Securing Burial Insurance with HIV: What You Need to Know

If you are wondering if you or your loved one can get burial insurance with HIV you are in the perfect place. Yes you can get burial insurance for HIV patients however the only option available is going to be guaranteed issue whole life insurance. Guaranteed issue policies have no health questions or underwriting which means acceptance is guaranteed. These policies offer permanent coverage up to a maximum of $40,000 with a 2 year waiting period before full policy payout.

In the United States According to

Over 1.2 Million people in the U.S. have HIV.

Here are questions searchers are asking:

“Can HIV Patients Get Life Insurance?”

Yes, guaranteed issue life insurance with no health questions is the only type of life insurance HIV patients can get. It has no health questions or underwriting so you will always be approved for coverage. There is a 2 year waiting period for the policy death benefit with this coverage.

“Can I Get Life Insurance If I have HIV?”


“Is there Life Insurance for HIV Patients?”


In this article, we will go over exactly which companies to apply with, the costs, features and how to apply.

Best Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance Companies for HIV Patients

Our top-rated carriers that offer the most affordable HIV insurance cost are:

  1. Great Western
  2. American General
  3. Gerber

These are the top 3 best-guaranteed issue carriers in the nation. They are all A-rated and have been in business for 100 years or more.

When it comes to guaranteed acceptance life insurance if you have HIV, any of these 3 carriers will best serve you. They all have the excellent financial strength and solid reputations among their clients.

Life Insurance Agent Pro Tip: The only actual eligibility criteria required for guaranteed issue policies is providing your SSN to verify you are a US citizen to the company. If you are not a citizen you cannot get coverage.

They have no health questions on their applications which makes getting approved very simple. They provide insurance for HIV positive people, cancer patients, people on dialysis, people with organ transplants, and much more.

They will not ask about prescription drugs or your current medical care or if you ever considered HIV prevention. They won’t look into your medical history whereas many traditional insurances will.

Burial Insurance for HIV Patient’s Costs for Gerber Life

Below is going to be a table listing the costs of guaranteed acceptance burial insurance costs. Gerber life is the most affordable life insurance company for guaranteed issue policies on the market.

You will see quotes taken directly from our quoting tools to give you an accurate idea of how much burial insurance for HIV patients will cost. These quotes regard $15,000 in whole life coverage which is usually more than enough for paying a funeral.

Most Affordable CompanyAgeMale $15,000 BenefitFemale $15,000 Benefit
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance50$65.68$51.24
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance60$95.38$76.13
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance70$148.32$112.84
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance80$370.52$264.09

Life Insurance for HIV The Truth and Your Options

Final expense life insurance is the only life insurance for HIV you can get period. HIV is a very serious disease and most life insurance companies will not issue whole life insurance for HIV patients especially life insurance without a waiting period.

That being said there is hope for getting life insurance for HIV.

If you have HIV and want to make sure your family is not stuck with a big funeral bill to pay your final expenses then burial insurance or final expense whole life insurance is your answer.

Now every single life insurance company normally asks about HIV on their life insurance application but there are whole life insurance policies available that do not ask any health questions including questions about HIV.

This is why guaranteed issue life insurance for HIV is your best and only option.

Final expense insurance is a whole-life policy with smaller coverage amounts between $2,000 – $40,000 in most cases.

They are designed to pay the death benefit to your family upon your passing and then your family uses the money to pay for your funeral.

This protects them from any financial burden caused by unexpected funeral costs and gives them peace of mind.

Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance for HIV Patients

If you have HIV your only option is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

This type of policy does not require a medical exam or ask any health questions to qualify. Acceptance is guaranteed so regardless of health conditions and HIV status the carrier will accept you. This is the only kind of burial insurance for HIV patients.

Traditional Life Insurance will Not Accept HIV

Traditional life insurance that is fully underwritten will always deny HIV due to the fact that it is classified as a terminal condition and makes the carrier look at an applicant with HIV as a high-risk case.

Furthermore, all underwritten life insurance policies will have HIV diagnosis on their questionnaire regarding your health status. This means across the board regardless of your CD4 count or how well your HIV life is managed it will be a knockout for all carriers except guaranteed issue policies.

