Free Burial Insurance For Seniors(LIE)

There is no such thing as free burial insurance for seniors period. If you have heard this before you are being told lies and false advertising the only free money you will ever see if you are a senior on a fixed income would be $255 from Social Security. Now when burials range between $5,000 – $15,000 in most cases this is like throwing a pin at a brick wall.

The only solution to covering burial expenses is by getting burial insurance which is also known as final expense insurance. So now that we have established that there is no free burial insurance let’s discuss your actual affordable options.

Free Burial Insurance for Seniors No Such Thing

As we have established there is no such thing as free when it comes to this type of permanent life insurance however these policies are designed for seniors on a fixed income so they are very affordable. You just need to work with the right agency of brokers to find you the best burial insurance for your budget and needs.

Final expense insurance is the best solution to making sure your family is not stuck with a massive funeral bill. This type of life insurance will provide your family with peace of mind knowing they will not have to come up with $10,000 2-3 days after you die. Funeral homes want their money quickly to proceed with a burial and if the family cannot come up with it it can become a massive burden.

It is more than worth it to spend the money monthly on your premiums to make sure they have this peace of mind knowing you have burial insurance to protect them.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is final expense insurance which is a small life insurance policy with a death benefit between $2,000 – $35,000. It is also whole life insurance which means it will never expire as term life insurance would. This means as long as your burial insurance premium is paid every month until you die your family will receive the benefits and pay the funeral home quickly for the burial or cremation.

In addition to this, final expense insurance is designed for seniors on a fixed income which means it is affordable. This is why so many consumers purchase burial insurance for the value of knowing their family will be taken care of when they die. All life insurance including burial insurance is meant to make sure you do not leave behind debts that fall on your family.

This is why this type of life insurance policy is so important for seniors on a fixed income to have. The premiums are affordable and the underwriting is simple and easy to qualify for.

Free Life Insurance for Seniors False Advertising Think Again

There are so many companies out there that make life insurance for final expenses sound way too affordable or downright free like Colonial Penns 995 Plan. Even worse they have gimmicks like Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage. These are tactics that make you think it is either free or so inexpensive it’s like buying a cup of coffee once a month. Neither is true life insurance will always cost money but it will not break the banks especially if you get it at the right age.

All whole life insurance premiums lock in place the moment you start your policy so this means the younger you get your coverage in place the less you will ultimately pay.

You can see some examples we have covered for the following ages:

Final Expense Insurance Always Costs Money but Can be Affordable

Whole life insurance for funeral expenses has a premium monthly payment just like any other life insurance on the market. Now depending on the insurance company, you can qualify for the rates can be very competitive typically with a 10 – 20% difference in the premiums because some burial insurance companies are more strict on underwriting than others which means the healthier you are the more affordable it gets.

In addition to this, any funeral insurance company will not require a medical exam which means all they will do is look at your health history and prescriptions to make sure your health lines up with how you answer their health questions. This means qualifying for final expense life insurance is simple and can be done in minutes.

Funeral insurance typically ranges between $50-$100 depending on your health and age. Whole life insurance is designed for any final expenses including medical bills that were left behind when you die. Whole life insurance depending on the policy amount you select should pay all of these debts within 24-48 hours of the company receiving a death certificate.

Whole life insurance final expense policies have a very fast payout for the benefits to your family members. Funeral arrangements are taken care of quickly when the whole life insurance policy pays a claim.

Affordable Life Insurance Companies

Now we are going to recommend the top companies that offer a burial insurance policy with affordable premiums. Now Mutual of Omaha burial insurance is in most cases the most affordable burial insurance policy you can get but the underwriting is more strict at the same time which is why their rates are the lowest in most cases. If you cannot pass their underwriting it could easily put you into an unnecessary waiting period.

That being said we are brokers here at this agency which means we work with over 15 different insurance companies for final expense. So we can easily find 90% of our client’s life insurance with no waiting period. This is also why these companies offer the most affordable rates on the market. In short we are a 1 stop shop for all of your insurance needs to make sure you get the very best insurance companies for your money.

Our top insurance companies are:


There is no such thing as “free” when it comes to this type of coverage but it can be very affordable and very simple when working with the right insurance companies which is exactly what our agency offers. We are experts when it comes to this type of coverage, we only work with the best insurance companies on the market to make sure your loved ones have a brand they can trust.