Secure Burial Insurance for Bipolar Disorder: Your Guide

If you have been searching for affordable burial insurance for bipolar disorder you are in the right place. In spite of how it has been viewed in the past, there are life insurance companies now that accept these conditions as well as other mental illnesses.

You can get final expense insurance with no waiting period for bipolar disorder with several life insurance companies.

Burial Insurance for Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Date Matters

The date of your diagnosis for bipolar disorder is going to determine which company is best for you. Now the best part is there are several companies that will issue burial insurance for bipolar disorder with no waiting periods despite your diagnosis date.

American Amicable, Aetna Accendo, Royal Neighbors of America and Liberty Bankers Life do not care when you were diagnosed.

Mutual of Omaha however does require you to have been diagnosed over 4 years ago before they will issue level coverage(no waiting period).

Best Life Insurance Companies for Bipolar Disorder

We pride ourselves on working with the top carriers available in the United States to secure the best coverage for clients from all kinds of different health backgrounds.

Our top Carriers for Bipolar Disorder are:

Best Life Insurance Coverage For Bipolar Disorder?

If you have Bipolar Disorder we can get you approved for level coverage with the life insurance underwriters with no waiting period.

So whether it is manic episodes or just a very mild condition we can get you approved.

Acceptable Conditions Include:

  1. Bipolar 1 – This is the more extreme condition that may even require hospitalization.
  2. Bipolar 2 – This is a more mild condition that typically includes times of depression
  3. Rapid Cycling – Mood rapidly changes within typically a years time
  4. Cyclothymic Another very mild form with times of depression

No matter your condition you can qualify for coverage to protect your family from the burden of your final expenses.

Unlike traditional life insurance, these plans ask simple health questions and look at previous health conditions without a medical exam, and assess whether or not an applicant is a high risk which people with bipolar disorder are not.

They will not ask about your treatment plan. They are simplified issue policies they just look at your Medical Information Bureau Health Report and your prescription checks based on your Social Security Number.

So your pre-existing conditions and medications are taken into account but again most companies will not ask about Bipolar Disorder. At that point, you are approved within minutes instead of days or weeks.

So when our clients ask questions like:

“Can you get life insurance for mental illness?”

Yes, you absolutely can!

“Best Life Insurance for Bipolar Disorder?”

Simplified Issue Whole Life Burial Insurance.

“Does Bipolar Affect Insurance?”

Depends on the type of insurance, for burial life insurance, no.

Best Life Insurance Coverage for Bipolar Disorder:

Your best coverage for Bipolar would be level coverage.

Life Insurance we do not Recommend for Bipolar Disorder

Above all, there are types of life insurance to avoid if you have Bipolar and are looking to take care of burial expenses.

Term Life Insurance

A very well know one would be term life insurance. We do not recommend this based on a few key factors.

  1. The premiums will increase every time the policy is renewed they do not stay the same.
  2. They look at everything from prescriptions to health conditions and even will send a medical affiliate to your home to conduct a medical exam.

Then after all of this, you may be approved or denied in about 3 – 4 weeks. We have heard clients get approved for health insurance faster than what it takes to be approved for term life insurance. Term life is not a good fit for clients looking for burial expenses to be covered it is not permanent coverage.

TV & Commercial Advertising

The big issue with TV ads is that there are many times products like term life insurance being marketed as burial insurance on those ad’s and you don’t find out about them until you read the fine print or get flat out denied by the company.

  1. $9.95 Per Unit of Insurance – This $9.95 is falsely advertised as if $9.95 would buy $10,000 in coverage. This is not true $9.95 per unit means $9.95 per $1,000 of insurance. These are marketing tactics that do not serve YOU the consumer and your better interests.

Some important questions also are:

Is there a rate lock?

This means once you qualify for coverage and pay your first initial premium your coverage should NEVER increase in price.

Does your death benefit ever go down?

Will the coverage ever begin to decrease on your policy.

These are very important questions to ask.

How to Apply for Life Insurance?

You can apply by filling out the form to your right. At that point, one of our licensed agents will reach out to you to begin the process. They will ask you a few questions and confirm your rate class and amount of coverage being applied for.

Then you would undergo the electronic signature process.

  1. Voice Signature – A voice signature conducted with you the agent and the insurance company.
  2. Email Signature – The agent send’s you an email with a DocuSign for your signature.

At that point, you will know right there on the call if you are approved for coverage.

It’s that simple and coverage can be secured within 30 minutes.

Bipolar Disorder Life Insurance Underwriting

Life insurance companies for final expense are very liberal with bipolar disorder.

Our clients ask us all the time “can a bipolar person get life insurance?”. The answer is yes. Most burial insurance carriers do not even ask about it on their application. So even if you have manic depression the carriers will still accept you with it in your medical history.

It is also crucial to work with our life insurance agents that are licensed for insurance. They are highly trained in the carrier niches to find you immediate coverage regardless of health conditions.

Other agents most likely will put you with a guaranteed issue life insurance because they do not offer the same amount of life insurance companies as us.

Choose ParamountQuote

When working with ParamountQuote you are working with the most exceptionally trained agents in the industry we pride ourselves on helping and placing our clients with the perfect companies and products that help them achieve their financial vision for their families when they pass away.

We hold your hand every step of the way whether it is applying for coverage or after you have applied with any questions you may have. We put our clients first in every situation, We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and their families.

Working with the right national independent agency is imperative to your success in finding the most suitable coverage for your family to take save them from the burden of your final expenses when your day inevitably comes.

That agency is ParamountQuote from the initial application process to years down the road our agents become your personal family agents for life! They are on call anytime you have a question also they will be there to assist your family with filling out the claim for your policy when you pass away.

We specialize in burial insurance because of our burning passion to help you leave behind that final gift for your family. It is that final way to show your family how much you cared! Let us be a part of that and you will be a customer for life.