Burial & Life Insurance Age 76 Pricing Samples Included

If you are shopping for life insurance coverage at age 76 now is the time to get covered immediately. It does not matter if you are age 70, age 75, or age 80. The longer you wait the more expensive premiums get and fewer companies offer coverage.

The bottom line is that the best life insurance for seniors age 76 is burial insurance also known as final expense whole life insurance(seniors age 76 can get Term plans for 10 & 15 year term lengths & Universal Life policies also). These types of policies(final expense coverage) last over the long term to make sure your family is protected from any burial expenses or debts you leave behind.

You find our guides for ages 80 and 60 here. Also learn about how we get coverage for parents, siblings and other family members.

Life Insurance Options for 76 Year Old’s

If you are 76 looking for life insurance and want to understand your options we will break it down for you. The types of coverage 76 year old’s can get term, universal and final expense insurance but at this age it can make some of these certain types of coverage limited.

Term Life Insurance

If you are 76 years old the only type of life insurance you are going to qualify for is a 10 year term policy, you can get a 15 year term policy only with Transamerica’s Trendsetter term but their underwriting is extremely strict. Most seniors getting a life policy over 75 are either going to get a high rate with Transamerica(Table ratings) or denied altogether.

This means for most seniors applying with companies other than Transamerica you will only have term insurance for 10 years, after that it expires and by then you will be 86 years old. That means if you wanted to still have life insurance over 85 your only option would be a limited amount of life insurance companies for burial insurance.

There are no term life options or traditional whole life policies available at age 86. You would be limited to a few life insurance companies offering final expense insurance.

Medical Exam

Keep in mind that you will also be required to take a medical exam if you wanted a 10 year term policy. If you have a past history of health conditions this will give you a much higher premium rate or disqualify you depending on your health.

So you can get approved for a more expensive policy with a very short term period. This is why you are most likely better off with a permanent type of policy.

Universal Whole Life Insurance

When it comes to more traditional life whole life insurance like a universal life policy you have 5 options.

Available Companies for Universal Life Policy at 76 Years Old

  • Protective
  • North American Life Insurance Company
  • Corebridge
  • Legal & General
  • American National

Medical Exam

Universal life requires a medical exam and APS(Attending Physicians Statement) records to qualify for their policies. As we mentioned the only company that will offer you universal life insurance at age 76 is protective.

We have never seen a 76 year old get approved for Protective life insurance after doing their medical exam. In our 10+ years of being life insurance agents we have never seen protective approve a 76 year old for coverage. That is why we do not recommend universal life policies to seniors, they are extremely difficult to qualify for and there is only 1 company available.

Final Expense Burial Insurance

Funeral insurance is the best type of life insurance for 76 year olds because it is designed for seniors. You will have well over 10 or more life insurance companies to choose from. In addition to this they are simplified issue whole life insurance policies.

No Medical Exam

Final expense insurance does not require a medical exam to qualify you simply answer health questions. In addition to the health questions the life insurance company will look at your medical history and prescriptions. If everything on lines up with your answers to their health questions you will be approved.

Qualifying for Burial and Life Insurance age 76

First and foremost, these are simplified issue plans. This means that there are no medical exams required to qualify for coverage. All you have to do is answer the carrier’s health questions with your agent and as long as your prescriptions are mild and match up with your answers to the health questions according to your MIB and script check you will be approved in 30 minutes or less.

That is how simple it is to get coverage, we help 90% of our clients get immediate coverage with no waiting period.

Term Insurance is not Good for Seniors

The reason we do not recommend term life insurance as a good option for seniors is that term terminates. The term cannot stay with an insured past age 90 not to mention the premium increasing over time as the policy renews itself if you can still qualify. This means if you are age 76 you have less than 15 years until your term expires and if you outlive it your family gets nothing.

Individuals in Poor Health Still qualify for Burial Insurance

If you fall into the 10% category of unhealthy individuals who cant get coverage without a waiting period you can still get a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. These plans have no health questions and do have a 2-year waiting period.

