How To Get Burial Insurance with No Waiting Period

With the average burial cost usually starting at $8,000 or higher if you or a loved one are approaching your 50’s and 60‘s a burial insurance with no waiting period policy is important to be looking into.

Ensuring that your family is protected from the burden of your final expenses when you pass away is exactly what these plans are designed to do. It is the peace of mind you and your family deserve!

We help 90% of our clients qualify for affordable burial insurance for seniors with no waiting period!

In short, they are life insurance plan’s just with a different marketing handle.

This is why terms like the following you may have seen in your research mean the same thing:

  1. Funeral Insurance with No waiting Period
  2. Final Expense Life Insurance No waiting Period
  3. Life Insurance No Waiting Period No Medical Exam

This life insurance carrier offers coverage that requires no medical exam. They simply look at your medical history, health condition, then the life insurance company will decide if you have been approved for the life insurance coverage for which you are applying.

This will all factor into the benefits and waiting periods if any.

Is there a Waiting Period for Burial Insurance?

That depends on a few things. The first thing to understand is underwriting risk assessment.

Insurance is the transference of risk meaning the insurance company is taking the risk for your final expenses. This is why in many cases you will see, hear, or maybe even have undergone medical exam life insurance.

Always remember burial insurance , life insurance, and final expense insurance are all the same thing just with different marketing terms.

– Tim Connon

So if you are in good health there is no waiting period for burial insurance but if you are in poor health there will be a waiting period for burial insurance. The simplified underwriting makes getting final expense insurance with no waiting period easier even if you have moderate health conditions.

How Long Does it Take for Burial Insurance to Take Effect?

A burial insurance policy with no waiting period takes effect as soon as you make your first insurance premium payment on the date that you specified in the application process when you sign up. Now if you have medical conditions that are extremely severe you may wind up with a waiting period.

If that happens the burial insurance will not take effect until you have gotten through the 2-year waiting period.

A Real Burial policy with no Waiting Period

A lot of different life insurance options and products are marketed to seniors as life insurance for seniors no waiting period. Now this no waiting period life insurance for seniors can be term insurance which terminates after a length of time. This is why you need to work with the right life insurance agents like us to get full coverage.

The underwriting process for final expense insurance or funeral insurance is simple. You answer the health questions they check your Medical Information and prescriptions. If everything lines up you are approved instantly right over the phone.

When working with an independent agent like use they will walk you through each of the medical questions to help you better understand them.

Term Insurance with a Medical Exam is not Burial Insurance

They send a paramedic out to your home and draw blood and also run some physical tests for health issues or any chronic illness ask health questions to determine whether or not you are a high-risk case. Then after all of that, you are waiting in many cases a month or longer to get approval!

When it comes to final expense insurance no waiting period being in good health is a key factor to avoiding a 2 year waiting period graded policy. This is why if you have moderate health conditions term life insurance is not a good option for you because they will want you to do a medical exam.

If you are in extremely poor health or terminally ill a guaranteed issue policy may be your only option for senior life insurance.

There is no such thing as Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance No Waiting Period

Now a GI policy is still a good product because acceptance is guaranteed, you may have slightly higher insurance costs but once your pass the 2-year waiting period your beneficiary receives the benefits.

In many cases depending on what company you choose out of the companies offered if you die from accidental death the full benefit is paid regardless of the 2-year waiting period.

With burial insurance these are simplified issue plans meaning approval is done in 30 minutes! Not 1 or even 12 months! These plans are designed for fast approval as well as a fast payout to cover funeral expenses.

Above all, this is where working with our highly trained agents comes in. We pride ourselves on our specialized training to help clients that may have a few health conditions get coverage without a waiting period.

We know the underwriting niches for these companies that guarantee the best coverage and rate for you and your unique health profile. This is how we find your burial insurance with no waiting period.

To speak to one of our licensed agents fill out the form to your right.

In many cases, we have helped clients with conditions such as COPD and CHF get coverage with no waiting period! it is possible!

These companies see you as a person not just a list of health conditions, it all comes down to how controlled some of your conditions are and the severity of them. A person with mild COPD that just has a nebulizer is looked at far differently by certain carriers than a person who has severe COPD and is currently on oxygen tanks to assist in breathing.

A person with mild COPD diagnosed years ago with a nebulizer has a very strong chance at getting approved with no waiting period whereas someone with COPD on oxygen tanks has only 1 option which is guaranteed issue life insurance.

So if you are classified into a high-risk category the carrier may approve you for a waiting period policy or flat out deny your application completely. If you are in a low-risk category then you would be approved for burial insurance with no waiting period.

This is where working with a national independent agency like ours is paramount, we know the niches. We know what companies won’t work with mild COPD and what companies will.

Does Final Expense Insurance Have a Waiting Period?

Yes and no, depending on your health funeral insurance will have an immediate benefit, partial waiting period, or full 2-year waiting period. If you have current cancer that is being treated this means your final expense insurance will have a waiting period. If you had cancer over 2 years ago and have been healthy since then with no medications this means you can qualify for no waiting period.

