2024 Gerber Life Burial Insurance Review Features & Costs

Gerber final expense insurance is one of the best guaranteed acceptance burial insurance policies. Their funeral insurance is a guaranteed issue whole life insurance policy with a two year waiting period for the death benefit. Gerber Life burial insurance is one of the best burial insurance companies on the market.

This is our burial insurance review of the Gerber final expense life insurance policy. We will discuss the plan features, eligibility and exactly which health conditions make this the best option for you.

Gerber Life Burial Insurance Benefits & Features

The most important feature of this life insurance policy is the graded death benefit(modified death benefit etc.). Gerber life insurance is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy which means there are no health questions, medical exams, medical history checks or prescription checks.

The moment you apply with Gerber Life Insurance Company you will be approved instantly for their whole life insurance policy.

Gerber life insurance is designed to cover final expenses such as funeral costs, left over medical bills, and unpaid debt. It provides life insurance protection for end of life expenses this would include cremation.

Geber’s whole life insurance will also last your entire life which means it will never expire. As long as you are alive and premiums are paid gerber life insurance will stay with you. This will guaranteed the death benefit to be paid to your beneficiary when you die.

Gerber Whole Life Insurance Benefits

  • Now the benefits of whole life insurance with Gerber are as follows:
  • Premiums Never Increase
  • Death Benefit Never Decreases
  • Builds Cash Value
  • Death Benefit to Beneficiary is 100% Tax Free

Gerber Whole Life Insurance Features

Below is going to be a table listing the features of Gerber’s guaranteed life insurance policy.

Available Age 50-80
Coverage Amounts $5,000 – $25,000
Medical Exam/Health QuestionsNo Medical Exam or Health Questions Required
Death Benefit TaxDeath Benefit is 100% Tax Free to the Beneficiary
PremiumsPremiums Are Fixed They Never Increase
Death Benefit Payout StructureYear 1 & 2: Premiums Paid are Returned with 10% Interest
Year 3: Full Death Benefit is Paid
Accidental Death Payout StructureYear 1& 2: If Death occurs due to Accident the Full Death Benefit is Paid
Available in These StatesAll 50 States in USA

Important: Gerber life guaranteed coverage has a two year waiting period with a return of premium feature. This means if death occurs from natural causes in the first two years the plan will payback the premiums paid into the policy plus 10% to the beneficiary.

Now there is an accidental death benefit which means if death occurs due to an accident within the first two year the full death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance Policy Eligibility

Now when it comes to Gerber life insurance it is important to note that there are no health questions. It is a guaranteed acceptance policy, however to be eligible for their guaranteed life insurance plan you will have to fill out an application.

On the burial insurance application there are requirements such as being an US Citizen. If you are not a US Citizen you will not qualify for any life insurance protection. In addition to this you do need to meet the Gerber life burial insurance age requirements. If you are not within their age requirements you cannot apply for guaranteed life insurance.

That being said the good news is your health history will not disqualify you from getting a gerber life insurance policy. Now if you are healthy then you should look into other life insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha or American Amicable that provide burial insurance with no waiting periods.

If you are unhealthy then this is the best burial insurance plan for you. Gerber life insurance will not look at your health status at all when underwriting your application. This is why guaranteed issue life insurance is the perfect option for individuals with extreme health problems.

Cost of Gerber Burial Insurance Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

The table below is going to list sample gerber funeral insurance quotes. These quotes come directly from our quoting tools to provide the most accurate life insurance quotes according to age.

In addition to this Gerber’s guaranteed acceptance life insurance coverage is the lowest priced guaranteed acceptance policy on the market compared to other life insurance companies like American General and Great Western life insurance.

This is why we recommend Gerber life guaranteed issue as your best life insurance option for final expenses. Gerber will save you the most money for a burial insurance plan to cover final expenses.

Most Affordable CompanyAgeMale $15,000 BenefitFemale $15,000 Benefit
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance50$65.68$51.24
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance60$95.38$76.13
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance70$148.32$112.84
Gerber life insurance, burial insurance, final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance80$370.52$264.09

Get Gerber Burial Insurance if You Have These Health Conditions

Now the real question is when is Gerber life the best fit for you individually?

There are health conditions that are automatic declines for no waiting period coverage. These conditions appear in the health questions for all insurance providers that offer a final expense policy.

Below is going to be a table listing each health condition that disqualifies you from no waiting period final expense coverage which means your only option is a guaranteed acceptance burial insurance plan.

Health ConditionGuaranteed Issue Life Insurance Only
Kidney DialysisYes
Use of Oxygen Tanks (Does not Include Oxygen Concentrator or CPAP)Yes
Organ TransplantYes
Alzheimers & DementiaYes
Current Cancer or Cancer Within 12 MonthsYes
Nursing Home Confinement, Hospital, Mental Health Facility, HospiceYes
Terminal IllnessYes

Gerber Life Burial Insurance Pros & Cons


  • Guaranteed acceptance: Gerber Life burial insurance policies are guaranteed acceptance. You cannot be denied even if you have pre-existing health conditions.
  • Affordable Premiums: Geber Life burial insurance is very affordable compared to other guaranteed issue life insurance policies.
  • No medical exam: Gerber Life funeral coverage do not require any medical exams.
  • Fast Approval: Gerber Life final expense insurance policies are approved typically within a few days.
  • Peace of mind: Gerber Life burial policies provide peace of mind by covering your funeral and burial costs so your loved ones do not have to worry that burden.


  • Low coverage amounts: Gerber Life funeral policies have a lower coverage amount compared to other life insurance. A maximum amount of $25,000 in coverage may not be enough in some cases.
  • Two yea waiting period: Gerber Life final expense policy has a two year waiting period before the policy pays out. If death occurs during the first two years the beneficiary receives the premiums paid plus 10%.
  • Limited to age 80: Geber Life funeral insurance only offers coverage to ages 50-80. If you are over 85 you cannot get life insurance with Gerber.

Who is Gerber Life Insurance Company? Background

Gerber life insurance company was founded in 1967 with the current CEO being Keith O’ Reilly. The life insurance products they offer include children and family life insurance plans. They are currently owned by Western & Southern Financial Group Inc.

Other Products Include

  • College Savings Plan
  • Grow Up Plan

Headquarters & Contact Information

Gerber Life Insurance Company Financial Ratings & Reviews

We have compiled a list of all the financial ratings and customer reviews we could find on Gerber life. These ratings give valuable insight into the financial stability of Gerber life which means Gerber life’s policies are reliable.

Financial Ratings

Customer Reviews


Gerber life guaranteed coverage is the among the most affordable guaranteed issue life insurance policies on the market. The policy will help cover burial costs with the death benefit paid to your beneficiary sparing them from any financial burden.

There may be a two year waiting period but the quicker you start your policy the quicker the waiting period will be over. In addition to this if you die from accidental death the policy will pay the full death benefit to your beneficiary.

If you are too sick to qualify for no waiting period coverage this guaranteed life insurance plan is your best option to save the most money.