Burial & Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80

Above everything else, seniors think once they are 80 years old that they cannot purchase life insurance the truth is you can get burial insurance for seniors over 80.

This is by no means is the case at all. Our best carriers such as Royal Neighbors of America, AETNA, and much more will provide burial insurance for seniors over 80.

We have covered in detail Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70.

These carriers also offer a quick death benefit payout in a very short period of time so your family is protected from the funeral costs. Leaving a family with debt from funeral expenses is a burden no one should EVER bear.

We help seniors over 80 every day get approved even with the following health conditions Dementia, HIV, Cancer, COPD, and HL.

Our carriers can even insurance seniors at age 85! This is something a lot of other life insurance plans don’t do.

If you are age 60 you can read our article on Life insurance at age 60.

Typically at age 80, term life insurance is not a good option considering possible health conditions and medications this is why simplified issue whole life is the best option for burial insurance for seniors over 80. It is permanent life insurance that will always be there for your family.

An insurance policy for seniors is so crucial as they are getting closer to their death. This sends a ripple effect to their next of kin. Now a funeral director asks a family for in most cases $12,000 or more!

Making sure a person has adequate life insurance coverage is a necessity, not an option. This is why our clients all around the world have such peace of mind knowing they have an A+ rated life insurance company standing behind them.

With a simplified application process for a whole life policy not to be mistaken with universal life insurance. Instant approval can be done in 30 minutes!

So of the points to be taken into account in this guide are the different coverage levels:

Level Life insurance Coverage: Funeral insurance no waiting period for clients in good health even with preexisting health issues

Graded Life insurance Benefits: Typically limited coverage for the first 2 years for clients with some more extreme conditions

Guaranteed Issue life insurance: For clients with above-average poor health also limited coverage for 2 years but acceptance is guaranteed!

All these different policies offer the coverage amounts needed to take care of any funeral costs.

Burial Insurance for Seniors over 80 Costs Ages 80 – 89

The table below will show burial insurance quotes for seniors over 80 pulled directly from our quoter to give you an idea of how much depending on your age you could expect to pay for burial insurance for seniors over 80.

Final expense life insurance for seniors over 80 is affordable and there are many life insurance companies that can accept you even if you have pre-existing conditions.

Funeral insurance for seniors over 80 is meant to pay for your funeral expenses so your family does not have to pay a huge funeral bill.

The monthly premium for final expense life insurance for seniors over 80 is small compared to the large bill your family could be responsible for if you do not have sufficient funeral insurance in place.

Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Male Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Smoker Sample Quotes

Can an 80 year old get Life Insurance?

Yes, an 80 year old can get life insurance. The only option available to a senior over 80 is simplified issue whole life insurance. Simplified issue whole life insurance is known as final expense, burial and funeral insurance.

The application process is simple just a few health questions and a voice signature and you or your loved one will have coverage in minutes!

It is that simple to get a life insurance policy for 80 year old this also goes for life insurance for 81 year old’s.

We assist seniors and their children every day with getting life insurance for 82 year old or life insurance for 83 year old. We can help any senior up to age 85.

Buying Burial Insurance for a Family Member over 80

If you are looking for a loved one who is 80 you can take out burial insurance for parents over 80. All you have to do to buy life insurance for them is speaking with our agents have them present with you and answer any pre existing health impairment questions.

This means that yes you can get life insurance for someone over 80 as long as you have their consent and insurable interest.

You can read more about this in our article for burial insurance for parents.

As we mentioned earlier a lot of companies do not offer coverage to seniors over 80, they look at them as high-risk individuals but our companies specialize in providing burial insurance for seniors over 80 years old.

Not only that but our carriers are A-rated or better meaning they have been in business a long time and will stay that way!

You can also get burial insurance for seniors over 85. This can be done for parents or grandparents. Depending on the company you can get different riders for your parents or grandparents as well.

We help families nationwide get the best burial insurance for seniors over 80. Life insurance over 80 is simple it is not complicated at all. All of our clients are exclusively from the senior market this is why our carriers offer life insurance over 80 with no medical exams.

