What is a Burial Insurance Policy Ultimate Guide 2023

A burial policy is simply a life insurance policy for final expenses also known as whole life insurance also known as funeral insurance. It is not the same as term life insurance in fact when people purchase a term policy it is not usually with funeral and burial costs in mind.

Whole life insurance is designed to cover the cost of a funeral, it provides in most cases an immediate death benefit with no waiting period.

The death benefit can range anywhere between $1,000 to $40,000 for an insurance offer, a life insurance company offers these coverage ranges because they know they will be giving this benefit to your family when your time comes. Funeral homes and typically the funeral director typically want their money within 2 days for the service.

A funeral home like any other business needs funds to keep employees and national funeral directors happy.

This is why it is critical to have a great amount of coverage in place when your time comes.

Is Burial and Funeral Insurance the same as Life Insurance?

In short yes it is but it is a type of life insurance known as final expense life insurance or whole life. These policies typically ask a few health questions and can give instant approval coverage There is no medical exam. There are different types of life insurance term life being a very notable one.

We have covered in extensive detail final expense insurance for seniors over 80, final expense insurance for seniors and final expense insurance for parents.

If you cannot pass their underwriting you can get a guaranteed issue burial insurance policy. This is a 2 year waiting period policy with a return of premium which basically returns the premiums that are paid in plus 10% if death occurs within the first 2 years.

This is for applicants with severe medical conditions.

This type of life policy is exactly what you want for your funeral expense. That is why you see these terms like “burial” and “funeral” because that is exactly what they are used for.

Carriers offer these products and services with the idea that they will provide peace of mind and security for your loved ones when your time inevitably comes.

There are a lot of advertisements especially on Television that promotes and market these products. Most notably Colonial Penn which we typically do not recommend.

Finding the best product is not about what you see on TV but what their long-standing reputation is. Are they A+ rated? Have they been in business for over 100 years? These are key questions for a perfect carrier.

These marketing terms all have the same goal to help you find a policy to protect your loved ones.

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A Burial Insurance Policy is a Whole Life Insurance Policy

A burial insurance policy or funeral insurance policy is a small whole life insurance policy designed to pay for final expenses. This is why it is called final expense insurance these plans range from $2,000 – $50,000 depending on the burial insurance company offering the funeral insurance policy.

We have covered several different coverage amounts you can find below:

The amount of a funeral insurance policy should always exceed the costs of your funeral to make sure you family has peace of mind.

Does burial insurance have cash value?

That question depends on just a couple of things. What type of insurance is it actually? Some companies market term life under the name of burial insurance and term life does not build cash value.

Real burial insurance which is final expense insurance does have cash value in addition to covering the funeral cost

Now if it is a whole life policy then yes it does build cash value. So it is important to ask the question “what type of policy is this?”.

So if you are looking for cash value make sure it is a whole life policy which is what we specialize in.

What does a burial policy cover?

Depending on the amount of coverage most if not all end of life expenses. For example, if you have a policy for $30,000 and your funeral is only $15,000 then any money left over would go to your beneficiary and the funeral and burial costs would be covered. It can also pay medical bills left behind by your loved one.

As long as you select the right coverage amounts it will cover the whole burial plot and service.

It depends on you and your unique situation.

We pride ourselves on custom tailoring a plan for your unique needs.

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We also recommend you always adjust for inflation 10 – 20 years down the road burial costs could double so consider getting a policy adjusted for inflation.

How much does a Burial Policy cost?

This depends on a few factors. Life insurance rates are based largely on your lifestyle, age, and health situation to name a few. The face amount also plays a factor, a $5000 policy is going to be significantly different than a $20,000 policy.

So the question becomes what does a policy cost for you?

Now a ballpark figure as an average rate could range between $50 – $100 depending on face value and health.

Regardless of the cost, we pride ourselves in helping you find the most affordable rate and custom tailoring coverage to fit your unique needs.

These policies are designed to save your family from maxing out a credit card or scrambling to take out loans or borrow money. To provide them the peace of mind they need. The best part is getting approved is quick and easy.

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A burial insurance policy is the final expense life insurance period. It should never be a term policy because they expire. Picking the right policy for you requires the assistance of a licensed insurance broker like us. We can help you shop the market and find the perfect plan that meets your needs and budget.

This type of plan is guaranteed to protect your loved ones from the burden of your final expenses and allow them to grieve easier knowing everything is paid for and just honoring your memory.