Burial Insurance Rhode Island Best Plans & Rates

burial insurance rhode island

If you are looking in Rhode Island for burial insurance you are in the right place.

We assist hundreds of Rhode Island residents every day with finding the most affordable burial insurance to protect their family members from the financial burden of burial expenses.

Funeral services are not cheap that is why this insurance exists.

According to the cdc.gov

The leading cause of death in Rhode Island is Heart Disease followed by drug overdose, firearm injury, and homicide.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Rhode Islands burial insurance plans.

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Funeral Costs in Rhode Island

Funeral expenses are high and vary from state to state with the national average being between $8,000 – $12,000.

According to funeralocity.com

The high price for a funeral is $6,095 with the low price being $2,890. Now, this is just an average the prices are set by funeral homes and can always vary in pricing.

This is why final expense insurance is so crucial to making sure your family has the peace of mind they deserve. You cannot expect your savings account to be enough for the burial or cremation.

Planning How Much Coverage you need

As a funeral consumer, the first thing you can do to make sure you have the right amount of coverage is to get a pricing brochure from the local funeral home. The funeral directors should be able to walk you through the pricing.

Once you know the exact amount of money your funeral is going to cost apply for your policy. So if your expenses are going to total $13,000 we recommend you get a policy with a $13,000 face amount and add on an additional $2,000 for extra cushion.

When you get a death benefit of this amount in place it should be enough to cover the whole funeral. Make sure you take all of your expenses into account including any outstanding debts, medical bills, mortgage balances, etc.

Quick Tip: To see pricing on policies and speak with one of our agents fill out the form to your right with some basic personal information and we can get you covered in minutes.

Burial Insurance Underwriting

The best part about burial insurance in Rhode Island is that these are simplified issue plans.

What this means is that there is no medical exam or physical tests. You will not need to talk with a medical professional and have to run laps around your home or provide blood samples.

The only thing you need to do is answer some basic health questions on the carrier application. After this, the carrier will perform a Medical Information Bureau Health report and prescription check.

It will show the carrier that you are eligible for their products and services. If everything checks out you are approved in minutes right over the phone.

MIB Report

The Medical Information Bureau Report is a database where all of your medical information goes. The carrier looks at this using your Social Security Number and if nothing alarming comes up you are considered a low-risk applicant and get approved.

Prescription Check

Along with your MIB the carrier will check your prescriptions to make sure none of them match with any serious health conditions. They also understand some prescriptions have different purposes of why they are used.

If this is the case they will ask you about them during the application process. As long as you are answering truthfully you should still be approved.

It is important to note that you do not need to pass any kind of underwriting for things like accidental death riders. Accidental coverage is always instant approval, however, it only pays due to an accident.

Burial Insurance Rhode Island Example Health Questions

Below we will provide some example health questions you will see on carrier applications.

Are you currently:

  • Hospitalized?
  • In a nursing home?
  • wheelchair for terminal illness?
  • Being treated for cancer?
  • On Dialysis?
  • AIDS or HIV?
  • Diabetic amputation?

If you answer yes to any of these you can still get covered under a guaranteed issue policy but day one coverage will not be an option for you.

In the past 2 years have you:

  • Had Angina
  • Stroke
  • TIA(mini-stroke)
  • Had a Heart Attack

If you answer no to all of these then your chances of day one coverage are extremely high. These carriers are looking for people who keep their conditions under control so even if you have Angina for example as long as it’s been a few years since any incident you will be fine getting approved.

This is what our agents will go over with you and walk you through the whole process.

How to get the best Life Insurance Company Burial Insurance Rhode Island?

Getting the best policy is simple.

Work with us, we represent all of the top major carriers nationwide and pride ourselves on the training that allows us to help you get day one coverage in most cases.

We will hold your hand through the entire process and the agent you work with will become your personal agent for life. We work for you, not the insurance companies.

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