It all depends on your health when it comes to funeral insurance with no waiting period. Now that being said not all life insurance companies ask the same health questions on their applications or look back the same amount of years on the condition. This means if you have COPD that was diagnosed over 2 years ago both Aetna and Royal Neighbors of America can issue immediate coverage to you as long as there are no other health conditions that could change this.

If you have COPD and Congestive Heart Failure you will always have a 2-year waiting period with your policy. These 2 conditions together mean you can only get a guaranteed issue life insurance policy like AIG or Gerber life insurance.

Here is an example of an application question. This one ask’s within 3 years.
This one ask’s within 24 months. That is the key to final expense insurance with no waiting period. Answering “no” to these health questions within their context.

Burial Insurance Eligibility for Non Waiting Period or Waiting Period

Below is our comprehensive table showing which conditions are can qualify for burial insurance with no waiting and burial insurance with a waiting period.

Health ConditionEligible for No Waiting Period Burial InsuranceEligible Only for a Waiting Period Burial Insurance
ADL’s(Assistance of Daily Living Eating, Dressing, Toileting, Bathing)YesNo
Alcohol AbuseYesNo
Alzheimers & DementiaNoYes
Amputation Caused by Accident (No ADLS Needed)YesNo
Amputation Caused by Accident(ADL’s Needed)NoYes
Amputation Caused by Diabetes or Disease(No ADL’s Needed)YesNo
Amputation Caused by Diabetes or Disease(ADL’s Needed)NoYes
Assisted Living FacilityYesNo
AFIB (Atrial Fibrillation)YesNo
Brain Tumer(Non Cancerous)YesNo
Bipolar DisorderYesNo
Brain Tumor(Cancerous)YesNo
Bronchitis (Chronic)YesNo
Coronary Bypass SurgeryYesNo
Cerebral Palsy
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseYesNo
Circulatory SurgeryYesNo
Congestive Heart FailureYesNo
Cystic FibrosisYesNo
Diabetes(Without Complications)YesNo
Diabetes(With Complications)YesNo
Down SyndromeYesNo
Drug & Alcohol AbuseYesNo
Heart AttackYesNo
Heart DiseaseYesNo
Obesity & Under WeightYesNo
Hepatitis CYesNo
Huntington’s DiseaseYesNo
Kidney Disease Stage 1 – 3YesNo
Kidney Disease Stage 4 – 5YesNo
Lupus (Systemic)YesNo
Multiple SclerosisYesNo
Muscular DystrophyYesNo
Organ TransplantNoYes
Oxygen TanksNoYes
Oxygen ConcentratorYesNo
Pacemaker ImplantYesNo
Parkinson’s DiseaseYesNo
Pending SurgeryNoYes
Sickle Cell AnemiaYesNo
Sleep ApneaYesNo
TIA Mini StrokeYesNo
Tumor CancerousNoYes
Tumor Non-CancerousYesNo
Ulcerative ColitisYesNo

The bottom line here is no matter what you cannot be denied coverage.

The 5 Best Burial Insurance Companies with No Waiting Period

Different burial insurance companies accept and deny different health impairments. Now the companies below have extremely liberal underwriting and between all of these companies is how we guarantee our clients a 90% approval rating for final expense insurance with no waiting period.

What Life Insurance Starts Immediately?

There are 4 different types of life insurance benefit pay out’s.

Depending on your risk classification you could be put into one of these 4 categories.

  1. Level Benefit
  2. Graded Benefit
  3. Modified Benefit
  4. Guaranteed Issue

Level Benefit – Day one burial insurance with no waiting period. This is for clients who qualify in the eyes of the carrier as low risk therefore their coverage would be immediate upon approval and the first premium payment being received.

In short, this means God forbid you to pay your first premium tomorrow and you pass away the following day within 24 – 48 hours your family receives a check for the full face amount.

Graded Benefit – Typically pays 30% of the death benefit in year 1 than in year 2, it is 70% of the death benefit. After 2 years the full benefit is paid. This is for clients in a higher risk classification making this a gradual payout of death benefits.

Modified Benefit – Typically pays 110% of premiums paid into the policy in year 1 then on year 2 it will pay 231% of premiums paid. After 2 years full benefit amount is paid.

This is for clients in a much higher risk category. Within the first 2 years, no money is lost and a return on the premiums is made.

Guaranteed Issue – This is for clients in extremely poor health that do not qualify for any other plan due to their health conditions. Typically these policies pay within the first 2 years the premiums paid in plus 10% so no money is lost and a return is made as well.

After 2 years the full death benefit would be paid. In the event of a death due to an accident, the full face amount would be paid immediately regardless of the waiting period.

The level benefit is life insurance that starts immediately. With these 4 categories, each one offers great benefits for clients in different health situations and no one can be denied!

Best Life Insurance with no Waiting Period

Finding the best life insurance is always going to depend on a few things, what kind of benefits do you want? Whether it is a cremation or burial.

