Whole Life Insurance for Dialysis Patients 2022 Guide

If you have been diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure and are on dialysis you may be thinking of your family and what they will do without you. You may be thinking is there any whole life insurance for dialysis patients that can protect your family from the burden of your final expenses?

The answer is yes you can still find affordable coverage even with kidney failure.

According to www.niddk.nih.gov

468,000 individuals are on dialysis.

We get questions from our clients all the time like:

“Can dialysis patients get life insurance?”


“Can you get life insurance if you are on dialysis?”

The answer is yes to both of these questions however if you are on dialysis you will have to get a guaranteed acceptance policy with a 2-year waiting period. Dialysis is a 100% knockout for day one level coverage with any life insurance company in the world.

In this article, we will go over the most important information regarding whole life insurance for dialysis patients also known as burial insurance.

We are the experts for whole life insurance for dialysis patients.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Above all, if you are on dialysis your only life insurance coverage option is a Guaranteed Issue Policy.

When working with a life insurance agent from our agency this is 1 of the first things they will go over with you during their field underwriting. Fully underwritten policies like term life insurance or universal life will not accept you if you are undergoing dialysis treatment.

This is why Guaranteed Issue policies are a great option, they have no health questions and do not perform any kind of medical exams, acceptance is guaranteed. All you have to do is pay your premiums for 2 years and your family will receive the full death benefits.

Accidental Death

Even if a policy has a 2-year waiting period if you were to pass away due to an accident no matter what the time frame is your family will receive the full face amount of your coverage. This means if you got into a car wreck the day after your first premium is paid your family would receive the payout that following day despite your health condition.

Death Within the 2 year waiting period

If you pass away within the 2 years waiting for a period of your policy your family would receive the premiums you paid plus 10% so even if you pass away within the 2 years your family will receive a benefit.

Best Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Companies

Selecting the best final expense insurance carrier is very important when it comes to your loved one’s financial safety.

You want to do business with a reputable company that has a long solid reputation for doing business the right way for a long period of time. Which is exactly the type of carriers we offer here at ParamountQuote.

Furthermore, there are Guaranteed Acceptance policies that will put you in a 3 year waiting period! We would not recommend a policy like that to anyone you should have to wait only 2 years and that’s it. 3 years is too long and unnecessary when the companies we work with offer only 2-year waiting periods maximum.

Best Company Highlights

The highlights that make a company one of the best is:

  • An A-Rating
  • Over 60+ years in business
  • A Perfect Track Record

The companies that we represent that have all 3 of those highlights are:

  1. American General (AIG)
  2. Great Western
  3. Gerber

American General

  • A-Rating with AM Best
  • Been in business since 1926
  • Has a Proven Track Record of Paying Clients Claims

Great Western

  • A-Rating with AM Best
  • Been in Business Since 1935
  • Proven Track Record of Paying Claims


  • A-Rating with AM Best
  • Been in Business Since 1967
  • Proven Track Record of Paying Clients Claims

These are the 3 best carriers our agents will go over with you when you speak with them.

High Risk vs Low Risk

The reason your only option for life insurance is Guaranteed Issue is that consumers with chronic kidney disease have a low chance of survival with this kind of condition.

A life insurance company looks at these types of conditions as high-risk applicants. If a carrier is going to insure your life for $30,000 they want to know you will live to pay into your policy for a decent amount of time.

Furthermore, this is why healthier applicants will get approved for day one level coverage because a carrier sees how healthy they are and a low risk of an early death claim.

How carriers Assess Risk

Life insurance companies that specialize in final expense also known as burial insurance look at your risk factor based on 2 different background checks.

  1. Medical Information Bureau Health Report – This is a report where all your doctor’s visits, diagnoses of conditions, and all of your medical history are stored. It is copied, published into this database, a carrier will use your Social Security Number to check this database to see how healthy you are during an application.
  2. Prescription Check – A life insurance carrier will also look at your prescription history during your application to see if you are taking any medications that may indicate a health condition you may have.

These 2 methods are what carriers use to determine your risk. If you are classified as a low risk you could get day one level coverage. If you are classified as high risk you will be offered a policy with a waiting period.

Furthermore, if you are on kidney dialysis time is of the essence the faster you start your policy waiting period the faster you will get through it and your family can receive the death benefit when your time comes.

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