Cheap Life Insurance & Cigars A Simple Guide

Yes, you can get cheap life insurance if you smoke cigars but you must apply with life insurance companies that accept cigar usage as non-tobacco. This is listed within the life insurance applications and underwriting guidelines for specific life insurance companies. We are going to list the best companies to apply with for cheap life insurance with cigar usage. We will cover both term and whole life insurance so you know exactly which company and product is best for you.

Life Insurance Cigars & Tobacco Users The Basics

Cigars are never actually inhaled which means any chemicals in the tobacco are not technically going into your lungs. The smoke from a cigar can affect your mouth but not necessarily your lungs since the smoke us not inhaled. This means specific life insurance companies can provide cheaper life insurance to cigar users since their underwriters have determined this method of tobacco as low-risk.

There are both term and whole life insurance products that will offer the best and cheapest life insurance rates for cigar smokers. Now as for cigarette usage, you will never find a life insurance company that will accept that type of risk with lower life insurance rates.

If you smoke cigarettes any life insurance company will rate you as a tobacco user period.

Cigars Not Counted as Tobacco for Some Life Insurance Products & Companies

Now cigars are considered tobacco products for most life insurance companies. That being said when it comes to term life insurance both Prudential Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Financial Life Insurance Company will offer Standard rates as Non-tobacco these are the lowest rates you can get for term life insurance and cigar usage.

As for whole life insurance like final expense life insurance American Amicable Life Insurance Company would be the best burial insurance company for cheap cigar rates.

Smokers Over 50 – 85

Your age does not matter when it comes to cigar usage. Whether you have been using cigars since age 50 or 60 you can get the cheapest rates. This is because if you apply with the right life insurance company it doesn’t matter your age because they do not count cigars as tobacco at all.

This always results in a lower life insurance premium for you.

The Cheapest Coverage Requires Specific Carriers to Apply With

As we mentioned in order to get the best life insurance with cigar usage you need to apply with specific companies. In addition to this, you also need to work with an independent agent like us to apply for these specific companies.

We as agents act as the advocate between you and the life insurance companies. This is why we are referred to as field underwriters. We know the underwriting of these companies and which ones will take cigar usage without higher premium rates.

Different Companies & Products for Cheap Life Insurance & Cigars

Now keep in mind that different products depend on your needs. If you are looking for higher blocks of coverage you will want to apply for a term policy. If you are looking for coverage to cover burial and final expenses whole life is what would be best for you.

Below are the companies that will provide the cheapest life insurance for cigar smokers. We have also included some of their requirements.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Cigar Users

Term Life

  • Prudential Life Insurance Company
  • Lincoln Financial Life Insurance Company


A full medical exam of blood & urine to qualify.

Whole Life


No medical exam is required, just answers to health questions with health history and prescription checks.