Families work with us to find the best life insurance for elderly parents over 80 on a daily basis. So whether you are an individual or child looking for over 80s life insurance for yourself or your family we can help you in minutes.


  • Accidental Death
  • Grandchild Rider
  • Accelerated Living Benefits Rider

Those riders add additional benefits for funeral insurance over 80.

Benefits of Final Expense Life Insurance over 80

The table below will list and explain the benefits of burial life insurance over 80. We understand the importance of wanting to know the type of benefits funeral insurance can provide.

Level PremiumsBurial insurance Premiums never increase for the life of the policy
Level Death BenefitBurial Insurance Death benefit never decreases for the life of the policy
Coverage Never ExpiresPolicy never expires as long as premiums are paid
Cash ValuePremiums paid into the policy build an additional savings to the policy’s face amount that can be borrowed against
Tax-Free Death BenefitThe Death Benefit to your beneficiary is 100% tax free
Peace of MindBurial, funeral and cremation expenses are all covered which gives you peace of mind
No Medical ExamsNo medical exams required to qualify. You only answer health questions.
Financial SecurityBurial Insurance provides the money to pay your funeral costs so your family does not have the financial burden placed on them to pay burial expenses.
Easy UnderwritingBurial Insurance is easy to qualify for. Even seniors with moderate health conditions can get a low premium.
Instant DecisionBurial Insurance uses instant decision during the application process. This means when you apply you will receive a decision of approval or denial right after the application is submitted.

Eligibility Requirements for Burial Insurance

We have included a table below listing the requirement criteria to be eligible for burial insurance. This simplified table will easily help you understand everything required for final expense insurance.

Eligibility RequirementDescription
Age & Date of BirthYour current age determines your eligibility with different policies. If you are older than age 85 for example a majority of life insurance companies will not offer you burial insurance.
Height & WeightYou current heigh and weight affect your eligibility with some life insurance companies because high risk health conditions are directly linked to obesity.
Resident StateYour resident state determines which plans are available to you. Some life insurance companies may not have their policies available in your state.
Current & Past Health HistoryYour health determines your eligibility for burial insurance. If you hav extreme current or a past history of health conditions such as cancer you are considered high risk and many life insurance companies may not accept you.
US CitizenshipYou must be a US citizen or permanent resident to buy burial insurance in the United States. If you are a citizen of a different country you are not eligible.
Current MedicationsYour current medications indicate to the life insurance company how your health is. This is how they can categorize you as a high risk applicant or not.
Criminal HistoryA criminal history indicates if you are a high risk. If you have an extensive criminal record life insurance companies will not accept you.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors over 80

We have listed the 10 best burial insurance companies for seniors over 80. Each one of these companies has competitive rates and liberal underwriting as you go down the list. The last 3 companies on this list do have waiting periods and are for seniors over 80 with serious health conditions.

Burial Insurance Age’s 81 – 85

We have also covered each individual age regarding burial insurance for seniors in their 80’s and upward. You can learn more about specific age below.

Does Life Insurance end at age 80?

It depends on the type of life insurance you are looking at. If you have a term life insurance policy and have had it over 30 years and you or a loved one are approaching 80 then yes it will expire.

If you have a whole life insurance policy then no it will not expire it will be with you or your loved one your entire life. This is why burial insurance for seniors over 80 is whole life insurance designed to cover funeral or cremation costs and end-of-life expenses by providing a death benefit.

These insurance plans are permanent life insurance. They are the perfect insurance policy for seniors

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Now true funeral insurance over 80 years of age will never expire. It is a permanent coverage this is why any senior looking for burial insurance must have whole life insurance this is the only final expense insurance for seniors over 80 anyone should have.

Term insurance is not burial insurance period.

This is why it is important to work with us because we specialize in life insurance for the elderly over 80 years of age. When you fill out our quote form to the right you will see burial life insurance quotes for 80+ in it for top-rated carriers in your state.

It will also put you in touch with one of our agents and they will be able to assist you personally.

Term Life Insurance for Seniors over 80

Now when it comes to term life insurance for seniors over 80 you can only get a 10 year term length policy. In addition to this there are only about 2 different life insurance companies to choose from for term life at age 80 or above(Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica).

