Aetna Final Expense Insurance Review(Good or Bad?)

Yes, Aetna final expense is one of the best final expense life insurance products on the market. In this Aetna final expense insurance review we will cover as much detail about this plan as possible so you can make an informed decision on protecting your family with the perfect final expense insurance.

Many consumers know Aetna for their health insurance products but they do offer life insurance coverage for seniors. This type of life insurans is final expense life insurance which is a whole life insurance policy with a smaller death benefit typically between $2,000 – $40,000 to cover funeral expenses. This is also known as burial insurance or funeral insurance and aetna final expense life insurance does not disappoint.

They offer great benefits and underwriting niches for seniors that we are going to cover.

Aetna Accendo Final Expense Plan 3 Different Levels

Aetna’s final expense insurance has 3 different levels to their coverage depending on an individuals health. In addition to this the premiums are locked in the moment you purchase coverage and never increase the policy also builds cash value which is a small savings in your policy that you can use to pay other expenses.

Since this plan is final expense whole life insurance the coverage will never expire it stays with you for life. The 3 different plan levels for Aetna Accendo final expense insurance are Level, Standard, and Modified death benefits. Now your health is going to determine which Aetna final expense life insurance plan you will qualify for.

There are no medical exams for Aetna final expense insurance you just answer health questions, they look at your health history and prescriptions. If your health history and prescriptions line up with how you answered the health questions you will be approved.

This is why Aetna final expense insurance review’s are so positive because of the quick and simple underwriting process for Aetna final expense.

Preferred Death Benefit

Aetna’s final expense insurance preferred product is for seniors in great health this plan provides immediate final expense life insurance coverage with no waiting periods. The preferred rate means its the most affordable out of all the Aetna final expense options. This is also known as a level death benefit plan.

Standard Death Benefit

The Aetna final expense life insurance Standard plan is also immediate coverage which means if you die your beneficiary will receive the full death benefit within 24 – 48 hours. The only difference between the Aetna final expense Preferred plan and Standard final expense insurance plan is the Standard plan is more expensive. Now the underwriting for the Standard Aetna final expense life insurance plan is much more liberal.

If you have COPD you can get approved for the Standard Aetna final expense plan which any other life insurance company would deny you based on that health condition. The Aetna Accendo Standard final expense life insurance plan will also approve you for Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and lupus with their underwriting.

This is why we pride ourselves when doing this Aetna final expense insurance review getting burial whole life insurance is hard for seniors with COPD. If seniors do get a policy they will be stuck in a waiting period and if they die in that waiting period their family will not receive the full death benefit.

Details for Aetna Accendo Level Plan

  • Both the Preferred & Standard plans offer coverage to Ages 40-89
  • You can get a policy amount between $2,000 – $50,000 depending on your age
  • There is no waiting periods
  • The whole life insurance policy builds cash value

Modified Death Benefit

Now the Aetna Accendo Modified plan does have a waiting period for this life insurance coverage. If your health is not very good this would be the life insurance coverage you would be approved for. There still is underwriting however the underwriting is less strict which means you have a good chance of qualifying.

The waiting period for this death benefit is 2 years which is very common in guaranteed acceptance policies like AIG’s burial insurance. If you die within the 2 years your beneficiary will receive the premiums paid into your policy plus 10% now we do not recommend you take a Modified death benefit with Aetna Accendo because it is over priced for that kind of death benefit.

If your health is that severe you cannot avoid a waiting period we would recommend a different insurance company like AIG, Great Western, or Guarantee Trust Life. Their plans are more affordable and better waiting periods.

We have also review these carriers: Colonial Penn, MOO, American Amicable, Transamerica Burial Insurance, Lincoln Heritage

Details for CVS Modified Accendo Plan

  • This whole life insurance plan offer’s coverage to Ages 40-75
  • You can get a policy amount between $2,000 – $25,000
  • There is a 2 year waiting period
  • The whole life insurance policy builds cash value

Aetna Final Expense Plan Riders

Aetna life insurance company offers several riders with their final expense whole life insurance plans that offer additional benefits.

Preferred & Standard Plan Riders

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

If the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is expected to have 12 months to live they can receive 50% of their final expense whole life insurance death benefit early. This means you can use your final expense whole life insurance money from the death benefit to pay for things like medical care when you are still living.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

This rider will double the death benefit of the final expense whole life insurance if the insured dies due to an accident.

This is available to ages 40-70.

Children’s Term Insurance Rider

Provides term life insurance coverage to children ages 0-25 with coverage between $2,500-$10,000 for each child.

9 child limit for the rider.

Modified Benefit Plan Rider

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

This is automatically included with Aetna’s final expense whole life insurance modified plan. During the first 2 years if the insured dies from an accident the full death benefit of the final expense whole life insurance is paid.

Aetna Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

An Aetna final expense policy is whole life insurance and is handled by Accendo Insurance Company. The does not require a medical exam to qualify and builds cash value over time in addition to the policy’s death benefit.

Aetna Final Expense Quote’s

Below you will see sample quotes & a screenshot of a live quote with Accendo Life Insurance company. This will give you an idea of the rates but to get an accurate quote for Accendo life insurance company at your specific age fill out our form the right.

This quote is for a Male Non-Smoker born in 2/2/1962 Rates are Based on Age.

Aetna Accendo Health Questions

You will see the Aetna Accendo insurance company application questions with a guide on qualifications.

Pay close attention to the time frames “Within the past year” for question 3.

Does Aetna Do a Medical Phone Interview for Final Expense?

No Aetna’s final expense just asks all health questions on their application and looks at your medical history and prescriptions for their final expense products. If everything checks out you will qualify for their burial insurance.

You can Get a Cheaper Rate With Aetna Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan

If you purchased an Aetna medicare supplement plan within 6 months you can get a discount on Aetna’s final expense preferred plan. This would make the rate even cheaper for Aetna’s final expense level death benefit.

Is Aetna Good Life Insurance?

Yes, Aetna is great life insurance they have an A(Excellent) rating with AM Best and Fitch’s (strong) rating. They recieved this rating with all of their companies like Accendo insurance company, CVS health.

Who Bought Aetna Life Insurance?

Aetna was bought by CVS Health in 2018 that is why you will see the CVS Health logo for their life insurance products.

CVS/Aetna Company Background

Aetna was founded in 1853 and began in the health insurance market but now has expanded beyond health insurance.

  • Headquarters: Hartford, CT
  • Founder: Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley
  • Number of Employees: 47,950 in 2018
  • Parent Organizations: CVS Health
  • Website:

Other Affiliations

Their other affiliate companies would include American Continental Insurance Company.

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