Spring Hill Funeral Home Nashville TN Excellent

Spring Hill Funeral Home located in Nashville TN is an excellent place to consider your loved ones current or future funeral. This is our review of the Spring Hill Funeral Home and its services. Learn about the owners, history and services this amazing funeral home can provide to honor your family members.

Spring Hill Funeral Home Owners

According to the spring hill website the general manager, licensed funeral director and embalmer is Tara Jones Blessing. She joined their staff 11 years ago and was also the president of Madison Rivergate Chamber of Commerce back in 2013. Now she is currently on the board of directors for Kings Daughters Child Development center which provides child care and education programs for children.

Tara Jones is also a member of the Tennessee Funeral Directors Association

Spring Hill Funeral Home History & Background

Now according to cemetery.com the funeral home has been serving Nashville since 1785 around the time of the first settlers. They moved in from the Cumberland settlement, they were 6 miles east of Nashville in Haysboro. Spring Hill Funeral Home originally started as Spring Hill Cemetery in 1888 where a few men sold marketed and sold lots for a final resting place.

They developed rules for looking after and maintaining the lots, their monuments and internment procedures. By 1925 Nashville had become what is known as “music city” and grew into a heavily populated area with new technology such as cars, skyscrapers, parks and entrainment centers.

The Grand Ole Opry was started which was the home of country music. Members of that same opry do have their memorial in the Spring Hill cemetery such as Roy Acuff, Pete Drake and Floyd Cramer to name a few. In 1934 Mary Stratton(daughter of J Taylor Stratton a stockholder of Spring Hill) became cemetery president.

She made significant improvements to the property at that time such as new roads and plantings. Dr. James Hayes(husband of Mary Stratton) managed spring hill cemetery after his wife died. In 1991 he turned the operation to his son Rev. Jim Hayes who continued with the funeral home.

Dr. Hayes died in 1996 and Rev. Hayes died in 1994 leaving Rev. Hayes wife Marylyn Hayes and her daughters to operate Spring Hill and serve the community. By 1998 they constructed a funeral home and are now one of the largest providers of funeral a cemetery in Nashville TN.

In 2019 they won an award for their excellence and they were voted top 3 funeral homes in Nashville. Clearly Spring Hill Funeral Home is an excellent choice to host a funeral.

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Spring Hill Funeral Home Services & Helpful Information

Spring Hill Funeral Home offers services such as a Sympathy Store for purchasing flowers. They have really nice detailed filters for things like picking flowers for an immediate family member, relative or a friend. In addition to this they provide healing memorial services such as having a burial or cremation that was at a special location important to your loved one.

A big highlight is their grief counseling services which are available to access 24/7. There is so much value in this as we have not seen many funeral homes offer services like this in the past. 

Grief Counseling Services Include:

  • Videos
  • Online Counseling
  • Daily Emails

These types of services being offered truly make Spring Hill shine in the fact that you can access these services anytime of the day. This type of experience goes beyond just having a funeral for your loved ones death and moving on with life. It truly shows how much Spring Hill Funeral Home cares about customers.

In addition to this they offer a wealth of several helpful comprehensive guides on their website when you visit. They have guides on writing an obituary, eulogy, choosing speakers at a funeral and much more. It really does look like they have covered all bases to provide a unique and comprehensive service for customers.

We have a saying when helping seniors over 80 get life insurance in this office. Our mantra is “we are here to hold your hand every step of the way”. Now we can say confidently Spring Hill understands this 100% when serving this and the previous generation. They also encourage planning ahead which is very important as well especially when coming from us here in our office.

Funerals are expensive and planning ahead is extremely necessary when it comes to avoiding a financial burden. Funerals cost money and to honor your loved one you should consider getting final expense insurance. Burial insurance is the best way for your or your loved one to leave behind money to pay for the funeral expenses.

Customer Reviews

They have an abundance of positive customer reviews for their services(188 at the time of this article) documenting how kind the staff were and helpful. Currently they have a 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google for Spring Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery.

Beautiful Customer Testimonial

They have a fantastic customer testimonial of hosting a service for the woman’s deceased husband. He apparently loved the outdoors so the service they had to honor his legacy had all camping a fishing gear set up for it.

Now that is a funeral we don’t think we would ever forget.

Final Expense Insurance & Paying for Funeral Services

Now if you are preplanning for yourself or a loved one on a funeral service you must consider getting life insurance for burial expenses. Funeral insurance is designed specifically to pay for end of life expenses such as the services this funeral home offers. When you or a loved one dies someone is going to have to pay the funeral bill which according to the NFDA can be $7,848 or higher. This means you would need roughly between $9,000 – $10,000 in final expense whole life coverage to pay for that burial.

Considering inflation funerals are going to become even more expensive over time. This means having affordable life insurance in place is necessary to help you honor your loved ones when that time comes. If you are a senior then you need senior life insurance in place now because as you get older the more expensive life insurance gets.

Seniors over 60 and over 70 need these policies in place because it guarantees a death benefit to your beneficiary so they can pay the costs. Paying the preacher, cremation, embalming, vaults and everything else can be covered with life insurance.


Spring Hill Funeral Home is a fantastic and innovative place to pay tribute to your loved one in a way that truly honors their legacy. They offer a wealth of services online that truly make them shine above others in addition to their friendly staff & service in person. We recommend them not only because they are so comprehensive but simply because they prove that they truly care about their customers.