If you already have term life insurance in place nothing happens when you turn 80 to your term life policy unless the term length expires. If the term length expires when you reach age 80 then the coverage is no longer active.

This is why whole life insurance is the better option for seniors over 80 because it is permanent coverage that will last until you die. That guarantees your family will receive the death benefit and be able to pay your funeral and other final expenses. It is important to note that once you turn age 81 you can no longer buy term life insurance. There are no life insurance companies that will offer term life insurance to seniors above age 80.

Medical Exam & APS Records

In addition to the small term length you can get for term life over 80 there is also a medical exam and attending physician statements required during underwriting. That means if you apply for this type of coverage you will have to do a physical blood & urine test to see if you qualify.

Keep in mind that if the life insurance company finds anything in these tests that indicate health issues they will either deny or rate you higher on their table. A table rating means the premium of the policy becomes more expensive. Now in addition to that there is also the attending physician statements they may ask for from your doctor.

It can take over a month or more for your doctor’s office to get these records to the life insurance company. This means you will be stuck waiting for well over a month just to see if you are approved for coverage.

The point is that it is a major hassle to buy term life insurance over 80 because of the limited amount of companies available and small term length(10 years). If you outlive this small term policy and do not use it the coverage will expire. At that point you would be around 90 years old and have no other life insurance options available except for guarantee trust life insurance company.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance for Seniors over 80

The best life insurance company for seniors over 80 that are in good health is Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise whole life final expense product. It is the most competitively priced out of most other products for funeral insurance.

Now it is important to note that if you have prior health history such as heart problems Mutual of Omaha may not be a good life insurance policy option for seniors in poor health.

When it comes to final expense insurance your health determines exactly where an agent will take you according to underwriting.

Life Insurance for Seniors over 80 Cost?

Life insurance rates are dependant on a few factors.

  1. Age as in exact date of birth
  2. Your specific health conditions
  3. Geographical location
  4. Lifestyle choices
  5. Your unique needs

These all factor into the total premium cost. the difference between age 80 and age 85 could make that much of a difference in premium.

A ballpark average for an 80-year-old in perfect health could range anywhere between $100 – $200 monthly for a range of $10,000 – $20,000.

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Life Insurance is Cheaper Than Burial Insurance Over 80 Things to Consider

Now life insurance over 80 is going to be cheaper than burial insurance over 80 but if you are sick it will become more expensive. In addition to this we already mentioned that at 80 years old you cannot get a term life policy for more than 10 years. If you outlive that policy your family will not have any life insurance to protect them from your funeral costs and other end of life expenses.

The underwriting for traditional life insurance especially at age 80 will require a medical exam and doctors records. If you are sick you could wind up with a Table rating above the preferred rate which will make the life insurance policy for over 80 more expensive than a final expense policy over 80 years old.

So at first glance life insurance may be cheaper than burial insurance however your health conditions can make life insurance more expensive than funeral insurance.

For more extensive detail check out our article on burial insurance vs life insurance.

Worst Burial Insurance Companies for Seniors over 80

These are the worst companies for seniors with gimmicks that do not serve the consumer at all we have reviewed each one of them and proven why they are not a good idea.

Direct Burial or Direct Cremation Cheapest Forms of Burial

Both Direct burial or direct cremation are the cheapest ways to bury someone. They exclude any kind of viewing, wake, embalming and other services.

Cheapest Burial TypeAverage CostSource
Direct Burial$2,597Funeralocity.com
Direct Cremation$2,183Funeralocity.com

How much Does Life Insurance cost for a 80 year old?

As we just went over in the previous section an accurate cost depends on the factors listed above but let’s provide an example of how much a life insurance policy for seniors at age 80 costs.


  • John Age 80
  • DOB – 8/25/1940
  • Decent Health
  • For $10,000 their rate would be between roughly $140 monthly

If you want to see more rates for life insurance for 80 years and older fill out the form to your right to see pricing and speak with our agents.

By using our quoting tool you can see rates on a life insurance policy for 82 year old, 83, 84, and 85. When you speak with one of our agents part of their customer service to you is helping you pick the policy that will fully cover your end-of-life costs.

