Burial Insurance & Angina: What You Need to Know

Are you wondering if you can get burial insurance with Angina? You are in the perfect place to learn this information. Yes angina patients can get final expense insurance to pay for funeral, burial and end of life expenses. You can qualify for funeral insurance with no waiting periods if your Angina was diagnosed over 1-2 years ago. If you have been diagnosed within 1 year you will have to get a guaranteed issue policy with a 2 year waiting period.

According to emedicine.medscape.com

Approximately 8.9 million Americans are estimated to experience angina.

In this article, we will go over the most important information when it comes to finding burial insurance with angina.

Burial Insurance With Angina No Medical Exam

Above all, when it comes to burial insurance you do not need to take a medical exam.

The insurance carrier will not send someone to your home for physical tests or to draw blood. They will ask health questions on their application and look into your Medical Information Bureau Health report and perform a prescription history check.

This will help the insurance carrier know if you are considered a high-risk case or a low-risk case.

Time and treatment for angina are the biggest factors a carrier would look at to decide if you qualify.

Some carriers look at the diagnosis of angina in the past 24 months and others only look at the past 12 months.

Some may not ask the question at all meaning the carrier will accept the condition.

This makes the chances of avoiding a waiting period policy very high.

Best Burial Insurance Coverage Option

Finding the best funeral insurance for angina as we mentioned depends on time.

Angina Diagnosed over 2 years ago

Burial Insurance companies typically ask for a time frame within the last 2 years. So if your diagnosis fits this then you will be able to secure a level death benefit plan with no waiting period.

It will be the most affordable monthly premium.

Angina Diagnosed over 1 year ago

Burial insurance companies will ask for a time frame within the last year. If your diagnosis fits this then you will be able to secure a level death benefit plan.

Angina within the year

If you have been diagnosed within a year and are undergoing current treatment then your option would be a guaranteed issue death benefit plan.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Burial Insurance & Angina

These are the best funeral insurance companies for seniors with Angina to apply with. Each one requires that you simply answer health questions on their application. They will perform the medical and prescription history checks in conjunction to your health question answers.

If everything checks out you will be approved with no waiting period. Each company can offer you coverage with no waiting period if your Angina was diagnosed over 1-2 years ago.

Best Burial Insurance Features

First and foremost a burial insurance policy should be a Whole Life Final Expense Insurance Policy.

A burial policy should have the following features.

A Rate Lock

This means the moment you qualify and are approved for the coverage your rate should be locked in for life. It should never increase on you at any time as long as your premiums are paid.

Death Benefit Never Decreases

The death benefit should stay the same throughout the life of the policy it should never decrease for any reason.

Tax-Free Death Benefit to your Beneficiary

The death benefit to your beneficiary should be non-taxable.

These types of policies are what we specialize in.

We have helped many of our clients get out of policies they bought off TV ads that had premiums that increased on them until it was unaffordable.

We have also had clients that had a decreasing death benefit that thought they had $15,000 and after having the policy for 2 years the benefit was only $5,000.

Our clients who were in good health had policies with a 2 or 3 year waiting period when they qualified for day one level coverage!

This results from common TV slogans like:

“No Health Questions Asked!”

When commercials say things like the example given above it is not what you think it is. If there are no health questions on a policy it is a guaranteed issue policy with a waiting period that you (if you are in good health) do not need.

We want you to be aware of these kinds of gimmicks so you can make a properly informed decision.

How Much Burial Insurance Do I need?

Finding out how much burial insurance you need with or without angina depends on what type of service you are going to have.

Burial Service

A burial service depending on the state can be between $8,000 – $12,000. Inflation also needs to be considered, with rates going up due to inflation it could be upwards of $18,000 for a burial. You can ask your local funeral home for a price list for a more accurate idea of the cost.

The amount of the burial should be the amount of coverage you purchase including inflation.

Cremation Service

A cremation service depending on the state can range between typically $3,000 – $5,000. Inflation also factors in with the rates it could be upwards of $9,000. You can ask your local funeral home for a price list breakdown to know the total cost of the service.

The amount of coverage you purchase should match the cost of the cremation with inflation included.

Other final expenses to consider would be any debts left behind such as medical bills, credit card payments, car payments, living expenses.

Funeral expenses are usually the biggest expense you need to pay in your lifetime.

This is why planning ahead and making sure your expenses are taken care of so your family does not wind up with a big financial burden is so crucial to your family’s financial stability after you pass away.

Funeral Directors want their money upfront and saving your family from having to take out loans or sell belongings just to make sure you get treated with dignity is your last way to show them how much you love them.

How to Apply for Burial Insurance

It is very simple to get started.

Fill out the form to your right and you will see pricing on policies. In addition to this one of our licensed agents will be reaching out to you via phone call.

Once on the phone with our agent, they will confirm some basic information and begin the field underwriting process. They will ask you basic health questions and determine your rate class from there.

After that, they will begin the enrollment process.

There are 2 different ways to enroll.

Voice Signature – You, the agent, and the insurance company perform a 3-way call to apply your voice signature to the application. This is done alternatively done with just you and the agent depending on the carrier.

E-mail Signature – The agent will send you a DocuSign email with a link to e-sign the necessary forms.

At that point, the carrier reaches an instant decision.

This process only takes 30 minutes not days or weeks to get approval!

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