Life Insurance Age 61(Final Expense)

Yes, you can get life insurance at age 61 now the best life insurance at your current age should be a permanent life insurance plan that will last your entire life. At your current age, we would not recommend term life insurance because it is a temporary insurance which means the term life insurance will expire at some point and if you outlive the life insurance coverage your family could be at risk for end of life expenses.

Life insurance policies are meant to provide peace of mind to your family if you pass away suddenly to protect them from having to take out a loan to pay for your funeral or leftover medical debts or debts pertaining to your assets. This is why in most cases permanent life insurance is referred to as funeral insurance or burial insurance.

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Life Insurance at Age 61 Whole Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance

This is the best type of life insurance for age 61 we recommend because permanent life insurance will last your entire life until you die. That means no matter how old you get your life insurance policy will never expire and will always be there for your family when they need it the most. In addition to this whole life insurance builds cash value that you can use while you are alive incase you need it for emergencies.

Term life insurance does not offer any of these benefits because it is temporary insurance designed to protect your temporary asset loans in case you die an early death. Permanent life insurance is your best option when you become a senior because you never have to worry about your life insurance policy expiring or increasing in price over time.

These types of life insurance policies ensure that your family has peace of mind knowing that when you die they will have the money from the life insurance policy to pay for any funeral costs or leftover debts you leave behind. Keep in mind that life insurance companies offer final expense insurance between $1,000 – $40,000 for their final expense life insurance coverage.

Can a 61 Year Old Get Life Insurance?

Yes a 61 year old can get life insurance typically the 61 year old can get term life insurance and permanent life insurance which is whole life. Now that being said life insurance companies will make you take a medical exam for term life insurance at this age because they recognize there are risk factors with seniors. Your health may not be very good at this age considering we all develop health issues as we get older.

If that is the case for you you will want to stick with life insurance companies that offer whole life instead. Term life insurance is really meant for people in lower age brackets with optimal health issues. Again though the coverage is always temporary and will expire even when younger individuals get older.

Case in point do not bother with term life insurance if you are age 61 period. You are better off with a life insurance policy that is whole life. Term life insurance is not a good fit for seniors that are getting closer to death. The most important thing is making sure your family gets that death benefit from the life insurance policy so they can pay the funeral costs.

No Medical Exam Final Expense Insurance

Now unlike term life insurance, there is no medical exam when you apply for life insurance policies for final expenses from a life insurance company. This is because with a lower death benefit amount on the life insurance policy the company will do simplified underwriting which means they will not order a medical exam and instead look at your medical and prescription history.

If everything checks out according to your answers on your application you will be approved for the life insurance immediately. This is why the best life insurance companies offer both term life insurance and life insurance policies for final expenses. The best life insurance companies should have an option for everyone when it comes to term life insurance or senior life insurance to cover final expenses.

Life Insurance Policy for 61 Year Old Permanent Life Insurance

Now keep in mind that senior life insurance with no medical exam is not the same as universal life insurance which is another form of permanent coverage. Universal life products also require a medical exam because it is usually a much higher amount of coverage which is why their underwriting is more strict.

That means for higher amounts of coverage they will make you take a medical exam. Now those types of policies will build cash value with a guaranteed death benefit however your chances if you have health conditions are slim for getting approved for the coverage.

This is why if you want your family to receive the death benefit, the best life insurance for you is senior life insurance or burial insurance. This is the best life insurance to make sure your family gets the death benefit in a timely manner to cover funeral expenses. The coverage is designed for seniors in poor health to get approved for their death benefits quickly to protect their families.

Whole Life Insurance Final Expense Quotes for Age 61

Below you will see life insurance quotes and different company life insurance options for seniors age 61. We have taken these quotes directly from our life insurance quoting tools to provide the most accurate life insurance rates available for seniors age 61. These policies provide a permanent death benefit and build cash value over the life of the policy.

In addition to this you can also run life insurance rates for your particular age by using our quoting tool to the right of this page. The tool will give you accurate life insurance rates with several of our top life insurance carriers for permanent death benefit coverage.

When it comes to the best life insurance options here are the top carriers we recommend for a solid life insurance death benefit amount. Keep in mind that different companies offer different amounts of life insurance for seniors. Each of these companies work the same on their underwriting you simply answer a few health questions and they look at your medical and prescription history backgrounds.

They are all A – rated carriers providing financial protection for consumers buying life insurance. You will recognize these top providers of life insurance for a senior life insurance policy.

The burial insurance companies are as follows:

You can buy life insurance for seniors with each of those companies. The death benefits can be used on medical bills and other financial obligations left behind for your family with no medical exam required to be approved just health questions. Their final expense coverage will take care of any end of life expenses for your family to provide financial protection.

Each company has the best financial strength ratings which is why we work with these carriers in our portfolio.


A permanent life insurance policy that has cash value growth is far superior to term life insurance options when it comes to seniors. This is why if you are a senior age 61 looking for life insurance you need coverage that will las your entire life so your family will have it when you die. We work with the best companies that offer the lowest life insurance costs and premiums. Contact us to purchase your life insurance coverage.