Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients Guide 2023

Cancer is a difficult diagnosis to deal with. On top of all of that, there are burial costs to consider. This type of insurance does not have to be difficult to find in fact, in this guide we will make it extremely simple to get burial insurance for cancer patients.

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Keep in mind that burial, funeral, final expense, and life insurance are all the same thing just different marketing names.

Cancer can happen to anyone at any time and with 27 million cases expected by the year 2040, now it’s time to secure affordable coverage for your family! This is why we specialize in burial insurance for cancer patients.

These plans do not require a medical exam and unlike term life insurance they never expire. They will look at medical history and past cancer treatment. Also depending on the type of cancer will determine eligibility.

For example:

Breast cancer is looked at far differently than basal or squamous cell skin cancer. A lot of life insurance companies use verbiage such as “undergoing treatment for any form of cancer excluding basal or squamous cell skin cancer.”

These are the things we go over with our clients when assisting them with buying life insurance. Our agents will explain everything you need to know when getting qualified for burial insurance for cancer patients.

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Best Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

Above all, whether you are a cancer survivor or just recently diagnosed with cancer the best coverage for you is whole life insurance.

As we mentioned these plans are simplified issues meaning they do not require extensive medical exams or anything of the sort. They simply do a Medical Information Bureau health report and prescription check and depending on your health approve or deny the application.

This means you can get burial insurance for cancer patients or yourself within 15 minutes or less.

Two Types of Coverage

  1. Waiting Period
  2. Non-Waiting Period

A non-waiting period would be level day one coverage. This is for cancer survivors that have kept up with their health care and have been cured more than 2 years ago and continue to survive.

These benefits payout to your family on the day of approval, in other words, if you get approved for coverage today and pass away tomorrow your family receives the full benefit.

A waiting period would be for a more recent ongoing cancer diagnosis with treatment. In this scenario, you can still qualify for coverage with a 2 year waiting period for benefits. In the event, death occurs your family would receive the premiums paid plus 10%. If you pass from an accident your family receives the full face amount.

Here is a more extensive guide on waiting period policies.

If you have been cancer-free for more than 2 years and only had one occurrence of cancer then Royal Neighbors of America would be a great option for you.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy then Great Western would be a great option for you. This is our #1 burial insurance for cancer patients’ recommendations.

It comes down to risk assessment. This will determine whether you qualify for simplified issue final expense insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance. The carriers look at how likely you are to survive your diagnosis.

Life Insurance for Stage 4 Cancer Patients

Stage 4 cancer is also known as metastatic cancer. This is when cancer has spread to different parts of the body. This can occur years after the initial cancer diagnosis.

It is important to note that anytime there is a current internal stage 4 cancer with treatments such as chemotherapy this will always be a guaranteed issue.

Now people can live for years with stage 4 cancer with modern medical science. This is why it is crucial to get your policy started and get through the initial guaranteed issue waiting period.

Burial Insurance for Cancer Video

Guaranteed Life Insurance for Cancer Patients Current

As we mentioned earlier if you have current internal cancer and are being treated for it then guaranteed issue coverage is your only option. Keep in mind that carriers do not look at non-cancerous tumors as current cancer it’s all about what was officially diagnosed and on paper.

Not only is acceptance guaranteed with guaranteed issue coverage but there are some other great highlights to go over as well with riders they may include.

Accelerated living benefits

If you become terminally ill you can borrow from the face amount of your policy to help with things like the medical bills, experimental treatments, and other things you may need. This benefit is not subject to the waiting period. This makes your policy a financial instrument that you can lean on in the future.

Cash Value

Guaranteed issue policies like all other whole life insurance build cash value. This is a small saving within your policy that builds over time and if need be you can borrow from this cash value to pay for this such as extra bills or even the premium itself.

These are all benefits that you can use while you are alive.

Getting Insurance after Cancer Diagnosis

Throughout this guide, we have gone over the key factors to consider when looking for coverage after a diagnosis. It’s all about the severity and the time frame of when it occurred also how many occurrences of the same type of cancer?

These all factor into the total cost of coverage all burial insurance companies look at conditions in different ways for qualification.

So if you have been diagnosed over 2 years ago, cured and with no reoccurrence, you have a very possible chance at being approved. If you have a diagnostic test for a possible cancerous tumor then there’s a chance you may not be approved except for guaranteed issue coverage.

If you have current internal cancer and undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment then guaranteed issue coverage is your only option and time is of the essence.

How to get Insurance for Cancer Patients

When looking into how to get the coverage it is important to work with a national agency like ours.

If you work with a captive agency they will only offer maybe 1 – 2 products that might not even be able to accept you. These captive agencies are limited on their options and are also bound by state lines.

Working with a national independent agency like ours we work with the top 10 – 12 carriers in your state to secure the best coverage at the absolute best rate available. This allows us to secure coverage for clients with a wide range of health conditions from COPD, CHF, Stroke, Heart attack, Aneurysm, diabetes, angina, and much more!

We pride ourselves on knowing all the in’s and out’s of these companies and also on developing relationships with our clients for life! Not only do our agents qualify and enroll you but they will become your personal point of contact for any questions or issue you have in the future.

They will be there for your family to help them with everything from general questions to even helping your family file the death claim when your time inevitably comes.

To speak to one of our licensed agents fill out the form to your right. Spend 5 minutes with us and you will be a client for life.

Buying Life Insurance after Cancer

If you have had cancer previously and recovered then you will be just fine. These plans do not require a medical exam. They are not going to check any kind of blood samples or anything like that.

They also do not care what types of cancer you had previously which makes burial insurance for cancer survivors even better. This is why we specialize in burial insurance for people with a history of cancer.

When you speak with one of our agents they will know exactly what plan should be able to provide you with day one coverage for your final expenses. If you have been cancer-free for more than 2 years then our agents will know exactly which life insurance companies will provide you the coverage to pay for your funeral costs.

Can a Senior get Burial Insurance if you have Cancer?

Burial insurance for cancer patients with a current cancer diagnosis will only have the option of getting a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

If you are currently diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing treatment then guaranteed issue coverage like Great Western is your best and only option. The best part with plans like that are they will not ask about family history concerning cancer.

It does not matter what forms of cancer you have had because you will be accepted.

That being said you will be subject to the 2 year waiting periods. In fact no form of life insurance whether it be group life insurance or any funeral insurance company will be able to offer you day one coverage. What you need to do is start your waiting period now because after 2 years you will be full covered.