Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Still a Gimmick

If you are wondering who Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn is you are in the perfect place. First of all Colonial Penn is a gimmick not worth buying for any senior period.

Since the passing of Alex Trebek, Jonathan Lawson has become the new front man for the Colonial Penn commercials. Now whether it is Alex Trebek or Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn commercials it doesn’t matter. The product they represent is a gimmick that is overpriced and puts everyone into a waiting period regardless of their health.

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about Jonathan Lawson and Colonial Penn.

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Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor?

Yes he is the new actor for the Colonial Penn commercials promoting their 995 plan guaranteed acceptance life insurance that is marketed as burial insurance. We have covered this product in detail before but the fact is that this plan is much more expensive than other life insurance products from better life insurance companies.

He is also the “Director of Quality Assurance and Escalations” with CNO Financial Group so he has a bigger role for his time at Colonial Penn.

Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Life Insurance not Worth it

What he is promoting is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy that charges $9.95 per unit of insurance. This means there are no health questions or medical exams to qualify.

The premiums become locked in for life and the death benefit will never decrease. This can sound like a lot of positives but here’s the thing, a $9.95 per unit is much more expensive than other life insurance plans with better companies.

The Per Unit Gimmick

A unit is based on the age and gender of the proposed insured. So it may only be $9.95 a month but the amount of coverage that provides is a different story. In short Jonathan Lawsons insurance is much more expensive than what other companies offer.

We have provided a reference chart below to show you how expensive this coverage really is.

Better Options than Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn

There are much better life insurance options for seniors than Colonial Penn. We help seniors every day find burial insurance with no waiting period, as well as children of seniors, find burial insurance for parents.

We can assist seniors with burial insurance for age 60,70, and 80. Our expert-level training allows our agents to find coverage for seniors with preexisting health conditions like COPD, Cancer, HIV, CHF, Heart Issue’s, heart attacks and much more.

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Is Jonathan Lawson an Actor?

No, he is an employee of Colonial Penn he is just used as the replacement for Alex Trebek