Life Insurance for Alcoholics Final Expense

When it comes to life insurance for alcoholics the subject can be very simple as it is with a lot of other acceptable health conditions. The big question is can alcoholics get life insurance? Yes, you absolutely can!

Now the timing of when you were diagnosed is going to be the key to understanding what type of coverage you can qualify for without any issues or denial. This article will guide you and help you understand what coverage is best for you and your situation.

Life Insurance for Alcoholics Underwriting

Does life insurance cover alcohol deaths? Yes if you or a loved one had coverage prior to an alcohol-related death with no previous history of alcohol the death benefit will be paid.

This is exactly why it is important to work with a life insurance broker like us. We can help you get life insurance for alcoholics by getting an understanding of your health.

When you work with our life insurance agent they will hold your hand every step of the way through this process.

Now we are going to go over and provide examples of life insurance underwriting when it comes to alcohol abuse.

Without a licensed agent like us finding life insurance for alcoholics while being diagnosed by a physician for alcohol abuse due to alcohol consumption is next to impossible.

Alcoholism is Not Considered a Mental Health Issue on Life Insurance Applications

The first thing to understand is that life insurance carriers for whole life insurance coverage do not consider alcoholism as a mental health issue. These companies only ask exclusively if you have been diagnosed with alcoholism.

Simplified Issue Plans No Medical Exam

We represent carriers that do not require a medical exam to be approved for coverage they will not ask about any recent binge drinking or when you last went to alcoholics anonymous meetings. The questions are cut and dry, the only real thing that matters is your years of sobriety.

That makes a huge difference when it comes to life insurance for alcoholics.

In addition to this, they will not ask about any history of alcohol abuse outside of 2 years.

This is relatively the same between term or whole life but this article is aimed at whole life exclusively. So when we get questions like “can you be denied life insurance for alcohol?” the answer is simple, if you were diagnosed over 2 years ago, no you cannot be denied life insurance.

If the answer is “yes” being diagnosed with alcohol abuse in the last 2 years then yes you can be denied level coverage but still qualify for guaranteed issue coverage.

Let’s look at the life insurance company questions from Mutual of Omaha and Prosperity Life.

Now the prosperity application says clearly if answered “yes” you would be eligible for a modified plan. This would increase your life insurance premiums very high. You do not want a modified policy the goal is level coverage or a graded plan.

The examples are below:

Mutual of Omaha Application Alcoholic Question
Prosperity Life Application Alcoholic Question

So as you can see if you had your diagnosis over 2 years ago you can qualify for level coverage this means if you died the day after your first premium payment your family will receive the full death benefit upon providing a certificate of death.

This provides your family with peace of mind knowing the burial expenses are covered.

That is the best kind of life insurance for alcoholics. Now if you have been diagnosed within the last 2 years your only option is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy for current alcoholics.

Life insurance companies like the ones we work with only care about how long you have been recovered without incident.

If you have been diagnosed recently this tells life insurance companies you are a high-risk case since you have not been away from alcohol long enough to show you are at low risk of relapse. This is what makes the difference in what coverage you qualify for.

Self Diagnosis is Not an Official Diagnosis

Keep in mind that just because you think you have an alcohol problem does not mean it is on paper or in your medical records for an insurance company to see. If this is the case you will not be denied coverage due to self-diagnosis. It has to be on paper from a doctor in your medical records.


Can you get life insurance if you drink alcohol?

Yes, you can get coverage.

Does alcoholism affect life insurance?

Only if it was diagnosed within the last 2 years.

Can a recovering alcoholic get life insurance?

Yes, if it has been over 2 years you can get level coverage. If within 2 years you can get guaranteed issue coverage.

Best life insurance for alcoholics?

Prosperity Life, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, AIG, and Great Western

Will life insurance pay out for alcoholism?

If the policy was obtained before the alcoholism with no prior history then yes it will pay.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Current Alcoholics

The best life insurance for alcoholics especially senior alcoholics is final expense insurance aka burial insurance. If you are a current alcoholic patient then the best life insurance companies for you are American General (AIG) and Great Western.

Both companies are A-rated with over 100 years in business.

Their products are guaranteed issue products which mean there are no health questions or medical exams. Acceptance is guaranteed with them. Now with the guaranteed issue, there is always a 2-year waiting period for the death benefit to go to your family.

Return of Premium

If you die within the 2 years your family will receive the premiums you paid plus 10%. So they will get benefits if you were to die early.

Accidental Death

If you die from an accident within the first 2 years the full death benefit of your policy is paid to your family regardless of the waiting period.

Best Life Insurance for Recovered Alcoholics over 2 Years

If your diagnosis was over 2 years ago and you have been without incident then the best life insurance companies for you would be:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Prosperity Life
  • Aetna

Those 3 companies are top a rated carriers we highly recommend for day one level coverage.