New State Regulated Life Insurance Program Marketing Gimmick

First and foremost there is no “new” state regulated life insurance program because this is not life insurance from the actual state. It is just a marketing tactic that life insurance agencies use to generate leads that they can contact and attempt to sell you one of their life insurance companies.

They will typically mail you a card that looks similar to the image below.

Once you return the card you will be visited or receive a call from insurance agents attempting to sell you life insurance.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the new state regulated life insurance program.

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What is The New State Regulated Life Insurance Program?

To put it bluntly,

The new state regulated life insurance program is a marketing term for life insurance or final expense life insurance. There are other variations of this term such as burial program, burial insurance, cremation insurance, funeral insurance, etc.

Now, these terms are used to market final expense insurance for funeral expenses. These types of insurance products are designed to provide a quick death benefit payout to your named beneficiary so they can use the funds to pay for a funeral to honor your memory.

These policies also do not require a medical exam to qualify you simply answer the health questions they look at your medical history and prescriptions and you are approved instantly over the phone within minutes if everything checks out.

The marketing phrases used are very misleading, many consumers think because it say’s “state regulated” that the new state regulated life insurance program is something other than private insurance from insurance agents and agencies.

This “Program” is not “New”

What is also misleading is that they call is “new” whatever life insurance company an agent will try to sell you is not new at least we would hope not.

Most reputable life insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha or American Amicable (companies we represent) have been around for over 100 years and maintain an A-rating. So if you encounter an agent trying to sell you a policy their “program” better not be new because that would mean you are getting a young less reputable company to insure you.

I don’t trust new brands I trust established brands.

In addition to this is the emphasis on the state it does not matter what state you live in most life insurance companies for final expense are available nationwide.

Our carriers service all 50 states and most notably AL, TX, MS, AZ, OH, UT, GA, DE, AR, KY. We have covered burial insurance extensively in those states.

State Regulated Life insurance Program to Pay Final Expenses

When it comes to this phrase of new state regulated life insurance program consumers are led to believe it is from a government agency or even a part of social security. Keep in mind social security only pays about $255 for a funeral.


So this sparks interest from consumers to call or fill out the card to learn more about the benefit information only to be met with a life insurance agent that shows up to present coverage the consumer may have never wanted in the first place.

Now life insurance is a good thing to have and all consumers should have it in place to protect their loved ones. If you do not have coverage you should consider the pros and cons to whole life insurance. That being said there are not many cons.

The State does Play a Role in Insurance

The department of insurance does regulate insurance on a state-by-state level. However, it is not like the government is sponsoring and regulating this program so it is a misleading phrase to use. Life insurance is regulated just not on the level that is pictured in a consumers mind from the phrase “new state regulated life insurance program”.

2022 State Regulated Life Insurance Program the Year Doesn’t Matter

As we mentioned previously it does not matter if it was 2021 or 2022 there are no “new” state-regulated life insurance programs. This is just a tactic trying to gain relevance for whatever year we are in, the “program from 2021 is the same “program” as 2022.

Again this is misleading, the life insurance companies that most agents should be representing are not new companies they should have been in business for over 100 years and maintain an A-rating which is the life insurance companies that we represent.


The new state regulated life insurance program is a gimmick that is used for marketing final expense life insurance primarily to seniors. All consumers should have life insurance in place to protect their families from the burden of their final expenses however marketing for this can be done in a better way.

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