In addition to this, there are living benefits with our GI plans if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness due to health issues the guaranteed issue plan we can help you get will allow you to borrow from the face amount to use alongside your health insurance to offset costs.

That is why our carriers have such high life insurance ratings among consumers.

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Final Expense Life Insurance Age 76 Eligibility

Below is a table outlining all of the eligibility requirements for final expense insurance.

Eligibility RequirementDescription
Age & Date of BirthYour current age determines your eligibility with different policies. If you are older than age 85 for example a majority of life insurance companies will not offer you burial insurance.
Height & WeightYou current heigh and weight affect your eligibility with some life insurance companies because high risk health conditions are directly linked to obesity.
Resident StateYour resident state determines which plans are available to you. Some life insurance companies may not have their policies available in your state.
Current & Past Health HistoryYour health determines your eligibility for burial insurance. If you hav extreme current or a past history of health conditions such as cancer you are considered high risk and many life insurance companies may not accept you.
US CitizenshipYou must be a US citizen or permanent resident to buy burial insurance in the United States. If you are a citizen of a different country you are not eligible.
Current MedicationsYour current medications indicate to the life insurance company how your health is. This is how they can categorize you as a high risk applicant or not.
Criminal HistoryA criminal history indicates if you are a high risk. If you have an extensive criminal record life insurance companies will not accept you.

Burial and Life Insurance Benefits

A lot of consumers we talk to experience their life insurance premiums increase over time or the death benefit decreasing and this is very common among products like term life insurance.

With burial life insurance for age 76 and seniors in general this will not happen.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Rate Lock – Premium Never Increase
  • Level Death Benefit – Death Benefit Never Decreases
  • Tax-Free Cash Payout
  • Cash Value – Extra savings that build in the policy you can borrow against

Once you purchase your policy the premium will never increase. This is why the younger you start your policy the better the price will be. As you get older the premiums get more expensive.

This means getting your whole life insurance as early as you can to lock in your best rate.

Best Burial and Life Insurance Companies age 76

Below are the best burial and life insurance companies for seniors.

Burial Insurance Age 76 Cost Samples

Below is some sample quotes for final expense life insurance at age 76 directly from our quoting tools. These life insurance companies provide the best whole life final expense insurance rates for age 76 and over. Burial insurance in your 70’s is very affordable and there are no medical exams to qualify just health questions and medical history prescription checks. This means it is simple to get approved for funeral insurance at age 76 depending on your health.

Below is a table providing sample quotes for life insurance for a 76 year old male and female. This is how much life insurance costs for a 76 year old male and female based on our quoting technology.

Burial Insurance Costs at Age 76 Male & Female
Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker$10,000 Male Smoker$10,000 Female Non Smoker$10,000 Female Smoker

Life Insurance Age’s We Have Covered

We have covered each individual age when it comes to final expense life insurance for seniors and younger adults. You will links to our other comprehensive articles for each individual age.


how much is life insurance for a 76 year old?

Based on Mutual of Omaha’s rates, whole life insurance for a 76-year-old male is $107.04 a month for $10,000 in coverage. This is based on a male non smoker with a birth date of 2/2/1946.

can a 76-year-old man get life insurance?

Yes, a 76 year old man can get both term and whole life insurance. Keep in mind that traditional life insurance is going to require a medical exam.


The best life insurance for age 76 is final expense whole life insurance. This is what is marketed as burial insurance for seniors. It is permanent coverage that will never expire and provide peace of mind to your family when you die.

It will protect them from any financial burden from your final expenses. You can also use the coverage to leave behind extra money for your family or whatever you want them to do with it. As long as your premiums are paid you will never see a premium increase and the policy’s death benefit stays level forever.

The simplified underwriting makes these policies easy for seniors with health impairments to qualify especially for coverage with no waiting period.

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