Ethos Life Insurance Review for 2024

This is going to be our Ethos life insurance reviews for their burial insurance or also known as final expense life insurance. There are a lot of life insurance companies that mislead seniors and Ethos life insurance is no exception.

Their burial insurance plan has an automatic 2-year waiting period and the marketing on their website will mislead you.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones from your burial expenses it is important to do your due diligence and make a properly informed decision to ensure they are protected.

This is why here at ParamountQuote we will provide you with a full breakdown of everything you need to know about Ethos life insurance reviews.

Burial insurance should not be a stressful process to get the right policy so lets clear things up.

Does Ethos offer Life Insurance for Seniors

Yes, they offer term and whole life insurance products. Whole life is the product for seniors which is also known as burial insurance. We never recommend under any circumstances that seniors get term life insurance for their burial expenses.

The reason for this is because the term terminates, plain and simple. It will not always be there when your family needs it most and the premiums are subject to increase and coverage typically ends at age 80. If you outlive the term coverage you and your family are out of options and will not receive compensation.

Ethos Life Insurance Carriers

  • Legal General America
  • Ameritas Life Insurance Corp
  • AAA Life Insurance Company
  • Trustage Financial Group
  • CMFG Life Insurance Company
  • Members Life Insurance Company
  • Seniors Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual of Omaha

All these companies do have good financial strength ratings however this does not mean they are priced at the best rates or provide the best coverage. It just simply means they have the finances to pay claims.

We would hope they can at least do that much…

Term Policy

  • Term policies can range from 10 – 30 years term lengths
  • Coverage Amounts of $20,000 – $2 million
  • Only available to ages 20 – 65

They may also include benefits like accelerated death benefits and things of that nature but these types of policies are aimed at younger consumers for mortgage protection.

Whole Life Policy

Their whole life policy is terrible. It is underwritten by AAA Life insurance Company and claims there are no medical exams and that you do not have to answer a few health questions. In other words, there are no health questions.

This is called Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance. This should be an absolute last resort for any seniors looking to apply online for burial insurance. It puts you into an automatic 2 year waiting period for benefits.

Now if you die within those 2 years your family will only receive the premiums you paid plus 13% which is good if this is the only kind of plan you qualify for. Here’s a real kicker, if you die from an accident the policy will pay in full however it has to be 30 days after the online application process and approval.

So if you die from an accident within 30 days your family will get nothing.

Aside from being more expensive and not providing you with day one coverage their burial policy works the same as any other whole life final expense policy.

Ethos Life Insurance Ratings

There are several Ethos life insurance reviews we found. Among these are Trustpilot, The Better Business Bureau(BBB) and their Google ratings.

Ethos Life Insurance Review Burial Insurance Plan Features

  • Premiums never go up.
  • coverage never goes down
  • Coverage Never Expires
  • Available to ages 66 – 85 years old
  • Available in all States with New York as an exception

In addition to this their website’s wording is highly misleading.

The website makes it sound like you have instant coverage when you will have a 2-year waiting period. This is the kind of misleading advertising we warn about on a regular basis. We have talked extensively about this in our reviews on Colonial Penn $9.95 Plan.

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The main point is you should not have to settle for a 2-year waiting period. It should always be a last resort if your health conditions are too moderate for day one level coverage.

Answering health questions is a good thing even a life insurance carriers customer service would tell you the same this gets you a better price and immediate benefits.

Is Ethos Life Insurance Legit

Yes, they are a legitimate agency to get life insurance from however they do not offer enough options to guarantee a consumer the best coverage and rates available.

You need to work with a national independent agency like us with over 20 of the top-rated life insurance carriers nationwide for the best deal period. You will not find this with companies like this in our Ethos life insurance reviews.

That’s why we do what we do. To help you conduct your research and read the fine print to guarantee you are getting the best coverage available to protect your family when you die.

We want you to be aware of the misleading advertising going on out there as well as how companies can make something sound so great like “no health questions!” when in reality this is the exact opposite.

Is Ethos Life Insurance Good

According to our Ethos life insurance reviews concerning their burial insurance. No definitely not, you will be able to find a better product and much more affordable by working with us.

Guaranteed issue policies are always more expensive because they do not underwrite the application, acceptance is guaranteed. Now, this type of policy has its place but is it the best for you?

Should you have to pay more if you are healthy? The answer is no absolutely not!

How much Does Ethos Cost?

We tried to gather information concerning the cost of their burial insurance.

This resulted in us using their quoting tool and all it does is give price ranges with no actual amount of coverage which is frustrating. You can see what you will be paying but no amount of coverage?

How is someone supposed to plan accordingly for how much coverage they need? Their quoter takes you all the way to where you need to provide your Social Security Number to apparently just receive quotes.

Why would someone need to provide SSN just to see quotes? It is ridiculous.

Ethos Company Background

Ethos claims to use technology to make getting life insurance fast and easy.

  • Corporate HQ: 75 Hawthorne St, Suite 2000 San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Customer Service Number: (415) 322-2037
  • Website: