2024 Burial Insurance: No Health Questions, Peace of Mind

If you are looking to buy burial insurance wit no health questions(guaranteed issue life insurance) you are in the right place. You must work with an independent life insurance agency/broker to get a burial policy for seniors with no health questions. In this article we will tell you exactly which are the best life insurance companies for this type of policy, provide sample costs, and how to apply.

Best Burial Insurance Companies with No Health Questions

There are 3 best burial insurance companies that ask no health questions on their application which means you are guaranteed approval these 3 companies are very well known. After the 2 year waiting period with these companies is over they will payout if you die from any cause(natural or accidental) a lump-sum death benefit amount of the policy directly to your beneficiary.

Death benefits are 100% tax free to your beneficiary. They can use the lump-sum amount to pay your burial and funeral expenses. Any other money left over is theirs to keep for whatever they want.

These Companies would be:

Burial Insurance with No Health Questions Costs

Below are sample life insurance quotes with no health questions. Rates are always based on age when it comes to burial insurance with no health questions.

Pre-existing health conditions will not affect the premium amounts of guaranteed issue life insurance because the premiums are fixed according to your age.

They are also adjusted to higher rate since you have health conditions that do not qualify for policies with no waiting periods and qualifying health questions.

This means simply that your current health conditions do not directly affect the amount of premium you pay they are already automatically adjusted for individuals with extreme health conditions.

The only thing that actually affects your premiums is your current age & gender

Most Affordable CompanyAgeMale $15,000 BenefitFemale $15,000 Benefit
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance50$65.68$51.24
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance60$95.38$76.13
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance70$148.32$112.84

How to Apply for Burial Insurance with No Health Questions

To apply and purchase the best burial insurance with no health questions in the USA use an agent. A life insurance agent or broker can shop the 3 best companies for this type of coverage. Whether you work with our agency or a different agency it does not matter.

In order to apply with us fill out our quote form or call our number at the top. One of our agents will respond immediately and confirm your information.

Next Steps

  1. Our agent reccomends the best company to you and premium amount.
  2. Upon selection of the plan you are comfortable with our agent fills out basic information on the application.
  3. Provide your SSN, Banking Information, payment date you want for the premium.
  4. Our agent emails you the link to e-sign for your policy
  5. (Great Western Only) Agent reads voice signature script to you on recorded line and you provide verbal consent.

After those steps are complete you have successfully applied for final expense insurance with no health questions.

What Life Insurance Doesn’t Ask for Medical Questions?

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance does not ask for medical questions from the applicant. They do not look at your medical history or prescriptions. Approval is guaranteed so even if you are extremely sick you can be approved for guaranteed issue life insurance because there are no medical questions.

Now there is a two year waiting period before you’re beneficiary will receive the full death benefit of the policy.

When Should you apply for Burial Insurance no Medical Questions?

You should apply for guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions if you have a medical condition that does not qualify for burial insurance with no waiting period.

First, let’s list all of the conditions that are an automatic KO from any carrier:

  1. Current Internal Cancer
  2. Terminal Illness life expectancy of 2 years or less
  3. Kidney Disease requiring dialysis
  4. Dementia Alzheimers or mental incapacity
  5. Diabetic Amputation, Insulin shock, Diabetic Coma
  6. Have had or been recommended for an organ transplant
  7. The use of Oxygen Tanks
  8. Currently in hospital, long term care, or nursing facility

If you have any of those current conditions then Guaranteed Issue is your only option.

Also, combinations of conditions can determine if you only qualify for Guaranteed Issues like having COPD & CHF at the same time.

This is why time is of the essence the faster you start a Guaranteed Issue with no medical exam or health checks the faster you will be completely past the 2-year waiting period and your family will be covered by this funeral insurance.

If you were to pass within that 2 year period your family would receive the premiums paid plus 10%! So no money is lost and there’s a 10% return.

Burial Insurance with no health questions will always have an automatic 2 year waiting period. There is no such thing as guaranteed issue life insurance with no waiting period.

– Tim Connon

Life Insurance Without Health Questions for Seniors

Remember burial insurance with no health questions is final expense life insurance. These policies have a smaller face amount and are designed for covering burial expenses. This is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance which means a senior can qualify for the insurance without a medical exam or the company looking at their medical history.

Both guaranteed acceptance insurance and simplified issue whole life insurance are funeral insurance with no medical exams.

This life insurance coverage is perfect for seniors with extreme health conditions like cancer or HIV. Approval is guaranteed regardless of their medical conditions so if you have pre existing health conditions like cancer or amputation due to uncontrolled diabetes this non medical exam life insurance is your only option.

