Instant Approval Burial Carriers & No Medical Exam

Burial Insurance No waiting Periods or Medical Exams

For seniors between ages 50 to age 90, our agents can help you get instant approval coverage with no medical exam in 20 minutes or less.

We work with all of the top A+ rated carriers that offer same-day approval on their policies. We specialize in helping 90% of our clients qualify for day one level coverage and instant approval. There are no medical exams required for these plans.

So if you are looking for life insurance and no medical exam this is your one-stop shop.

Our Burial Carriers

The companies we work with offer same-day instant approval for life insurance to cover your funeral expenses. If you die or become chronically ill you can rest assured that your loved ones will be protected from any kind of financial burden or debts when having to bury you.

This is why working with companies like this is so crucial to you finding true permanent coverage.

Our companies for instant approval:
American Amicable(Voice Signature Process)
Mutual of Omaha(Docusign via Email Process)
Royal Neighbors of America(Voice Signature & Telehealth Interview)
Prosperity Life(Voice Signature & Telehealth Interview)
Great Western(Voice Signature Process)

Guarantee Trust Life(Voice Signature)
American General(Email Signature Process)

These companies offer simplified issue whole life products meaning the underwriting is easy and instant approval is easier. Our agents will have you approved in minutes our process is quick and you will be covered quickly.