Life and health insurance policies are similar in the sense that their pricing is based largely on your age.

What is Funeral Insurance for over 80?

Funeral insurance is life insurance for final expenses also known as whole life insurance also known as burial insurance. They are all different marketing names for the same thing.

For a more comprehensive guide, you can see our article here on What is a Burial Insurance Policy?

Whole Life insurance covers things like funeral costs and funeral expenses.

Getting qualified and approved in minutes is easy! Just a few health questions in the application process, select some coverage amounts pick the death benefit that best suits your needs.

Our licensed agents will reach out to you to confirm the life insurance quotes you selected ask some health questions and proceed to get you approved.

This will provide your family the security they need to be taken care of upon you or your loved ones passing. Above all, this is your last way to show them how much you cared.

Family is the most important thing in the world and protecting them is an obligation, not an option.

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Here are some frequently asked questions we get here at ParamountQuote on a daily basis.

Is it Worth Getting Life Insurance at 80?

Yes, it is worth getting life insurance at age 80 because final expense insurance is your best option. For seniors over 80 you should not need term life insurance because your mortgage and other assets on a loan should be paid off at this age. This means all you have to worry about over 80 is your funeral expenses which is what funeral insurance is designed to cover.

Can you Get Life Insurance after 80?

Yes depending on the carrier that is available in your state. Some of our carriers go all the way to age 85. If you are in a unique state without these carriers then you may have to settle for a guaranteed issue policy.

The best part about these insurance plans is they never require medical exams, blood tests, or physicals to qualify.

This is the best type of burial insurance for seniors over 80.

To check your area and see quick insurance quote’s fill out the form to the right.

Can you Get Life Insurance after age 80 Even with Medical Conditions?

Yes, our agents are highly trained in the underwriting niches of all the best life insurance company’s nationwide.

They are trained to do their best to get you day one level coverage with the right carrier that will accept your health conditions. We help 90% of our clients find permanent life insurance that guarantee’s the full death benefit’s to their family when they die.

Furthermore, we have helped clients get with companies like Mutual of Omaha and much more regardless of their health issues.

Can you Get Life Insurance on an 80 year old?

Yes, you can you just have to make sure they are present with you to voice sign for their life insurance application. You can pay for their burial insurance but they do have to be there to provide verbal consent.

We have clients get burial insurance for their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.

Furthermore, we recommend using your direct checking account to pay for your loved one’s policy so a payment never gets missed and the policy does not lapse.

Best Funeral Insurance for 80 year old?

When it comes to life insurance for senior’s which is burial insurance, funeral insurance, cremation insurance, etc. The best policy depends on you or your loved one’s unique needs and health profile.

Getting the best policy is crucial to making sure your funeral expenses are covered.

Furthermore, here at ParamountQuote, we do not take a 1 size fits all approach to any of our clients. We are not here to put everyone who is over 80 years old in a guaranteed acceptance policy and call it good.

We work hard for our clients and will do our best to avoid a waiting period if at all possible.

How Much is Life Insurance for 80 year old?

Prices on policies vary depending on your health profile if you qualify for a graded policy the premium will be higher but if you qualify for day one level coverage the premium will be lower.

Furthermore, this is why speaking to one of our agents to assist you is vital they will know exactly what your rate class is after just a few minutes of speaking with you.

Life Insurance for Seniors over 80 years old a good deal?

Yes considering that most term life insurance and whole life will not provide benefits for funeral & cover for over 80 years and older. This makes it the best deal for a consumer at this age.

We work exclusively with burial insurance which means our carriers offer coverage to people of aged 80 and even the age of 85. Not only that but is easy to qualify for the coverage.

Life Insurance for People over 80 the last option?

Yes in this age group this is your final and only option to secure burial insurance or cremation insurance. Final expense life insurance for seniors over 80 is usually secured by the children or grandchildren of the client considering the age.

If you are a grandchild or child looking for insurance for over 80 year olds give us a call and we can help you get coverage on your family member.

Life Insurance for someone over 80 years old risks?

There are no risks in getting coverage at any age only benefits. The life insurance plan is guaranteed to payout no matter when you or your loved one die.

