Burial & Life Insurance 72 Year Old Males & Females

If you are a senior looking for burial insurance at age 72 this is your one-stop-shop for everything related to burial insurance. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about burial insurance at your or your loved one’s age of 72.

We will provide accurate pricing from 2 of our top carriers as well as provide answers to questions you may have.

You can read our full comprehensive guide on Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70 Below:

Can a 72 Year Old Get Life Insurance?

Yes, a 72 year old can get life insurance. You can get both term and whole life insurance at age 72 however term and universal life insurance require medical exams for coverage. This means if you are 72 years old and in poor health you will not be able to get term life or universal life insurance.

Your only option at that point for life insurance for a 72 year old is going to be final expense insurance.

Can I get Burial Insurance at age 72?

Yes, you can, burial insurance does not require a medical exam of any kind. It is the best insurance option for seniors wanting to make sure their burial is covered and their family is not left with the funeral expenses. We help 90% of our clients get approved for the best life insurance coverage even with moderate health issues.

This would include COPD and CHF where most other agents and agencies would put consumers in a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. Now in most cases, other agencies just simply don’t have the training we do or they do not have the number of carriers offering the best life insurance plans that we do.

Either way, we have the training and know the underwriting niches of these carriers to help our clients go with the carriers that ask health questions they can answer “no” to as well as the carriers that will accept their health conditions. If they don’t our agents will tell you so and get you the best option available.

Once you have coverage in place just make sure you pay your monthly premiums every month and your family will be protected when you die.

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How Much Does Life Insurance Cost for a 72 Year old?

Here is a picture of how much life insurance cost’s for a 72 year old male non-smoker. Non-smoker rates are always lower than smoker rates because life insurance companies want their insureds in good health.

Those are life insurance rates between the top companies nationwide.

Compare Life Insurance Quotes

Your age and health is the biggest factor for life insurance premiums. in addition to this the coverage amount makes a difference in premium as well. This all factors into the cost of life insurance at age 72.

Burial Insurance 72 and Over Rate Chart

To see accurate insurance quotes for your specific age fill out the form to your right. This will show you pricing and you can speak with one of our agents about qualifying and a purchase.

The pricing for life insurance for seniors depends on age & health. Depending on the types of life insurance you may qualify for will affect the pricing. Insurance rates for a guaranteed issue policy are usually much higher than a level policy but that is ok because there are no health questions and acceptance is guaranteed.

That being said there is a 2-year waiting period for guaranteed issue policies but if you die from accidental death the full face amount is paid. This is the last resort if our agents cannot find you day one coverage if you are too sick.

Below is one of our best carriers and a chart showing their rates:

Now in addition to this, we are going to include pricing for the top 2 life insurance companies for seniors age 72.

Mutual of Omaha

$10,000 Face Amount Policy is $83.99 monthly for a male non-smoker

American Amicable

$10,000 Face Amount Policy is $88.73 monthly for a male non-smoker

The reason we recommend American Amicable more than Mutual of Omaha in most cases is that their underwriting is more liberal we have taken more seniors with health issues and got them better company offers with American Amicable and our other carriers than Mutual of Omaha. However if you are healthy and you know it, Mutual of Omaha is your best option.

Pricing always varies depending on geographical locations in some cases or if you are adding on riders like terminal illness riders. This depends on the company, our agents explain all of this during the sign-up process.

Burial Insurance Quote Samples Rates for Ages 72 – 74 Sample Life Insurance Quotes
Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Male Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Smoker Sample QuotesFinal Expense Companies Available per Age
72$78.81$103.97$56.20$75.86Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Gerber, AIG, American Amicable, Prosperity Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Sentinel Security Life,Guarantee Trust Life, Great Western Insurance Company
73$83.99$109.94$58.46$79.74Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Gerber, AIG, American Amicable, Prosperity Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Sentinel Security Life,Guarantee Trust Life, Great Western Insurance Company
74$89.46$116.69$63.55$84.14Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Gerber, AIG, American Amicable, Prosperity Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Sentinel Security Life,Guarantee Trust Life, Great Western Insurance Company

Best Life Insurance Companies for age 72

The best life insurance companies for age 72 are as follows:

Term Life Insurance Companies Available to 72 Year Olds

If you are 72 years old you can get a 15 year term life insurance policy. That being said you will have to do a full medical exam to qualify for these companies below. If you have had any history of pre-existing major health conditions(heart attack, COPD, stroke, diabetic complications etc.) you will either be denied or get a very expensive premium(Table ratings).

Term Companies Available at Age 72

  • Protective
  • Legal & General
  • Transamerica
  • Corebridge
  • Americo
  • Mutual of Omaha


Can I get life insurance at 72?

Yes, there are plenty of options available whole life insurance is your best option.

Does life insurance require a medical exam at age 72?

No, not with the companies we work with. They will never ask for a medical exam.


Burial Insurance for age 72 is readily available and easy to get. The key is making sure you work with an agency like us with our expert-level training that can make sure you have a 90% chance of getting day one level coverage. This is the best rate and type of coverage seniors can get, so make sure you work with us, or if you decide to work with another agency make sure they have training just like ours.

Also, make sure they can offer up to 10 different life insurance companies so they are not a captive agency.