Burial & Life Insurance Age 73 Costs & Companies

Need burial insurance at age 73? Look no further we specialize in burial insurance for seniors. We understand you are looking for burial insurance to cover final expenses so your family is not left with a big bill to pay.

This article is going to cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision to pick the right policy with the right life insurance company to pay the funeral expense so your family does not have to. Finding the right coverage is not complicated especially when working with the experts like us.

What is Burial Insurance at age 73?

Burial insurance is a small whole life insurance policy that is known by a few names such as funeral insurance, burial insurance, cremation insurance, etc. These policies are designed to provide a quick death benefit to your family when you die so they can use the money to pay for your funeral and honor your memory.

Term life insurance is not burial insurance and should never be used for burial insurance because term terminates plain and simple.

Permanent Life Insurance is what you Need

Final expense life insurance is permanent coverage that never expires. It should also have the 2 following features:

  • A Rate Lock – Premium Never Increases
  • Level Death Benefit – The death benefit paid to your beneficiaries never decreases.

Yes, there are gimmicks out there that do not have these 2 simple features. This is why it is crucial for you to work with insurance agents like us because if you work with a captive agent or buy direct from a carrier you could wind up with term insurance or a guaranteed issue life insurance with a 2-year waiting period.

Qualifying for Burial Insurance age 73

Burial insurance does not require a medical exam to qualify for coverage. You simply answer health questions on their application with your agent who pre-qualified you. The insurance company then uses your Medical Information Bureau health report to look at your health conditions and detect any health issues that don’t add up.

As long as everything checks out you get an instant decision and approval right over the phone. These are simplified issue plans so all the carrier wants to know is your health conditions and how well they are managed. Your health determines the company’s offers and life insurance rates.

The Agent is your Advocate

When your work with one of our agents they are also your advocate. They field underwrite your health conditions to make the best recommendation and help you get approved. When the insurance company sees an agent enrolling you into a plan they take it as a vote of confidence that the agent knows you are a perfect insurable risk for that particular company.

In addition to this our agents become your personal service agents for life. They are on call for you anytime you have a question regarding your policy.


How much is life insurance for a 73 year old?

With Mutual of Omaha, life insurance for a 73-year-old male non-smoker is $88.01 for $10,000 in coverage.

Can I get life insurance at age 73?

Yes, you absolutely can. The best option is a whole life final expense plan.

Best Burial Insurance Companies for age 73

The best burial insurance companies for seniors age 73 are as follows:

Burial Insurance Age 73 Life Insurance Sample Quotes

Below is a sample life insurance quote for age 73 for final expense life insurance. These are pulled directly from our quoters to provide the most accurate rate according to your age. Final expense whole life insurance is very affordable for seniors age 73. You will also see the available life insurance companies that provide burial insurance to those age 73 and over.

Burial Insurance Cost for Age 73
Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker$10,000 Male Smoker$10,000 Female Non Smoker$10,000 Female Smoker

Term Life Insurance Age 73

There are over 8 companies that we know of to choose from for a term life policy for a 73 year old. Keep in mind that these companies we are about to list require full medical exams. If you have had major medical health conditions in the past like (heart conditions, kidney conditions, breathing conditions etc.) you may not qualify for get a more expensive monthly premium.

Available Companies

  • Protective
  • Legal & General
  • Transamerica
  • Corebridge
  • Pacific Life
  • Americo
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Ameritas

The cost of a term policy at age 73 is going to bet around $280 for a male and $180 for a female. This is for the preferred rates which is for healthy individuals. If you have health issues you will be rated higher on their table ratings resulting in higher pricing.


Burial insurance for age 73 is not complicated it is very simple. Work with ParamountQuote we represent all of the top carriers nationwide and help 90% of our clients get immediate coverage approval with our advanced training on the underwriting niches of our carriers.

This type of life insurance provides a quick payout to your family to give them peace of mind and focus what really matters which is grieving you and honoring your memory.

To apply for coverage fill out the quote form to your right. You will receive a call from one of our agents and they will assist you.