Find The Best $15,000 Life Insurance Policy for Seniors & Costs

First and foremost a $15,000 life insurance policy is the perfect level of coverage for taking care of most funerals. A 10k policy can cover funerals but with inflation taking place its best to be safe and go with a $15,000 life insurance policy. This is a $15,000 whole life insurance meaning it is permanent life insurance that will never expire when your family needs it the most.

Keep in mind there is no medical exam required to get one of these policies in place to protect your family. In this article, we will show accurate pricing for this amount of coverage depending on age and our recommended brands for the best coverage.

$15,000 Life Insurance only Offered by Final Expense

The only type of life insurance offering a $15,000 life insurance policy is final expense insurance(cremation insurance, funeral & burial insurance).

You will not find term or traditional whole life insurance offering coverage that low. Now these policies are designed for a quick death benefit payout to your beneficiary.

Look at the “policy cost” section of this article to see $15,000 burial insurance quotes provided in the table.


  • Coverage is Permanent
  • Builds Cash Value
  • Premiums Never Increase
  • Coverage Never Decreases

Life Insurance Agent Pro Tip: This amount of life insurance would be more than enough to pay for the cost of a Tree Pod burial.

$15,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost Sample Quotes

Below we have provided quotes for healthy non tobacco individuals and tobacco users. Any policy from these carriers builds cash value as well as provides a quick death benefit payout to the named beneficiary on the policy.

The cost of a $15,000 whole life policy is included in this table for young adults and seniors all the way up to age 90.

As you are going to see a $15000 whole life insurance policy for seniors between age 60-75 is going to be between $60 – $150 monthly depending upon age, health, life style and gender.

This makes policies like this the most affordable option for seniors on a budget.

Now we have not included every life insurance company we represent and it may be determined that the life insurance coverage that is right for you might be from one of our carriers not listed here.

Depending on how you answer the health questions for these company offers this could determine that you need a guaranteed acceptance policy in some cases which we also have.

Each of the example companies below specializes in covering funeral expenses. Life insurance quotes for a $15,000 life insurance policy are below.

Age$15,000 Male$15,000 Female$15,000 Male Tobacco$15,000 Female Tobacco

These $15,000 burial insurance quotes come directly from the quoter to the right of this page.

If you are looking for specific $15,000 burial insurance quotes for yourself or a loved one use the free tool to see quotes.

Best Burial Insurance Companies for 15000 Life Insurance Policy

The best life insurance companies for seniors that offer a 15000 whole life insurance policy are as follows:

Each of these companies offer the best $15000 life insurance policies to pay for end of life expenses.

The reason they are the best policies is because each one can approve seniors in different age ranges such as over 85(Aetna, Guarantee Trust Life).

In addition to that Seniors with severe health conditions like Congestive Heart Failure can possibly get a no waiting period policy with Prosperity depending on diagnosis time table and medications or treatments.

The underwriting niches each of these companies offer for your specific health conditions or situations is what make them the best $15000 life insurance policies.

It guarantees you will get the lowest premiums(no waiting period policies are always cheaper).

If you cannot qualify for no waiting period the cheapest $15000 guaranteed issue policy on the market can be found with Gerber Life.

Work with an Insurance Agency Like ours for your Final Expense Needs

Our agency specializes in these types of life insurance policies to make sure funerals, burials, and cremations are covered.

The best part is in most cases a $15,000 life insurance policy should cover almost any funeral now costs for burials do vary by state but our agents are highly trained to recommend the right type of coverage in your specific state.

To get the best $15,000 life insurance policy you must work with an agency like ours because our training on the underwriting niches for these life insurance companies guarantees we can find most clients with moderate health conditions day one coverage.

If we cannot find day one coverage we will find you the best policy on the market with a short waiting period.

We have access to all the major life insurance companies nationwide. In addition to this the agent you work with at our agency becomes your personal agent for life.

We pride ourselves on holding our client’s hands every step of the way through the process.

Fill out the quoter to the right to get started.

Factors that Make a $15,000 Life Insurance Policy The Best

  1. It should be the best rate for the monthly premium out of any other company
  2. The life insurance company providing the $15,000 life insurance policy should have been in business over 100 years.
  3. Level day one coverage should be preferred unless your health conditions are just too severe.

Now there are a lot of gimmicks out there like Colonial Penn, AAA, Globe, Opencare Final Expense, Trustage and AARP.

The only reason people know these brands is the fact that they advertise on all platforms so people become familiar with the name but if you read our articles about them you will see things like the fact that some plans you can get from those brands have an automatic 2-year waiting period.

if you are healthy you should be able to get a $15,000 whole life insurance policy with no waiting period. Immediate benefits which mean if you die the day after your first premium payment your family will receive the benefits.

This is what makes a policy the “best” is what fits you as an individual. If you are healthy you should have a policy with immediate benefits. if you are unhealthy the policy should have a small waiting period for the benefits.

It is that simple.


A $15,000 whole life insurance policy is the best starting level of coverage. because it will cover most burial costs and protect your loved ones from any big funeral bills.

Costs can still vary between states but most funerals can be fully covered with a 15000 life insurance policy.

The best part is you can always get higher amounts of coverage or increase your current coverage with us. Take action today to make sure your family is not burdened with a big funeral bill.

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