Burial & Life Insurance With Liver Failure

Here’s the deal when it comes to burial insurance and liver failure. It all depends on how well your condition is managed period. There are insurance carriers that we work with that can offer you the best rate and coverage for your liver conditions.

According to www.niddk.nih.gov

About 1 in 400 adults have liver issues like cirrhosis of the liver.

This means you are not alone. With conditions like this, it is imperative to find affordable burial insurance that can provide a quick death benefit to your family when you die. This protects them from the financial burden of your final expenses.

Burial insurance is a marketing term for final expense whole life insurance. There are many names for this product such as cremation insurance, final expense insurance, legacy insurance, and much more.

We are going to cover exactly how you can qualify for this coverage and what these companies are looking for as far as liver issues.

Will Life Insurance Pay Out for Liver Failure?

Yes life insurance will payout for liver failure if you had a life insurance policy before your liver failure diagnosis. Now if you are looking to get life insurance with liver failure you will have to get a guaranteed final expense insurance policy.

Guaranteed issue life insurance has an automatic 2 year waiting period before the policy will pay the death benefit to your beneficiary. This means after you have had the policy in force for 2 years the life insurance will pay out for liver failure.

Will Life Insurance Payout for Cirrhosis?

Yes life insurance will payout for cirrhosis if you got your policy before being diagnosed with cirrhosis. If you got your life insurance policy while having cirrhosis and did not disclose this to the life insurance company and they find out they will not payout for cirrhosis.

Anything not disclosed on the initial life insurance application for health conditions can and will be used against your family when you die to deny a claim. This is why it is extremely important to be honest with the life insurance company and agent that is signing you up for life insurance with cirrhosis.

Burial Insurance Underwriting Requirements

The best part about qualifying for these types of policies is that they use simplified underwriting. What that means is that they qualify you upfront without any extensive waiting times to see if you are approved for burial insurance liver failure.

The old ways of insurance were you fill out the paperwork then you take their blood tests and any other tests from the paramedics that come to your home and wait weeks to hear back if you are approved. These days are over now with the simplified underwriting process you will know for sure if you are approved instantly.

Furthermore, This can all be done from the comfort of your home right over the phone. We make this process simple, we help all of our clients get coverage within 30 minutes or less.

How is your well is your condition managed?

As we mentioned before a big factor that plays a role in what kind of coverage you will qualify for is the management of your condition. If it has been over 3 years since your liver diagnosis there is a very strong possibility you can qualify for the best coverage.

If not you may only qualify for a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy which is not a big deal but our primary goal at ParamountQuote is to help 90% of our clients get day one level coverage.

Possible 1st Day Coverage Burial Insurance Liver Failure

Above all, as we mentioned our primary goal is to see if you can get 1st-day coverage. What this means is that if you were to get your policy today, make your first premium payment and die tomorrow the face amount of your policy would go straight to your beneficiary.

Furthermore, the benefit is distributed in any manner for any purpose as the beneficiary of your policy see’s fit.

This is why when you work with one of our agents they will ask you detailed questions concerning your liver damage because they want to get you day one level coverage if at all possible.

Our agents are highly trained in the underwriting niches of these burial insurance companies. This means if it’s been over 2 – 3 years since your diagnosis and you have not had any incidents or any severe medications your chances of level coverage are strong.

Just Health Questions no Medical Exam

As we mentioned these are simplified issue policies. You are not required to take a bunch of exams or tests to qualify. These companies simply perform a few checks during the application process.

Medical Information Bureau Health Report

This is a database where all of your medical records are stored. This shows the carrier every time you have been to a doctor, hospital, clinic, diagnosis’s on file, and much more. This is what they check in order to make sure you are healthy enough according to their insurance applications and questions to get covered.

Prescription Check

This shows the carriers what kind of prescription drug medications you are taking. The carrier is only looking for major medications that indicate a terminal condition. If you are taking basic medications it should not disqualify you from coverage. This is why it is important to have a list of your medications when you speak with one of our agents.

Furthermore, this is why everything can be done right over the phone within 30 minutes because the carrier no longer has to send someone to your home to draw blood or perform any kind of tests which is awesome right?

There are 4 different scenarios that can happen when you apply for coverage.

  1. Modified Plan

This type of plan will have you pay a higher premium but it will provide a 1st-day gradual payout of benefits which is really good.

  1. Graded Plan

A graded plan will have a shorter waiting period typically between 1 – 2 years for benefits with a slightly higher premium.

  1. Guaranteed Issue Graded Plan

This is a full 2-year waiting period after the 2 years the full death benefit is paid.

  1. Level Plan

This is the most ideal plan to have as it offers the full death benefit from day one.

Burial Insurance Liver Failure High Risk vs Low Risk

It all comes down to risk. Insurance is the transference of risk so a carrier will want to make sure you are as low of a risk as possible. In return, your good health is rewarded by them offering you level coverage for improving your health.

To see insurance quotes fill out the form to your right. The level policies are the rates shown when you see the different companies and quotes.

High Risk

A high-risk applicant is someone with severe health conditions such as a previous organ transplant or diabetic amputation. A carrier looks at someone with these conditions as too high of a risk to insure.

Low Risk

A low-risk applicant is someone with health conditions but they are well managed. such as controlled diabetes, controlled COPD, and even controlled Congestive Heart Failure

This is why here at our independent agency we specialize in burial insurance & liver failure as well as many other conditions. We help 90% of our clients get day one level coverage and will help you too.

When you speak with one of our agents they will know exactly what carrier to place you with within 30 minutes making the process quick and easy. They will show you all of the ins and outs of your coverage.