Burial Insurance for Seniors over 90 (1 Company)

Yes you can get burial insurance for seniors over 90 either for yourself, parents, grandparents and siblings if you have insurable interest in them but not over 91 years old. The best and only life insurance company available to purchase this type of policy is Guarantee Trust Life. The cost of burial insurance over 90 is going to be between $190 – $380 monthly for male seniors 90 years old.

You will learn the policy details of GTL, the 5 health questions they ask to qualify and their partial waiting period.

The only Burial Insurance Companies that Will Cover Seniors at 90 Years Old

Yes, you can get burial life insurance for a 90 year old, the only company that will issue life insurance for seniors at age 90 is Guarantee Trust Life insurance for seniors. This company will issue life insurance for seniors age 90 but over 90 years old.

That is why it is crucial for you to apply for this coverage as soon as possible.

There are only 5 health questions on the application to answer and they will only issue $10,000 in life insurance for seniors age 90. This is the last option for burial insurance for seniors age 90.

GTL’s policy is a whole life insurance policy which means it will last your entire life until you die it will never expire. This whole life insurance policy has fixed premiums which means your monthly payments will never increase as you get older.

That is the beauty of a whole life insurance policy, you never have to worry about coverage decreasing or your premiums suddenly going up 50% like a term life insurance policy when it auto-renews.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance, Burial Insurance, Final Expense InsuranceAge EligibilityPolicy Brochure


Policy Features & BenefitsType of Policy: Whole Life(Lifetime Coverage)Waiting Period:
Year 1: ROP+5% Interest
Year 2: 50% of Death Benefit Paid
Year 3: 100% Death Benefit Paid
Available States: All Except NYLevel Premiums(Premiums Never Increase)
Cash Value Builds in PolicyNo Medical Exams Required
Death Benefit Amounts: $2,500-$20,000Level Death Benefit(Death Benefit Never Decreases)

Partial Waiting Period for Guarantee Trust Life

Now there is a partial waiting period for this policy because they will issue this whole life insurance policy at such a crucial age like 90 years old. Most people do not make it past 90 so the carrier wants to make sure they get some premiums paid in before the full coverage goes into effect.

Unlike guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance the waiting period is not a full 2 years. Once you have paid into your policy after year 1 your beneficiary will receive 50% of the death benefit.

After year 2 of paying into the policy, your beneficiary will receive the full death benefit of the policy.

That is what makes Guarantee Trust Life’s whole life insurance policy superior to a guaranteed issue life insurance product. Guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance has an automatic 2-year waiting period.

This is referred to as burial insurance with no health questions and may sound good at first but what if you die within 2 years? Your beneficiary would receive nothing at that point.

GTL’s partial waiting period for their whole life insurance policy eliminates that kind of risk with a partial waiting period. There are only 5 health questions to qualify.

This is the best life insurance if you are looking for a whole life insurance policy to be your final expense insurance.

Cost of Final Expense Insurance for Seniors Over 90

Below is going to be a table showing the cost of burial insurance for seniors over 90. Rates for funeral insurance over 90 are always based on age, health, gender and tobacco usage.

Now Guarantee Trust Life’s graded policy automatically gives a tobacco rate due to the policy being a graded plan. That being said this is your only option for life insurance over 90.


Can I get Life Insurance on a 90 Year old?

Yes, one of your only options is getting final expense insurance from Guarantee Trust Life Insurance company.

This product has no medical exam and is one of the only life insurance companies out there for final expense insurance for seniors age 90.

If you are looking for a family member or trying to get final expense insurance for a parent. You would need to have them present with you to give their consent to sign them up for a policy.

When it comes to senior life insurance at age 90 it is crucial to act now and lock in your rates.

If you do not get coverage now there will be practically no life insurance companies available when you are 91 years old.

There would be no life insurance companies to provide you or your family with coverage which means your only solution would be to save up $10,000 in cash or your family is going to be stuck taking out loans or some other financial loss. Get life insurance now while you still can.

Can I get Life Insurance on my 91 Year old Mother?

No, once your mother is 91 years old there are practically no companies available to provide final expense coverage.

This is why you should always secure life insurance policies at the youngest age possible for the lowest locked-in rates.

Life Insurance for Seniors over 90 No Medical Exam Only Health Questions

Guarantee Trust Life insurance company does not require any medical exam to qualify for their life insurance coverage.

Their final expense product just has 5 simple health questions the client must answer “no” to in order to qualify and have coverage issued.

This is what makes their product unique from other types of life insurance. You could consider their final expense product to be a halfway guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan.

GTL Health Questions

In the last 2 years

  • Received Kidney Dialysis
  • Required Oxygen Tanks
  • Had an Organ Transplant
  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  • Cancer Diagnoses

Are you Currently

  • Bed Ridden or Confined to Hospital
  • Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

What age is too late to Get Life Insurance?

The age that is too late to get life insurance is age 91 once you are age 91 you cannot apply for life insurance. No life insurance company will insure someone at age 91 this is why you should get life insurance in place as soon as possible if you are below age 91.

Burial Insurance for Seniors over 90 Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are 90 years old you need to get coverage now. This is one of your only life insurance options at your current age and time is of the essence.

Do not leave funeral costs behind for your family to deal with a funeral and burial can cost well over $10,000 and leaving your family with those end of life expenses is not the right thing to do.

Getting this permanent coverage is the solution to making sure your family is protected and not scrambling to take out loans or borrow money to make sure you have a decent funeral.

Whole life insurance policies are designed to protect families from being in debt to the funeral home. Get a permanent life policy today to protect them and give them the peace of mind they deserve.