2024 Burial Insurance for COPD Patients: Full Guide

Yes you can get affordable burial insurance with COPD there are 3 life insurance companies to buy burial policies for seniors that have a condition like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD also emphysema and chronic bronchitis. COPD is one of the leading causes of death in the USA according to cdc.gov meaning a lot of life insurance companies do not accept this kind of high risk.

You may have worked with a previous life insurance agent and taken a medical exam hoping your life insurance rates would be approved and your family would have the peace of mind they deserve only to be told you have been declined due to this lung disease.

Many insurance carriers for final expense life insurance cannot issue coverage with no waiting period for this kind of disease BUT we here at ParamountQuote both know and work with the ones that do! In short, all hope is not lost!

Can you get Life Insurance with COPD?

Yes, you can get life insurance with COPD, these burial policies being simplified issue all the carrier would want to know is if you have ever been diagnosed with the condition. The severity is irrelevant considering the simplified underwriting. We specialize in burial insurance for COPD.

So whether it’s mild COPD or severe you would not be asked about those kinds of details.

In fact, you can see free life insurance quotes with COPD when you fill out our quote form to your right. Now if you have moderate COPD make sure and communicate this to the agent that works with you.

Now they do look at the COPD medications and ask other health questions. Examining medical conditions is a normal part of qualifying for coverage.

It is just a series of yes or no answers, we specialize in getting our clients qualified so their families can receive the death benefit when their time comes.

The burial insurance companies will not ask about a pulmonary function test or draw any blood. they simply look at your Medical Information Bureau health report for health conditions and run a prescription check. Burial insurance does not require a medical exam to qualify.

They will look at all the most well known COPD and respiratory condition medications such as:

  1. Daliresp
  2. Atrovent HFA
  3. Spiriva
  4. combivent
  5. Brovana
  6. Budesonide
  7. Fluticasone
  8. Prednisone
  9. Advair
  10. Albuterol
  11. Proventil
  12. Serevent
  13. Symbicort

Your health profile in conjunction with the medications in this list will determine what rate class you qualify for and what benefit you will get.

Best Burial Insurance Companies for COPD

All three of the companies above will offer burial insurance with no waiting period to consumers with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, Tuberculosis, and Black Lung Disease if your conditions have been controlled for over 2 – 3 years without complications. Below are images of the application questions.

American Amicable will not put you in a waiting period as long as the COPD was diagnosed over 3 years ago with no Albuterol or Proair inhalers.
Royal Neighbors of America will not give you a waiting period as long as your COPD was diagnosed over 2 years ago and all you have is inhalers or an oxygen concentrator. They will not accept you if you are on oxygen tanks.
Aetna will accept you with COPD even if you are on inhalers and medication. Their Standard Plan is coverage with no waiting period but it is a higher premium for Standard instead of Preferred.

Buy Burial Insurance for COPD

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Different Policy Death Benefit Payouts

As we mentioned earlier depending on the severity of the COPD and medications will determine your rate class and what benefits a carrier can issue.

  1. Would be an Immediate death benefit also known as day one coverage.
  2. Would be a Graded benefit also known as a gradual payout of benefits.
  3. Would be a Guaranteed issue which typically is limited coverage with a waiting period.

The best part is no one can be denied with all of these options available! Even better with our highly trained underwriters, we can help most clients get Immediate death benefit life insurance for COPD sufferers!

Now there are conditions that will not be approved for immediate death benefits like having COPD with oxygen tanks. This is a simple truth, if you have COPD and are on oxygen tanks you can ONLY be approved for guaranteed issue benefits.

Guaranteed issue policies are great for clients with this kind of health profile. Typically if you pass away within 2 years your family would receive the premiums paid plus 10% after 2 years the full benefit will be paid.

With this policy, you will not lose money and your family would get 10% interest!

Leading Causes of COPD

Tobacco use or secondhand smoke accounts for 80-90% of COPD diagnoses. Other causes include occupation work such as handling chemicals and pollution.

COPD is a gradual disease that becomes more severe over time.

Quick Q/A

Is COPD classed as a terminal illness?


What is the life expectancy of someone with COPD?

Typically more than 5 years

Can I live 20 years with COPD?

Yes if it is mild and well managed

Are COPD Quotes more expensive?

If you qualify for level coverage then no, but if you have a more severe case of COPD it can affect rates.

Life Insurance for Seniors with COPD

This type of life insurance is heavily marketed to seniors due to the fact that they are typically on a fixed income like Social Security and cannot afford to pay a full funeral cost of $12,000 or more or a cremation of $5,000.

Being a senior also means you’re are getting closer to your time to leave this earth, with that comes the anxiety of worrying about your family’s financial status when you pass away. Your vision for them is to grieve you and move on without any funeral debts to take care of and leave a lasting memory and a final way to show them how much you really cared.

No family should be left with this financial burden to bear so getting coverage in place is paramount to your situation. The thought of a family arguing and developing grudges over who will pay the different parts of the total cost is unsettling, to say the least.

If you have a COPD diagnosis speak with us we have helped many clients with all types of different health issues get coverage. If your symptoms are very mild such as shortness of breath and just an inhaler to keep it in check you may qualify for very affordable life insurance!

With our advanced training, we know exactly what carrier will offer you coverage with this condition.

This is the huge benefit of working with our independent agents through our agency. We represent the top A-rated carriers that can and will help you with your conditions.

We are not restricted by state lines and are not captive to any one insurance company it’s all about what’s best for you and your situation period!

Life Insurance for Smokers with COPD

Still smoking and having COPD puts you in a higher risk category that carriers may decline. Smoking can also increase your premium considerably if you are accepted.

It is within your best interest and health to quit smoking to secure better rates.

Best life insurance for COPD

When it comes to COPD and life insurance our top carrier recommendation is Royal Neighbors of America. They are the perfect fit if you have been diagnosed with COPD over 2 years ago and have quit smoking.

They will not ask you to do a medical exam and your life insurance rates will not be higher if you have a mild form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD). We help 90% of our clients get this coverage when they have this condition.

Our life insurance agents are trained to help people with cases of COPD get day one level coverage with Royal Neighbors of America and several of our other carriers. As long as it is just mild COPD with no oxygen use there’s a very strong chance of getting approved for day one level coverage.

Furthermore, this is why working with our independent agents is so crucial for your success to find affordable coverage.

Because in spite of your medical conditions our agents or also known as field insurance underwriter’s are trained on what carriers will consider your lung disease as high risk or not.

Final Expense Insurance with COPD Policy Riders

Depending on what carrier is available in your state for burial insurance with COPD will have different policy riders you can add on to your coverage.

These riders can typically include:

  • Nursing Home Waiver of Premium Rider
  • Critical Illness Rider
  • Accidental Death Rider
  • Grandchild Rider
  • Children Rider

Different carriers offer different riders such as the ones listed above. Riders are additional benefits you can attach to your policy. Depending on the company our agents match you with they will go over the extra riders you can add on.
You can view burial quotes with COPD by filling out the form to your right.

When you see the pricing one of our agents will give you a call to help you enroll in a COPD burial insurance policy. They will typically ask if you have been diagnosed with COPD in the past 24 months.

The reason our agents ask this for people with COPD is because we have carriers that accept these pre existing conditions for immediate benefits. So instead of getting a guaranteed acceptance policy that will you in a 2 year waiting period our agents can help you get coverage that with no waiting period.

This means if you die the day after you pay your first premium your family will recieve the check from the carrier the following day.

We help 90% of our clients get approved for day one coverage so they do not have to wait 12 months or 24 months for funeral insurance with COPD to pay out.