AAA Burial Insurance Review The Full Truth

aaa burial insurance review

Want to know the truth about AAA whole life burial insurance?

They give everyone a 2 year waiting period for their policies. This is perhaps the biggest factor that makes AAA a bad option for consumers in great or moderate health. Your goal should be to find day one level coverage if at all possible.

Simply put, there are better options out there even for people in moderate health. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know in order to make a properly informed decision about protecting your loved ones from your final expenses.

How AAA’s Burial Insurance Works

First and foremost, it is a guaranteed issue policy also known as guaranteed acceptance meaning there is no actual qualifying for the product. There are no health questions or medical exams, they will not send someone to your home to run physical tests or take samples like some term life insurance will.

So the way the plan works is if you die within the first 2 years of having the policy it will pay the premiums you paid into it plus 30% back to your beneficiary. This is good in terms of a guaranteed issue product considering others only pay 10% to the beneficiary.

Furthermore, that is only if you die from natural causes. If you die from an accidental death then the policy would pay the full coverage amounts to your named beneficiary even if death occurred within the 2-year waiting period.

You do not need to be one of AAA’s members to be able to apply for coverage with AAA Life Insurance Company. You can find all of the information we are going over right on their website at AAA.

The features of the plan are standard just like any other Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy:

  • Fixed monthly premiums
  • Builds Cash Value
  • Level Death Benefit
  • 2-year waiting period

A big drawback is that their guaranteed acceptance policy does not have a disability waiver of premium which means if you become disabled you will still be required to pay premiums.

Here’s the thing… if you cannot qualify for day one level coverage anywhere due to your health then this insurance plan is the best plan available for you. If you have severe health conditions such as cancer, HIV, or Dementia then other life insurance products like universal life or simplified issue whole life are completely off the table.

AAA’s guaranteed issue coverage is the best and most affordable guaranteed acceptance policy on the market when compared to other guaranteed issue policies.

That being said do not settle for a guaranteed issue policy with a waiting period when you may not have to. The carriers we represent have products and services that could provide you with day one level coverage right away.

Fill out the form to your right to speak with one of our agents and view pricing on carriers.

Advantages & Disadvantages to AAA Life Insurance

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages, the only real advantages pertain to someone who is in poor health and cannot qualify for day one level coverage.

“Day one level life insurance coverage will always be more affordable and superior to guaranteed issue coverage with a waiting period.”

That being said the advantages in the context of only being able to qualify for a guaranteed issue are as follows:


  • Acceptance Guaranteed
  • Coverage can be obtained at age 85
  • Very good return of premium 30%
  • Strong financial strength ratings for AAA
  • Cheapest guaranteed issue product currently


  • BBB complaints with AAA
  • 2-year waiting period
  • Cannot have someone else pay your premiums
  • Day one coverage is always cheaper & you can likely qualify
  • You have to apply for $5,000 of coverage at a time so you cannot apply for $13,000 for example, only 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 at a time.

AAA Final Expense Insurance Rates

Normally rates for insurance an insurance carrier varies depending on age health and lifestyle whereas AAA sets their pricing in age brackets.

For example:

A male between the ages of 64 – 68 applying for $10,000 of coverage will pay $74.00 a month.

This is why AAA is the most affordable guaranteed issue product on the market because other companies base it largely on age. Often times being 1 year between your age range can make a difference in $10 on a premium.

Also, other carriers will charge a higher premium if you try to set up your payments on a credit card instead of directly drafting from your bank account. This is why you should always set up payments on a checking account to get the best rate possible.

Day One Level Coverage is always cheaper & better

Now as we said day one coverage is always cheaper than guaranteed issue because you are healthy enough in the eyes of the carrier to be considered low risk than your premium and coverage will be 10x better.

For example:

A healthy 64-year-old male would qualify for $10,000 coverage with Greek Catholic Union (GCU) for $50.37 monthly.

That is a $30 savings compared to AAA and better coverage.

AAA Funeral Insurance is a Last Resort

Guaranteed issue coverage needs to be a last resort.

Here is why AAA burial insurance needs to be a last resort. What if you die tomorrow?

A waiting period will not better serve your family if you die tomorrow. A return of premiums plus 30% will still not be enough to pay off the potential $10,000 funeral or the $5,000 cremation.

Now if you have been searching around for over 12 months and have been turned down by a lot of insurance companies. Then yes it is probably time to settle for triple A’s burial insurance guaranteed issue coverage, but if you haven’t then day one coverage can still be an option.

In fact, we help 90% of our clients get day one coverage even with moderate health conditions like CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Stroke, Depression, and much more.

A lot of consumers think that they cannot qualify for day one coverage because of their health issues or simply being turned down in the past. This is not the case considering simplified issue burial insurance products.

Simplified Issue Policies

With simplified issue policies getting day one coverage is better than it ever has been. The reason being is that these carriers that we work with are much more liberal when it comes to certain health conditions.

Furthermore, some of our carriers don’t even ask about certain health conditions altogether meaning they are accepting of these conditions. There was a time when if you had for example diabetes, carriers would turn you down instantly without even looking at your medical track record.

Now if you have controlled diabetes with no insulin shock, diabetic coma, diabetic amputations, etc. You have a very strong shot at day one coverage.

Get Day One Level Coverage With ParamountQuote

We are a national independent agency with access to the top major life insurance carriers in the United States.

We pride ourselves on our top-level training that enables us to find niches in the underwriting of these life insurance companies that guarantees the best rate and coverage available. This is what enables us to find day one coverage for 90% of our clients.

The agent you work with also becomes your personal agent for life to help you with any of your policy needs. They are on call any time you need them.

We maintain long-standing relationships with our clients and their families and are here to answer any questions you may have.

To get started fill out the form to your right with some basic information to see pricing on plans and receive a call from one of our agents. They will help you have coverage within 30 minutes making the process simple and easy.


Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients about AAA burial insurance.

“does aaa have a death benefit?”

Yes, all life insurance offers a death benefit and AAA’s life insurance product is no different.

“Can I borrow against my aaa life insurance?”

Yes, you can borrow from the accumulated cash value however you want to make sure you pay it back in time to avoid any deductions from your policy face amount.

“Does aaa offer burial insurance?”

Yes, burial insurance is whole life insurance which is what AAA offers.

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