Tree Pod Burial Costs an Eco Friendly Option

Tree pod burial costs are much more affordable compared to traditional burials & cremations. Typically you will save over $1,000 or more by opting for a tree pod burial which is also a much more eco friendly option. If you are looking to save money on a burial and care about the environment than this type of burial may be perfect for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • A tree pod burial costs $400-$500 without funeral services
  • A tree pod burial Urn is between $150-$500
  • A tree pod burial pod costs $750
  • Considering the costs of the plot for the tree pod burial, care for the actual tree, preparation of the body, cremation services the total cost will usually be $4,000 – $4,500
  • Tree Pod Burials cost much less than traditional burials costing $10,000 or more

Different Organic Burial Pod Options & Prices

According to there are 3 different types of Urns to choose from for a Tree Pod Burial with different costs. We have listed them below to give you a comprehensive idea of the tree pod burial cost for different Urns.

3 Types of Tree Pod Burial Urns with Prices

  • Living Urn – $129.00
  • Bios Urn – $140.00
  • White Capsula Mundi – $330.00

New Sapling Cost for Tree Pod Burial

Depending on which tree is chosen typically a new sapling is going to cost $55.00 or more. Now you can save even more money if your local areas laws allow for the burial and tree planting on private property. This means you can bury yourself or a loved one your land without having to pay extra for a burial plot.

Now there are burial fees ranging from $1,000 – $4,000 for burying yourself or your loved one on conservation land. This will protect the tree that is growing with the human remains in the burial.

In addition to this a tree pod burial cost is much cheaper compared to traditional funerals and you are helping the environment.

You can plant practically any kind of tree you want for this type of burial. This would be trees like willows, cherry trees, dogwoods, maple oaks, evergreen trees etc.

The Cost of a Cocoon Tree Pod Burial

There is no price tag yet for cocoon tree pod burials. This means there is currently no way of knowing if they will be a cheaper or more expensive option. We expect further updates in the future when it comes to tree pod cocoon burial costs.

The Process of a Tree Pod Burial

Now the actual process of a tree pod burial is planting a tree beside a buried pod with the remains of your loved one in it. Instead of a casket for the burial the pod is technically the casket which is biodegradable.

As it degrades over time the tree gets the nutrition from the remains and grows from that. There can either be a whole body in the pod or cremated ashes.

Tree pod burials are legal in the United States with many states allowing burial on private property. California, Indiana and Washington however do not allow tree pod burials on private property.

Use Final Expense Life Insurance to Pay for this Type of Burial

Now when it comes to this type of burial you will still have a bill to pay for yourself or loved ones. The best way to make sure this type of funeral is paid is by using final expense insurance. Final expense life insurance for seniors is a whole life policy ranging between $5,000 – $50,000.

This type of life insurance policy pays out in a lump-sum tax free benefit to your beneficiary. The beneficiary then uses the paid to cover the tree pod burial cost and any other end of life expenses. Using life insurance is significantly better compared to all the disadvantages of prepaid burials.

A life insurance policy to pay for a funeral makes sure the pastor is paid as well as other services. In addition to this you can learn about avoiding a waiting period for life insurance and if you need a policy with no health questions.

Keep in mind that as we discussed in this article this type of funeral costs a maximum of $4,500 roughly. You can custom tailor a plan with our agents to be $4,500 to cover just this type of burial.