We have helped our clients get Mutual of Omaha burial insurance and many other life insurance options.

Life Insurance for Elderly People over 80 on Disability

The best part is that burial insurance companies do not care if you are on disability most of the time. However, if your disability requires you to be in a nursing home or require assistance with daily living this can affect your eligibility.

This is where our ParamountQuote agents come in as field underwriters to assess your health conditions and find you the best senior life insurance plan over 80 that you can qualify for. We help clients every day with disabilities get the best burial insurance on the market.

Our customer satisfaction is the best in the industry due to our agent’s high level of training.

What is the Best Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80 on Retirement?

Typically the answer to this question is determined by a couple of things. Retirement does not affect your eligibility at all.

  • What are your health conditions?
  • What state do you reside in?

As we have mentioned before the different burial insurance companies we represent have niches in their underwriting. So if you have a certain health condition that ultimately determines the best carrier for you.

In addition to this, there is the state availability issue. Getting a certain carrier that provides senior life insurance over 80 is affected by their state footprint.

For example:

A lot of burial insurance carriers are not available in New York because of its high regulations. So if you lived in New York this would limit your options for carriers.

This is why speaking with our agents saves so many of our clients time and research.

Senior Life Insurance Company’s to Avoid Over 80

Here at ParamountQuote, we specialize in burial insurance for seniors over 80 and all other age ranges. That being said we know exactly which companies to avoid and stay away from because they are gimmicks.

These gimmicky companies and their plans will put you in waiting periods in most cases as well as charge way too high of a premium at your age. We have even seen companies market term life insurance as burial insurance.

Now how does term better serve you to pay your final expenses so your family is not left with debt when the term expires and is next to impossible to qualify for at your age? It doesn’t.

For life insurance senior policies for over 80 you should be getting a simplified issue whole life policy that builds cash value and is the type of life insurance that will always be there for your loved ones.

That is the best insurance for seniors not a policy that will end when you reach age 80 or age 85. Your family should be guaranteed the death benefits without any surprises in the future period.

One of the most notable of these gimmick companies is aarp life insurance for seniors over 80. Their policy is overpriced and awful final expense insurance for taking care of your funeral expenses. When it comes to burial insurance for seniors over 80 avoid AARP like the plague.

Click here to Learn the truth about AARP

Simplified Issue Life Insurance Coverage No Medical Exam

A lot of life insurance companies sell final expense insurance in addition to their other product portfolio. These life insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha and TransAmerica are carriers our agents will connect you with. This is why it is so crucial to work with an independent agency like ours that represents multiple life insurance companies so we can shop the market for you to provide the best rates available.

Simplified issue final expense insurance is life insurance for seniors these types of life insurance policies are so great because they do not require medical exams to qualify. This means you are not stuck waiting for weeks to hear about your approval for your life insurance policies. Consumers with diabetes cannot pass medical exams most of the time but with final expense insurance, they most certainly can.

This makes a life insurance policy like this a great option when it comes to life insurance for seniors. Especially for seniors over 80 that need a guaranteed death benefit instead of gambling on medical exam policies that can deny them the death benefit they need to protect their family. If you are over 80 you most likely will not pass any medical exams for term life insurance. Their underwriting is very strict and very few seniors pass those term life insurance exams this is why burial insurance policies are simplified issue coverage.

Life Insurance companies know that life insurance for seniors can be difficult to qualify for so their simplified issue process expedites any medical exams and makes the process much more simple. Final expenses are the last biggest expense anyone leaves behind and making sure their is money to pay for those final expenses helps families stay out of debt.

How to Get Final Expense Insurance

In order to get the best life insurance for seniors with the best life insurance company for you. You need to work with an independent agency like us we specialize in whole life insurance for seniors. Our agents will shop the market for you and help you find the best policy for your final expenses.

We are highly trained in non-medical exam life insurance and will find you the best final expense policy for your unique situation and health conditions that will spare your family from any burden of funeral costs. If you fill out our quote you will see rates from all of the top final expense insurance companies nationwide.

After this you simply make your selection on the life policy for whole life insurance, then one of our agents will reach out to assist you with enrolling with the carrier and you let them know how much life insurance you will need.