a difference in rates shown. The coverage will be more expensive depending on those factors and ultimately on how much coverage you actually want.

Here is an example of open care final expense plan cost. This is an open care final expense plan quote compared to a Mutual of Omaha quote.

Below you will see our plan rates compared to the Open Care final expense plans cost they provide on their sample rates on their website.

Open Care Senior Plan Cost Compared to our Carrier Rates
AgeFemale Non Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(Open Care Senior Plan Rate)
Female Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(Open Care Senior Plan Rate)
Male Non Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(Open Care Senior Plan Rate)
Male Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(Open Care Senior Plan Rate)
40$17 $21$19$24
AgeFemale Non Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(ParamountQuote Plan Rate)
Female Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(ParamountQuote Plan Rate)
Male Non Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(ParamountQuote Plan Rate)
Male Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
(ParamountQuote Plan Rate)

As you can see the open care final expense plan cost is more expensive than the rates for our life insurance companies we are partnered with.

You always save more money when working with a funeral insurance agency that can shop multiple carriers on your behalf to find you the best plan at the lowest rate for final expense insurance.

Transparency is key if you fill out our quoter you will be able to see multiple final expense life insurance companies and compare their rates with any other products out there.

How Much Does Open Care Cost?

The Open Care Life Insurance plan costs $17 – $252 a month according to their sample rates. Now those are just what the samples say.

If you want an accurate quote for open care final expense insurance you can run a quote using their quoting page.

Open Care Senior Plan Cost
AgeFemale Non Smoker $8,000 Death BenefitFemale Smoker $8,000 Death BenefitMale Non Smoker $8,000 Death BenefitMale Smoker $8,000 Death Benefit
40$17 $21$19$24

Open Care Life Insurance is Usually Term Life

An Open Care life insurance policy is a term life insurance policy. Opencare offers term life insurance with coverage amounts between $25,000 – $500,000.

This type of coverage is meant for temporary debts such as mortgages and other assets taken out on a loan.

Open Care life insurance is not meant to be a burial insurance policy because it is temporary and will expire at some point.

This type of Open Care life insurance is meant for young healthy individuals that are trying to protect assets.

If you are a senior you should not worry about getting Open Care life insurance or the Open Care senior plan.

The reason being is because with both Open Care life insurance or the Open Care senior plan you will be over paying compared to other life insurance companies on the market.

Open Care Final Expense Insurance Plans Highlights

Now we are going to highlight the most important factors when it comes to Opencare Final Expense Plan Reviews and get down to the bottom line.

Based on our assessment and research:

  • You should not bother with their Open Care Senior Plan unless you really do not mind the 2 year waiting period in which case you should consider Great Western which is a superior policy.
  • Their Simplified Issue policy is better but still without transparency of what companies they could offer you. You have no idea if you are getting the best rate.
  • Their Term life insurance product can be good for covering a mortgage or for loss of income because it offers 25,000 – 500,000 but it can be hard to qualify for and we never recommend it as burial insurance for seniors because it terminates and is not permanent.
  • They are gimmicky with misleading commercials of “$7.49” per month which is not going to be the same for everyone.

So to answer the question:

Is Open Care Legit?

Yes, Open Care is a legitimate life insurance agency however they are not transparent on their final expense options.

You should work with a national independent agency that can look at all your options and offer transparency.

All you have to do is fill out the quote form to your right to see our carriers and rates.

If you are anything like me I love transparency when working with a company and if they cannot show the carriers they work with it is a major red flag.

That is why when it comes to opencare senior plan reviews we rate them very low.

Transparency is everything when it comes to opencare reviews. You should be able to see the plans they offer and their coverage amounts to make sure it will cover a funeral.

This is just another reason to not go with open care insurance services.

Open Care Senior Plan Reviews Policy Riders

They heavily promote their products as acceptance is guaranteed. This being the case this would mean that particular policy would be a guaranteed acceptance plan.

There is no medical exam and they do not look at health history. A big red flag when it comes to opencare final expense plans reviews.

If you think that sounds great keep in mind to always read the fine print. Plans like that have a 2-year waiting period for benefits. No exceptions this is the type of product open care final expense plans are offered.

With guaranteed issue policies there are no riders that can be purchased they do come with accidental death in all GI policies.

Both products have accidental death.

Apparently they do offer:

  • Mutual of Omaha

It is a well known fact that Mutual of Omaha offers an excellent life insurance plan for seniors.

However their underwriting is also very strict making it difficult for most seniors with moderate health issues to get day one coverage.

That being said they do offer a level death benefit so if you are healthy enough to answer no to all of their health questions then we recommend that carrier.

The riders they offer are:

  • Grandchild Riders
  • Accelerated Living Benefit Riders
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Open Care Reviews The Gimmicks

They are gimmicky plain and simple.

They offer their plans at 7.49 per month which is the same as Colonial Penns 995 plan gimmick. This is not true, they are an independent insurance agency that are using the rates shown to get you to call them.

You will most likely end up with a 2 year waiting period policy if you work with them given the information we have gathered. This is also only available for seniors below 85 years old.

So acceptance is guaranteed with their life insurance company unless you are over 85.

The amount of problems this creates is concerning.

Open Care Final Expense Background

Open Care Seniors is an insurance agency.

That is all we know about them. What carriers they represent is a mystery.