Even if your employer offers group life insurance they will still want to give you a medical exam to see if you qualify for coverage.

Guaranteed Issue will Accept HIV

With guaranteed issue coverage you will have to go through a 2 year waiting period until your beneficiary can receive the death benefit when you pass away but you cannot be denied regardless of your health!

Furthermore, the life insurance rates for these policies can be very affordable.

How Getting Approved For Guaranteed Acceptance Works

How guaranteed acceptance for burial insurance with HIV works is very simple.

  1. You Speak with one of our Licensed agents and provide them with your basic information as well as your preferred form of payment you want on file.
  2. There are no HIV health questions on the life insurance applications.
  3. You either provide a Voice Signature or an E-mail Signature to sign for your application With the agent.

At that point, approval is done in minutes and the policy is issued. It is that simple and easy.

Fill out the form to your right to get started.

The Best Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance for HIV Patients Policy Features

Not all Guaranteed Issue policies are created equal. We are going to go over the key factors to look for when selecting a Guaranteed Acceptance Policy.

  1. A Rate Lock
  2. Death Benefit That Never Decreases

If you come across a policy without those 2 key features above do not purchase it! If they cannot deliver on those 2 basic features it is not ideal burial insurance for HIV patients.

With a Rate Lock

With a rate lock, your policy’s premium will never increase on you for any reason. It is locked in for life, this means if you have a $50 premium it will stay $50 for the rest of your life as long as you make your premium payments period.

Without a Rate Lock

Without a rate lock, your policy is subject to periodic premium increases meaning if you have a policy at $50 a month it can increase overnight to $70 and continue to increase over time until it is unaffordable.

This results in you dropping the coverage because it is too expensive and having to find another Guaranteed Issue policy and start your waiting period all over again!

We have helped many of our clients get out of policies like that and into a Guaranteed Issue policy that has a rate lock so they have the peace of mind they deserve.

With a Death Benefit that Never Decreases

A death benefit that never decreases means that if you purchase a policy with a $10,000 face amount it will always be $10,000 for the life of the policy. This means your beneficiary is guaranteed $10,000 when you pass away to pay for your funeral expenses.

Without a Death Benefit that Never Decreases

A death benefit that is not locked in can decrease over time. We have had clients tell us about a $10,000 policy that dwindled down to $5,000 after 5 years.

This means your beneficiary would not have the proper coverage necessary to cover your funeral when that time comes.

This is why it is important to work with a national independent brokerage agency like ours and not a captive agency.

National Independent Brokerage Agency

An agency that represents 8 – 12 top major carriers in all 50 states. This guarantees the best product and rate available because the agent can shop all of these different carriers to find you the perfectly fitting product.

Captive Agency

Only represents 1 – 2 insurance carriers in limited states. This means the agent has a biased and incentive to only offer you one product that may not be the best rate or fit for you.

Life Insurance For HIV AIDS Patients Rates

Life insurance rates for consumers with HIV infection will vary based on age and geographical location.

All life policies typically work the same when it comes to those 2 factors. Term life insurance works the same way how old you are will affect the premium.

It factors into life expectancy this is why all life policies except Guaranteed Issue have health questions, to begin with.

One way to keep premiums low is to be in a job that will offer group life insurance. This spreads out the cost among a group of workers, therefore, making the premium much lower.

The downside is you typically cannot bring this coverage with you when you retire. You could end up having to pay the full amount of the premium which will double or triple your rates.

Death Benefit

The size of your policy’s death benefit will also play a factor in the rates. A $10,000 policy will be much cheaper than a $25,000 policy. This should be taken into account when selecting coverage amounts.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has also played a part in insurance rates increasing for policies. Guaranteed Issue life insurance Policies have even been affected causing their rates to go up slightly.

Term or whole life policies have all seen a rate increase of some sort since the pandemic started. If you are an applicant with HIV then traditional life insurance is out of the question for you as these policies will deny you based on your health conditions and be very expensive.

Type of Life Insurance

The type of life insurance also affects the rates. A term policy because it expires is cheaper for a higher face amount. A whole life policy that will last your entire life is more expensive for less but will be with you forever.

