Funeral Planning

Tree Pod Burial Costs an Eco Friendly Option

Tree pod burial costs are much more affordable compared to traditional burials & cremations. Typically you will save over $1,000 or more by opting for a tree pod burial which is also a much more eco friendly option. If you are looking to save money on a burial and care about the environment than this…
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Disadvantages of Prepaid Funerals Listed & Explained

There are a lot of disadvantages of prepaid funerals in fact even Dave Ramsey says you should “preplan, not prepay”. Prepaying a funeral is not a good idea and definitely not worth it considering all the disadvantages we are going to discuss. It is not smart to pay a funeral in advance because the disadvantages…
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Does Medicaid Cover Funeral Expenses? No it Does Not

Are you wonder does Medicaid cover funeral expenses? The answer is no, Medicaid does not cover 100% of funeral expenses and it does not offer financial assistance in every state because their benefits are done on a state level. Only Indiana, Wisconsin, Colorado and Wyoming offer any kind of Medicaid financial assistance for burials and…
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