Burial Insurance New Jersey(Top Company Prices)

Yes, there is burial insurance in new jersey even better there are a lot of good burial insurance companies to choose from when it comes to covering the funeral cost. It is very crucial to have funeral insurance in New Jersey or any state you reside in considering how expensive an average funeral is.

Funeral costs are not cheap by any means and in this article, we will guide you to the right companies and the benefits they provide to cover those funeral costs.

Funeral Costs in NJ

The average funeral in New Jersey will cost $8,093 for a burial and $7,463 for cremation according to the NFDA general price list. Those are the average cost for funeral costs and may vary between funeral homes. You can obtain a price list from local funeral homes that will give you an accurate breakdown of the cost of a funeral.

According to the NJSFDA a direct cremation is $3,358 on the high end, $2,642 on the average cost end, and $2,108 on the low end for a direct cremation. This is still a significant amount of money to spend for average funeral costs.

To get the most accurate pricing we recommend visiting your local funeral home you plan to use and speaking with the funeral director and asking for a price list that outlines the funeral expenses. This is the best way to shop your funeral expenses and decide what is best for you and how much burial insurance you will need to cover the funeral. In addition to this you need to adjust for inflation so whatever pricing the funeral home gives you add an additional $3,000 to the average cost.

Now we know our family members want to be buried with dignity in most cases instead of a direct cremation you would want to do a full service for them with the funeral home. This is why instead of direct cremation you or your loved ones may want to do a memorial service. This usually costs extra from the funeral home but with burial insurance this will make that happen.

You can purchase policies up to $40,000 in coverage with the available final expense companies in New Jersey. This is why so many consumers search for burial insurance in new jersey because these policies pay the funeral director and funeral home so your family does not have to.

Burial Insurance Companies Available in New Jersey

The whole point of burial insurance is making sure the funeral is paid for so your family does not have to take out loans or pay out of pocket for the cost. The funeral directors get paid and the cost of service gets paid.

More importantly, picking the best final expense carrier is the key to your family’s peace of mind in New Jersey.

The following companies below are the most competitively priced and highly rated burial insurance carriers that we work with.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha final expense insurance one is the lowest burial insurance price you will find in the nation. That being said their underwriting can be strict however if you are on just a few high blood pressure medications or a type 2 diabetic with no complications this is a great option for you.

Prosperity Life Insurance

Prosperity Life final expense insurance is also competitively priced and very liberal on their underwriting. We get clients approved for their policies that have Congestive Heart Failure diagnosed over 2 years ago with no complications approved regularly.

Occidental Life Insurance

Occidental is basically American Amicable final expense insurance. This product offers competitive pricing for smokers compared to other carriers and will also approve people that have been diagnosed with COPD over 3 years ago with no complications.

Aetna Accendo

Aetna Accendo final expense insurance. This product will cover consumers with COPD with life insurance and no waiting period this is a very solid company if you have any lung issues.

Guarantee Trust Life

Guarantee Trust Life burial insurance has a partial waiting period but only has 5 health questions for you to answer. If you answer “no” to the health questions you will be approved.

American General (AIG)

AIG burial insurance is a burial insurance with no health questions type of policy. This means there is a 2-year waiting period to receive benefits. This is your last resort if you cannot pass the underwriting for the other carriers.

Burial Insurance Companies to Stay Away from in New Jersey

We have covered this in more detail on our worst burial insurance carriers list but these are the companies to stay away from that will have you over paying for your coverage or put you in an automatic waiting period.

New Jersey Burial Insurance Waiting Period vs Non-Waiting Period

Your health is going to determine if you qualify for burial insurance with no waiting period or one that has a waiting period. Now, these policies are designed to have liberal underwriting which means even if you have a few health conditions or medications you can still be approved for immediate coverage. If your health conditions are extremely severe you will only qualify for guaranteed issue coverage that has a waiting period.

The life insurance companies will ask you the health questions on their application and look at your prescription history to make sure you are healthy enough for immediate coverage. If you answer “no” to their health questions and your health history and prescriptions reflect that you will be approved. This means if you die after you make your first premium payment your loved ones will receive the death benefit and pay the costs.

If your health conditions are too extreme such as Dementia, HIV, Organ Transplant, or Diabetic Amputations. This means you will need a guaranteed acceptance policy like AIG, Gerber, or Great Western.

How to Qualify for Burial Insurance in New Jersey

The steps to qualify are simple first fill out the form to your right this will show pricing. Select which carrier you would like to apply for and fill out your information. Within 30 minutes one of our agents will call you and ask the health questions for the carrier you selected.

The agent you work with will submit the application to the carrier and you will receive instant approval right over the phone within 30 minutes.

Average Price of Burial Insurance in New Jersey

Pricing is based on age and health but on average burial insurance in New Jersey will be between $50 – $100. The amount of coverage will also play a factor in the pricing of coverage to protect your loved ones.

Burial Insurance in New Jersey Features & Benefits

Below is the benefits of burial insurance in New Jersey. If you are ever pitched a product that does not have these following benefits in New Jersey do not buy it.


  • Premiums Never Increase
  • Coverage Never Decreases
  • Whole Life Coverage for your Entire Life
  • No Medical Exam Required


In conclusion, having the right kind of final expense insurance is crucial to your family’s peace of mind. It protects them and helps you feel secure knowing that when you die they can pay for anything from direct cremation, regular cremation, the service itself, a traditional burial with a casket, or whatever the family wants. Family is everything and making sure a loved one is protected financially is what these policies promise to do.