United Heritage Final Expense Review for 2024

In this United Heritage burial insurance review we will cover their final expense product, background, how much it costs, their financial ratings and much more. If you are wondering if United Heritage final expense insurance is right for you, keep reading.

Understanding United Heritage Burial Insurance

Burial insurance(final expense, funeral or cremation insurance) is simplified issue whole life insurance & guaranteed issue whole life insurance.

This type of whole life insurance is designed to cover funeral or cremation costs, burial and any other final expenses the family you leave behind will be responsible for.

There is no medical exam for simplified issue whole & no medical exam or health questions for guaranteed issue life.

All burial insurance plans have level premiums(monthly premium never increases) and a level death benefit(death benefit never decreases).

They are also whole life plans that build cash value which means the coverage will never expire as long as premiums are paid and it builds a small savings in addition to the death benefit.

The death benefit pays out to your beneficiary on the insurance policy when you die and they use the money to pay for the funeral. If any money is left over they can keep it for any purpose.

Final expense insurance is the best way to provide peace of mind, provide a quick death benefit payout and take care of your final expenses.

Funeral costs put your family financially at risk because they are going to be the ones planning your funeral when you die.

Without sufficient burial insurance to provide them with the type of coverage to pay for your funeral they risk going into debt.

United Heritage Insurance Products Final Expense

Now United Heritage burial insurance is competitively priced however there are still more affordable companies on the market.

In addition to this they are a life insurance company that only offer’s their single product for senior burial insurance coverage. The name of their product is called the Protector Whole Life details are below.

The problem with this is that you may have health conditions that disqualify you from their immediate death benefit plan(policy pays out from day one).

This leaves you stuck with their modified death benefit plan(2 year waiting period for benefit payout).

Protector Whole Life Plan No Waiting Period

This would be their immediate benefit(day 1 coverage) product which means the beneficiaries will receive 100 percent of the coverage amount in the policy.

That means as long as the applicant fully qualified for this plan by answering no to the health questionnaire and passing the health history check based on their medical information bureau file the full death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

Protector Modified Benefit Plan Two Year Waiting Period

Now the modified benefit plan functions more like guaranteed issue policies would. It pays a return of premium plus 5% interest if death occurs within the first two years of having the policy.

You can also refer to this as the protector graded benefit because both graded benefit and modified benefit mean the same thing.

This product is for applicants that are not eligible for their protector whole life that includes an immediate death benefit.

Underwriting for United Heritage Funeral Insurance

The underwriting for United Heritage final expense insurance is the same as any burial whole life policy. You must answer “no” to all their health questions in order to qualify for the immediate benefit plan.

If you answer yes to one of their health questions it will disqualify you from the final expense plans with the day one coverage.

Now different types of burial insurance plans are accepting of different health conditions compared to what you find with United Heritage final expense policies.

As you’ll see based on the health questions below you will be kicked over to the modified plan for being diagnosed with Asthma within the past 24 months.

One of our best carriers American Amicable final expense insurance will offer you immediate coverage regardless of something like Asthma. This is why it is important to consider your pre-existing conditions for burial insurance.

Working with an Agency vs Life Insurance Company

That is the problem you face when dealing with a life insurance company directly instead of a life insurance brokerage/agency like us.

If you cannot get approved for their product due to your health they will either decline you or offer a waiting period type of life product to you.

The reason for this is because that is all they can offer because their underwriting wont allow anything else.

Now when you work with a life insurance agency like us we can offer multiple life insurance companies and burial insurance products that can accept you based on your unique health profile.

That is the way it works some life insurance companies accept certain medical conditions and some don’t.

Working with independent agents is how you navigate these nuances to find the coverage you need. That is why for this united heritage insurance review we are confident their product is good and they are legitimate however it is not for everyone.

Cost of United Heritage Final Expense Insurance

Below is a table to help you know the cost of United Heritage burial insurance plans. These are sample quotes we gathered from them to help you make an informed decision.

AgeMale $10,000Female $10,000Male $15,000Female $15,000

United Heritage Life Insurance Company Background & Contact Information

United Heritage Life Insurance Company was founded in 1934 under the original name of Grange Mutual Life Company.

They changed their name in 1991 to United Heritage Life Insurance Company. This came from United Heritage Mutual Life Insurance Company.

They are owned by the Butler family and do business in all 50 states they are nationwide.

United Heritage offers more than just burial insurance. They also offer life insurance products such as term life and universal life insurance.

Pre-need funeral planning, annuities, group life insurance & disability insurance.

Contact Information:

  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7777, Meridian, ID 83680
  • Principal Place of Business: 707 E United Heritage Ct.,
    Meridian ID 83642
  • Email: heritage@unitedheritage.com
  • Phone Number 1: (208)466-7856
  • Phone Number 2(Toll-Free): (800) 657-6351
  • Website: https://www.unitedheritagelife.com

Financial Ratings & Reviews

Third party rating organizations help to understand any possible complaints or consumer reviews. Now this is helpful regarding United Heritage life insurance companies products or services.

Most notably would be AM Best and the Better Business Bureau, according to these 2 organizations.  AM Best has them at a A- rating & the Better Business Bureau has United Heritage rated at an A+.