Hodgkin’ s Lymphoma Life Insurance

Consumers that are looking for life insurance coverage with Hodgkins or non-Hodgkins Lymphoma are going to have a hard time finding hodgkin’ s lymphoma life insurance. We can guarantee you instant approval for this type of lymphoma.

Even better if certain conditions are met you could possibly get coverage with no waiting periods. This is why it is crucial for you to work with life insurance agent’s like ours that know the underwriting niches of these life insurance companies.

The good news is this article will cover everything you need to know right now.

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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Life Insurance Simplified Issue

The first is how to get hodgkin’s lymphoma life insurance for day one coverage. This medical condition like any other types of cancer is looked at very closely by life insurance companies. This is why they deny consumers if they have current cancer or previous cancer.

Those types of carriers look at cancer as high risk and therefore will not insure the person looking for coverage. Now when it comes to life insurance companies that have simplified issue underwriting like AmAm, MOO, Prosperity and others this is no longer a problem.

If you have been cancer-free for over 2 years and are not taking any ongoing medications then you will be approved for immediate coverage from these carriers. This means if you die the day after your first premium payment is made then your family will receive the death benefit and be able to pay for funeral expenses and any other final expenses.

When you fill out our quoter to the right of this page you will see the rate shown is a quote for level plans. The level is immediate coverage and the quote is based on information that you are healthy for this type of coverage.

In addition to the easy underwriting of these carriers is the fact that there are no medical exams and you can be approved in minutes right over the phone. This is the best type of Hodgkin’ s lymphoma life insurance you can get especially for seniors.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Life Insurance Guaranteed Issue

This type of Hodgkin’ s Lymphoma life insurance is designed specifically if you have current cancer. Now, this is great when you are looking for burial insurance with no health questions or medical exams because you cannot be denied no matter what your health condition is.

Approval is guaranteed however this type of coverage does have a 2-year waiting period before benefits are paid to your beneficiary. This is a last resort type of policy if your cancer is current and you are still undergoing treatment and medications. Now if you die within the 2-year waiting period your family will receive the premiums that were paid into the plan plus 10% if you die from an accident the full face amount of the policy is paid regardless of the waiting period.

The best guaranteed issue life insurance companies would be:

  1. Gerber Life Insurance
  2. American General (AIG)
  3. Great Western

Below you will see pricing for both carriers

Policy Pricing

We have included different age ranges and charts to help you shop better. You can also see accurate pricing by filling out our quote form. In the table below is sample life insurance quotes for Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance. This is the most affordable guaranteed issue Hodgkin’s Lymphoma life insurance product.

Most Affordable CompanyAgeMale $15,000 BenefitFemale $15,000 Benefit
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance50$65.68$51.24
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance60$95.38$76.13
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance70$148.32$112.84


Can you get life insurance if you have Lymphoma?

Yes, you absolutely can if it has been over 2 years since you have had lymphoma with no medications or treatments you can get day one coverage. If the Lymphoma is current or within 2 years with medications or treatments you will have to get a guaranteed issue policy.

Best life insurance companies for people with lymphoma?

The best life insurance companies for people with lymphoma are American General (AIG) and Great Western. Both are guaranteed acceptance companies that have the best rates.


Act now, if you have had Lymphoma in the past or current it is imperative that you get life insurance now before your situation changes. The best way to make sure you are getting the best Hodgkin’ s Lymphoma life insurance is by working with a national independent broker like us.

Our training is next to none in the industry, our agents will have you enrolled within minutes and save you the most money. We do this because we represent up to 13+ different companies. We shop the market for you and when it comes to cancer it is a very time-sensitive health condition. This is why the faster you get covered the more affordable your rate will be and you and your family will have peace of mind.

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