Life Insurance for people with HIV & Final Expenses

Above all, having an idea of how much your final expenses will be is crucial to selecting the right life insurance options.

An easy way to know these expenses and how much coverage you will need is to get a price list for a funeral from your local funeral home. You will take the pricing for the funeral you want and add on an extra $5000 for inflation and any other expenses taken into account like outstanding bills, loans, etc.

This is why when filling out life insurance applications knowing all of this in advance will make the process much easier.


The cost of a funeral totals $10,000 with the service casket and everything included.

Add in $5,000 for inflation.

Add another $3,000 for any extra expenses.

The total would be $19,000.

Life Insurance for Someone with HIV Policy Riders

There are riders that come with life insurance policies, this can be extremely beneficial for people living with HIV.

These Riders Can Include:

  • Accidental Death
  • Critical Illness
  • Accelerated Living Benefits
  • GrandChild Rider

These riders require no medical underwriting to include depending on the plan selected. They will not measure your viral load or take any blood samples and can be included on most policies.

These riders are very helpful for our clients that are healthy and our clients that have the human immunodeficiency virus HIV.

Furthermore, riders add extra benefits security to your policy and very rarely increase the premium at all most riders are included for free with most policies.

Can someone with HIV get Life Insurance for their Children?

Yes, you can get life insurance for your children depending on how old they are or if they have an HIV infection also. If they are an applicant with HIV then their life insurance options would be the same as yours which is guaranteed issue life insurance.

Term life insurance is not a good option for anyone that has a positive HIV status.

The health questions are all the same on the life insurance applications whether a person is 30 years old or 60 years old. This is why the guaranteed issue is the only type of life insurance that will accept people living with HIV.

Applying for policies with full underwriting whether it is a term or whole life will not do your children any good. The carrier would want to know their cd4 count or viral load during the medical exam.

Example Application Question:

“Has the proposed Insured Ever Been Diagnosed with HIV?”

The question clearly say’s ever in a person’s lifetime. This is because the life expectancy for HIV is so low traditional life insurance companies will not accept it.

Life Insurance for HIV Positive Good News

The good news is there is still life insurance for people with HIV that they can be accepted no matter what and will provide the death benefit to protect their family from the burden of final expenses.

Furthermore, with guaranteed issue policies it doesn’t matter what your health conditions are they will not deny you. That means this coverage will be there for your family in the long term.

It will never expire and the premium will never increase on you.

It is true permanent coverage that will always be there when your family needs it. So if anyone ever tells you that you cannot qualify for any coverage because you have HIV that is simply not true there is an option for everyone.


“Can someone with HIV get life insurance?”

Yes with a guaranteed issue policy.

“Can a person with HIV get life insurance?”

Yes in fact if they are your family member you can apply for coverage for them with their consent.

“Can I get life insurance with HIV?”

Yes, you can thank’s to guaranteed issue policies.

“Is HIV life insurance affordable?”

Yes, the younger you are the more affordable it is.

How to Get Cheap Life Insurance for an HIV Person?

The rates are based on the age of the person applying for coverage so the younger you are when you have HIV with life insurance the cheaper your rate will be and remain locked in for life.

For Example:

The rates for life insurance for an HIV-positive male born in 1970 will range between $50 – $60 for $10,000 of coverage depending on the carrier.

Now for a male born in 1960, these rates can range between $70 – $80 for $10,000 of coverage.

The rates may be higher for life insurance for HIV patients but the biggest deciding factor is age. So when it comes to cheap burial insurance for HIV get your policy started now before you get older.

HIV Treatment & Burial Insurance Acceptance

As we have mentioned before it doesn’t matter if you are receiving current treatment such as antiretroviral therapy or medications.

When it comes to guaranteed issue life insurance for people with HIV your acceptance is guaranteed no matter what. This is why it is the best of life insurance options available to you.

There are no health questions like:

“What is your viral load?”

“What is your CD4 Count?”

“When is the last time you saw the doctor?”

Enrollment can be done in 10 minutes you simply speak with us and we confirm the amount of coverage you want, you e-sign for your application and everything is taken care of.