Coverage amounts for Guaranteed Issue policies range from $2,000 – $40,000 depending on which guaranteed issue life insurance company you purchase with one of our insurance agents. We can help you shop the market through our quoting tool to get you the best rate with companies that have the highest life insurance ratings.

Best of all is the application process is very simple speak with one of our agents to get started.

Final Expense Life Insurance No Medical Questions Additional Benefits

American General (AIG) has living benefits included with their Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy. It has a terminal illness rider which allows the policy holder to borrow from the face amount of their policy if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This means an insured can use the money on their policy to pay things they may need from the hospital such as treatments normal health insurance does not cover.

The funds can be used for anything you may need while you are alive. This can also allow you to pre-pay your funeral if you want it to.

Guaranteed Life insurance with No Waiting Period or Health Questions No Such Thing

If you are looking for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy with no waiting period you will never find it. It does not exist all guaranteed issue life insurance has an automatic 2-year waiting period there are no exceptions. Life insurance companies that offer immediate coverage has to have health questions they cannot issue immediate payouts on coverage for people that signed up for a plan with terminal or high risk health conditions.

Life insurance is the transfer of risk therefore life insurance companies want to mitigate that risk by insuring healthy individuals or at least moderately healthy that is where our agents come in. We are trained to find seniors with conditions severe like COPD or Diabetes with immediate policy pay-out coverage.

Accidental Death During The Waiting Period

In the event of an accident, a Guaranteed Issue policy would pay the full face amount to your family. So if you pass away in a car accident your family would receive the benefit and be protected from running up credit cards or borrowing money from family.

Burials are between $8,000 to $12,000 with cremations being $3,000 to $5,000 making these types of life insurance for burial perfect for end-of-life expenses.

To sum it all up if you pass from an accident the 2-year waiting period is by passed and your family receives the full face amount.

Natural Death During The Waiting Period

If you die during the 2 year waiting period of natural death only the premiums paid into the policy plus 10% interest will be paid to your beneficiary.

They will not receive the full death benefit however the premiums you paid into it for however long it was in force with 10% interest will be paid to them.

Cash Value Accumulation

A guaranteed issue burial insurance policy also gains cash value. This is basically a small saving that you can borrow against for anything you may need in the future such as paying a bill or in case of a financial emergency.

Not All Guaranteed Issue policies are the same Avoid These

Not all guaranteed acceptance policies are the same. Some of these policies advertised on TV have huge drawbacks.

  1. Rate Increases – Rates go up every five years. A real policy should have a rate lock
  2. Policy expires at age 80 – The policy at age 80 terminates. Real Whole life insurance policies do not
  3. Waiting periods longer than 2 years typically 3 years – You do not have to settle for a 3-year waiting period! The best plans only have a 2 year period. Here at ParamountQuote we only offer Guaranteed Issue policies with a 2 year period.

How to get the Best Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance?

The process is very simple, fill out the form to your right to view rates and one of our highly trained agents will reach out to you.

At that point, they will confirm basic information ask a few health questions, and determine your rate class. Enrollment is very simple and completed within minutes! We work with the top A-rated carriers in the country and will match you with and secure the best carrier and best rate.

Then you and our agent would proceed with the e-signature process there are 2 different methods:

Voice Signature – Done right over the phone with the agent following the prompts

Email Signature – The agent emails you a Docusign for your application over the phone.

Also, the agent you speak with will become your personal family agent for life! We pride ourselves on developing relationships with clients and their families.

Our agents assist in the enrollment process and when that inevitable day comes helping your family submit the death claim to receive their benefits.

Cancelation & No Strings Attached

If you decide against having a burial policy with no health questions because you do not like the waiting period it can be canceled at any time. These policies are month to month premiums with no contracts involved for long term payments.

So If you really decide this type of coverage is not for you just call the life insurance company. Once you have them on the phone provide the policy number, your full name and date of birth. When they confirm your identity and that you are the policy owner tell them you wish to cancel.

Its that simple to cancel a burial insurance policy with no health questions.

Why Paramount Quote?

  1. We are a national agency. We are not bound by state borders, We represent the top major carriers in the country that guarantee the best rate and coverage.
  2. We specialize in burial insurance which makes us exceptional knowing all the in’s and out’s of these policies as far as their underwriting and placement.
  3. Our agents work for you, not the insurance companies we are dedicated to giving the absolute best! Our customer service is just as important to us as our policy placement. Our agents are always there for you.

Let us earn your business today. Give us a call or fill out the form to your right.