Burial Insurance

$10,000 Whole Life Insurance for Seniors & Costs

If you need a $10,000 whole life insurance policy look no further. We specialize in this type of insurance, especially for seniors wanting to make sure their cremation, funeral, and burial are covered so their family is not stuck with a big bill of $10,000 or more depending on the funeral. This is the whole…
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New State Regulated Life Insurance Program Marketing Gimmick

First and foremost there is no “new” state regulated life insurance program because this is not life insurance from the actual state. It is just a marketing tactic that life insurance agencies use to generate leads that they can contact and attempt to sell you one of their life insurance companies. They will typically mail…
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How to pay for a funeral

How to Pay for a Funeral: Your Comprehensive Guide

If you are wondering how to pay for a funeral? The various methods would be personal check, cashiers check, money orders, deceased estate, life insurance, prepaid funeral plans, credit cards, crowd funding(GoFundMe), personal loans or victim compensation programs. In this article we will go over each of these methods in detail to help you better…
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how much do you pay a preacher for a funeral

How much do you Pay a Preacher for a Funeral?

First and foremost a funeral is not cheap, bottom line. Funeral homes charge a lot of money for burial or cremation services. The big question consumers have is “how much do you pay a preacher for a funeral?” Now an average honorarium for a preacher is $100-$300 depending on the service. Source: Medium.com Here’s the…
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Whole Life Insurance Pros and Cons

So you are almost ready to get whole life insurance to protect your family from any kind of financial burden when you die and you just want to weigh out the pros and cons? You are in the perfect place then when it comes to whole life insurance pros and cons. We specialize in whole…
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Burial Insurance vs Life Insurance Their Difference’s

First and foremost, when it comes to burial insurance vs life insurance you are probably wondering what is the difference? The truth is there is not much of a difference at all. Burial insurance is final expense whole life insurance, burial insurance is just a marketing term for those plans. It is important to note…
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is burial insurance worth it.

Is Burial Insurance Worth It for Seniors?

In short, yes burial insurance is worth it especially for seniors. If your are a senior that has not saved up money for your funeral services this means your loved ones will ultimately become responsible for your final expenses. They will be responsible for the thousands of dollars of funeral expenses if you do not…
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25000 whole life insurance policy

Understanding $25000 Whole Life Insurance Policies & Costs

If you are looking to buy & a better understanding of a $25000 whole life insurance policy you are in the right place. Now the only type of whole life insurance that will provide this lower amount of coverage is final expense life insurance. Universal life does not offer $25000 in whole life coverage you…
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Living Promise Whole Life Insurance Mutual of Omaha Review

Mutual of Omaha has a variety of life insurance products one of the best products they offer is their living promise whole life insurance product. This product is available to consumers as young as age 45 and has face amounts as low as $1,000 to a maximum of $50,000. The product is used as burial…
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How to pay for funeral with life insurance policy

How to Pay For Funeral with a Life Insurance Policy Step by Step

If you want to know how to pay for a funeral with a life insurance policy you are in the right place. In order to pay for a funeral with a life insurance policy you need to file a claim with the life insurance company either through their website or calling the number provided on…
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