Best Life Insurance for HIV Patients Company

The best company that we recommend for burial insurance for HIV patients is Great Western. This is by far the best carrier for final expense life insurance if you are an applicant with HIV infection.

When it comes to aids funeral insurance we recommend them because they have a strong financial status and are known for paying their client’s claims. That is why they maintain such a high rating in the industry.

Their life insurance rates are competitive and offer plenty of coverage for the death benefit to make sure your family has peace of mind when you die knowing it will cover the costs. Out of all the insurers offering guaranteed issue life insurance, this is the best option for people living with HIV.

We highly recommend this life insurance company to all of our clients that need guaranteed acceptance.

HIV AIDS Burial Insurance Apply Online

Getting started on applying for burial insurance for HIV patients is very simple.

Burial Insurance Rates Change with Age, Lock in your Rate Now.

First, fill out the form to your right with some basic information. After this, you will see rates on all the top-rated companies in the united states.

At this point, one of our agents will reach out to you via phone call and confirm some basic information related to life insurance for HIV person.

After their initial field underwriting, they will confirm the carrier selected and begin the enrollment.

It can be done either through a voice signature or a Docusign email. It depends on which carrier is selected.

At that point, you pick your due date and sign the application, and you are finished within 15 minutes.

That is how fast and simple it is to give your family the peace of mind they deserve.

Can you Get Life Insurance with hiv? How to?

Yes you can get life insurance for hiv by filling out the form to your right and speaking with one of our agents. They will help you fill out a life insurance application.

If you have been diagnosed with hiv then our agent will enroll you in a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. The beauty of a GI policy is the fact that they do not look at your hiv status or your antiretroviral therapy they do not have any health questions during their application process.

There is no underwriting process for these plans so if you are 1 out of the 1.2 million people living with HIV in the united states, this is your best and only life insurance option.

HIV Life Insurance Policies which one?

If you are an applicant with HIV then there are some things you need to know about life insurance for people with HIV. First you are going to want long term coverage. This is final expense whole life insurance.

The best thing about HIV life insurance policies is the fact that they do not check on your health conditions because acceptance is guaranteed. With this comes a waiting period for benefits which is 2 – years. Now this is why you must start your coverage as soon as possible.

With HIV the typical life expectancy is so low that is why life insurance companies will not offer day one level death benefit. They take a big risk if they do that for HIV patients.

John Hancock has apparently come out stating they would try to cover people with HIV, however if you read further into this they clearly want applicants to take a medical exam. You can see that here.

The criteria for their medical exam is extremely strict and unless you are in good health the odds of being approved are slim to none.

Here are the 3 best burial insurance companies for HIV:

  • Great Western Insurance
  • American General AIG
  • Gerber

These companies offer additional living benefits and accidental death riders.

Life Insurance Companies that cover HIV

There are no life insurance companies that cover HIV as in giving you day one level coverage but they will accept you guaranteed.

We have 3 different companies that will cover you:

  • Great Western Insurance
  • American General (AIG)
  • Gerber

These 3 companies will cover you no matter what your health conditions are. Acceptance is guaranteed. They also offer additional benefits that our agents will go over with you when you apply.

They offer the following riders:

  • Accidental Death
  • Grandchild Riders
  • Accelerated Benefits

Work With ParamountQuote

The reason to work with us is the fact that we are a National Independent Brokerage.

We connect you with a highly trained licensed agent who not only cares about you but also will become your personal agent over the long term.

We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with our clients and their families. To us the relationship with our clients is everything!

We make sure and educate you on all of the in’s and out’s of your coverage to help you make a properly informed decision to protect your loved ones from any financial burden when you pass away.

Furthermore, we represent the top major carriers in all 50 states. This guarantees the best rate and coverage available in your area.

We also specialize in burial insurance also known as final expense life insurance. This means there is no better company to work with when it comes to burial coverage.

Other companies offer a multitude of products without specializing in 1 in particular, this results in the wrong products being chosen.

Here at ParamountQuote within 10 minutes of speaking with a licensed agent, they will know exactly what product is best for you and have you enrolled in minutes.

Fill out the form to your right to get started.