What is your unique health profile?

Do you have health conditions or not?

When it comes to finding the best companies a few key points to consider are:

Are they A-rated?

Have they been in business for 50+ years?

The rating and length of time in business tell you about their quality and stability. An A-rating is something that is just given to a company it is earned through doing business the right way.

The length of time proves they are not going anywhere and that they are financially stable.

More importantly:

Do their plans have a rate lock? Meaning will the monthly premium ever increase?

Will the death benefit ever decrease? Meaning will the policy value ever go down?

The best life insurance should have rates that never go up on you as long as you always make your premium payments and the death benefit should NEVER decrease as long as your policy is in force

Our best companies for this to name a few would be:

What Burial policy requires a Medical Exam?

A burial whole life policy should never have a medical exam. They are simplified issue whole life plans that simply ask a few health questions and run a Medical Information Bureau health report and prescription check based on your Social Security number at the time of the application.

Other policies such as term and universal life require medical exams.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Even if you are someone who does not qualify for level coverage you can still be accepted into a policy. Years ago this was an impossibility for consumers in poor health to get any life insurance whatsoever.

In the past consumers would undergo full medical exams and physical tests to assess their risk categories.

It would be weeks or months before they ever received a confirmation if they were approved or denied. This was the case for many Americans back then and as a result of many families never received coverage.

Now anyone with any health background can receive coverage on top of all of that you can be approved in minutes not days! If you have found yourself declined by a lot of companies in the past then guaranteed issue coverage is probably the best fit for you.

There are conditions that are knockouts for all companies and your only option would be GI. These are conditions are looked at as extremely high risk. These conditions would include.

Oxygen tanks to assist in breathing

Kidney Dialysis

Nursing home or Current Hospital Confinement

Ever had an organ transplant



Current Internal Cancer

Confinement to a Mental Care Facility




If you have any of those conditions then time is of the essence, The faster you start a guaranteed issue policy the faster you can finish the waiting period and provide your family with the full death benefit so they are not left with the financial burden of your funeral expenses.

It’s all about them your family and achieving your vision for them and their financial well-being. Thousands of families are left every day with funeral expenses to take care of and as a result, they take on a lot of debt.

Our best-Guaranteed Acceptance Companies would be:

Great Western – Coverage Amounts $1,000 – $40,000

Ages – 40 – 80

American General – Coverage Amounts $5,000 – $25,000

Ages – 50 – 85

Burial Insurance for Seniors

Now burial insurance is largely marketed to seniors. So yes burial insurance is for seniors between the ages of 45 – 85. Insurers offer this type of life insurance for younger consumers as well but it fits best with seniors that need help with their funeral costs that is why it is final expense insurance in the first place.

You receive a cash payout from the life insurance company that is covering you and your family will use that to cover the cost of the funeral home. It can also cover other expenses such as past-due credit card bills. Premium payments are due on this type of insurance Monthly.

Best Funeral Insurance Plan

The best funeral insurance plan is Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance.

The reason is that this type of policy has no waiting period for the insurance payout. This means if have this policy in place and you die tomorrow, the burial insurance will be paying for final expenses. Your family will have the peace of mind they deserve knowing they will not go into debt when you die.

The Best Funeral Insurance Plan Can be Found with:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • American Amicable life insurance company
  • Prosperity life
  • Royal Neighbors of America
  • Greek Catholic Union
  • Aetna
  • Liberty Bankers Life

The Worst Funeral Insurance in our Opinion Can be Found with:

The best funeral insurance plan is affordable burial insurance. That is Simplified Issue for Whole Life Insurance. This is the perfect funeral cover with no waiting period because even if you are moderately healthy with a heart attack in the last 2 years or heart surgery in the last 2 years, our highly trained agents can still find you day one coverage 90% of the time.

Burial Insurance No Medical Exam

No type of burial insurance is going to make you take a medical exam. That being said they do still ask health questions on their application to see if you qualify and are approved. This no exam burial insurance still looks at your Medical Information Bureau Health report and prescription history when the information is copied published.

They cross-reference the health report with the health questions on the application. Then they compare the prescription history to any health conditions related to their health questions. If everything is positive you are approved.

Burial Insurance Quotes with No Waiting Period for Ages 19 – 91

Below are sample quotes for burial insurance with no waiting period. We have covered each individual age and have the companies listed that offer burial insurance with no waiting periods. These are policies that do not require a medical exam to be approved. These rates are for a $10,000 whole life insurance policy with no waiting period.

Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Male Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Smoker Sample Quotes

Choose ParamountQuote for Burial Insurance with no Waiting Period

We are a national independent agency that specializes in burial insurance. We pride ourselves on our specialized training which is next to none.

Everything from the underwriting to the enrollment will be a quick process. Our agents also become your personal service agents for life!

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what type of life insurance has no waiting period?

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance has no waiting period. These are policies that do not require a medical exam but they ask health questions and look at your health and prescription history to qualify you upfront.