Burial Insurance for Siblings (Simple Process)

If you are wondering if you can get burial insurance for siblings specifically your sibling yes you absolutely can. Remember burial insurance, final expense insurance, funeral insurance, and cremation insurance are all life insurance specifically whole life insurance.

So if your sibling passed you do not want the financial burden of their funeral expenses falling on you and causing a financial loss. We would refer to this as insurable interest which we will cover in more detail in this article.

Getting coverage for a family member ages 80, 70 or 60 is simple and in this article, we will cover in detail how everything you need to know about burial insurance for siblings

Can you Get Life Insurance for Sibling?

Yes, you can get burial insurance for your sibling most final expense life insurance companies to allow this by you becoming the 3rd party payor.

This means you will be the person paying your brother or sister’s monthly premium on their policy to keep it in force. Once your sibling passes away you will receive the benefit from the life insurance policy to cover the cost of the funeral and any other end-of-life expenses.

You being responsible for his burial expenses serves as proof of insurable interest which is needed for purchasing life insurance for a sibling.

Can I get Burial Insurance on my Brother?

Can I get life insurance on my brother without him knowing? No, he does have to consent to have his medical records and health issues looked at by the insurance carrier that is by law.

Now depending on the type of life insurance company you may not need to do a 3-way call with insurance agents to sign for the insurance plan. Depending on what company you go with it could be as simple as a Docusign to buy burial insurance for siblings.

That being said always make sure they are aware that you are taking out life insurance for them and that their medical records will be examined for insurability.

Can I Buy Life Insurance for my Sister?

Yes, you can buy burial insurance for your sister it does not matter if it is for a sister, brother, parents, or other family members as long as there is insurable interest and consent from the person being insured to have medical records pulled from the policy can be purchased for family members.

We help families on a daily basis buy life insurance for their brother or buy life insurance for their sister it is a quick and easy process when working with our agency.

To see burial insurance quotes for your brother or sister and purchase a policy for them fill out the form to your right and our agents will assist you.

Buying Life Insurance for Siblings The Steps

We are going to list the steps below on how to get burial insurance for siblings. There are just a couple initial steps before seeing if you can get them qualified

  1. Insurable Interest – Establish that you have an insurable interest in the person you are buying the policy on. If you are going to be responsible for their expenses when they pass this qualifies as insurable interest.
  2. Consent – Make sure you have consent from your sibling to have their medical records pulled and examined to get them qualified for coverage.

How to Qualify

Getting your siblings qualified for burial insurance is simple. If you have a comprehensive knowledge of their health history you just simply have to answer some health questions for them. There is no medical exam for these policies.

There will not be a paramedic sent to your sibling’s home to test them before you can buy burial insurance for siblings. That is only for fully underwritten plans only and if your sibling is between the ages of 70 – 80 that is not the plan for them.

Simplified issue final expense plans are the best life insurance policies for senior siblings.

Steps to Qualify

  1. Speak with our Agents
  2. Answer Health Questions
  3. Agent recommends best policy Based on Health
  4. Sign for the Application (E-Sign) or (Voice Sign)
  5. Instant Decision of Approval or Denial

Depending on how the health questions were answered your sibling should be approved within minutes and the policy will be in force on the date of your first premium payment.

That’s it, here at our agency we make the process of buying life insurance for siblings very simple and it can be done in minutes and your brother or sister will be covered with no issues.

Life Insurance Policy for Sibling Quotes Ages 50 – 85

We have included example rates for burial insurance for siblings. These are general rates based on age without Tobacco being included.

To see a custom quote fill out the form to the right

ParamountQuote Example Quotes Ages 50-85 
AgeMale $10,000 Coverage Monthly RateFemale $10,000 Coverage Monthly Rate

Burial Insurance for Siblings Best Brands

We have included the best life insurance companies for siblings. These are A – rated companies with over 100 years in business and allow third-party payors.

Burial Insurance for Siblings Worst Brands

Below is life insurance companies we caution any senior when purchasing from. They may be well known names but they do not offer the best options for seniors in our opinion.


Burial insurance for siblings is the best thing you can purchase to protect yourself from any burden of their funeral expenses falling on you. The policy will payout quickly within 24 – 48 hours of a death certificate and provide you with the peace of mind you need to just focus on grieving your brother or sister.

This is what life insurance for burial is all about. Make sure you have the money to pay for the funeral and honor your sibling’s memory.