Cheap Burial Insurance with Mental Illness 2022

Finding burial insurance for mental health issues is very possible. In fact, many applicants would qualify for day one level coverage. Making sure your family is not left with a financial burden upon your passing is imperative.

With funerals ranging from $8,000 – $12,000 and cremations $3,000 – $5,000 these present a big financial problem for your family when your time inevitably comes. Thousands of Americans go into debt for their loved one’s funeral costs so whether you are looking for yourself or a parent or family member. Making sure you qualify for sufficient coverage is paramount.

Each carrier looks at health history in different ways. It’s all about what is the best burial insurance company for you and your unique conditions. This is why we help you qualify for burial insurance with mental illness.

For example: If you have mild anxiety with panic attacks and minimal medications then you would qualify for day one coverage.

This is why working with a national independent agency like ours is imperative to your success in securing coverage at the lowest rate. These are simplified issue plans meaning they just look at your medical record and mental health condition without doing a medical exam or any blood tests.

This is what a ParamountQuote agent will go over with you when assisting you on getting qualified for burial insurance with mental illness.

To learn more about what is a burial insurance policy you can read our article here.

Best Life Insurance Coverage for Mental Illness

When it comes to the best coverage most companies may not even ask about mental health at all and if they do they only want to know how controlled your conditions are or the time frame of when it was diagnosed.

With burial insurance plans being simplified issue it makes them the best coverage available to a wide range of health and mental health conditions. This can make burial insurance with mental illness easy to find.

  1. Anxiety Conditions This typically includes phobias, panic attacks, social anxiety, etc.
    If you are just taking a few medications without any therapy or extended treatment you would qualify for the lowest cost level benefits.
  2. Mood Conditions – This typically includes depression, bipolar disorder, and dysthymia
    These conditions are also acceptable by carriers for level day one coverage.
  3. Psychotic Conditions – This typically includes Delusional Disorder & Schizophrenia
    We know the niches and can place you with a carrier that does not ask about these conditions that can provide level coverage.
  4. Drug & Alcohol Addiction – Addiction conditions like drug and alcohol are looked at within a certain time frame. If it was over 2 years ago then level coverage is possible. If your drug or alcohol addiction was within the past year then guaranteed issue would be your only option.

The best part about is no one can be denied there’s an option for any mental illness disorder.

So in short to answer a few common questions:

“Can you be denied life insurance for mental illness?”

No not for simplified issue burial life insurance.

“Can you get life insurance if you have mental health issues?”

Yes, you will qualify for simplified issue burial life insurance.

“Do you have to tell life insurance about anxiety?”

No, if the question is not on their application then it is not required. So whether it is anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder if the question is not on the application that means the condition is accepted.

Life Insurance we do not recommend for Mental Illness

Traditional plans are a lot more difficult to get approved for with mental illness most notably term life insurance. Term life will typically require a medical exam and is also not a good fit for taking care of burial expenses. The premiums increase over time and expire many times at age 80.

They look at everything from your treatment plan to the dosage amounts of your prescriptions and even can take weeks to know if you are approved! There are many factors involved with them and after your application is copied published, They finally get back to you maybe in almost a month.

There’s also the issue of TV ads that usually get posted in burial insurance categories. The issues with these are most notably marketing term life insurance as burial insurance! Term life is not designed to cover end-of-life expenses such as burial and funeral costs for your loved ones. It is primarily intended to be a temporary coverage for younger aged consumers in their 20’s and 30’s.

Other important factors are:

Do the premiums ever go up?

Does the coverage ever go down?

These are key questions to ask when shopping for burial insurance.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Mental Illness

Here at ParamountQuote, we pride ourselves on burial insurance being our specialty. We work with the top major carriers in the states to isolate the best rate and coverage for your unique situation.

Our top Carriers for Mental Illness would include:

Royal Neighbors of America

Liberty Bankers Life

Greek Catholic Union

Guarantee Trust Life

Great Western

To speak to one of our highly trained agents to see what you qualify for fill out the form to your right.

How to apply for Life Insurance for Mental Illness?

Applying is very simple first you would fill out the quote form to the right of this page, then one of our agents would reach out to you via phone and confirm your rate class and the amount of coverage being applied for. At that time you and our agent would proceed to either do a voice signature or e-mail signature for the carrier.

Voice Signature – It is done by a 3-way call with you, our agent, and the insurance company

E-mail Signature – Our agent sends you an email with a Docusign

At that point, you are approved in minutes! It is a very quick and easy process.

Work with ParamountQuote Today

We are a national independent agency with specialized training and a passion for helping our clients protect their families.

We specialize in burial insurance only and having clients all over the United States we build long-lasting relationships with our clients and their families. We know the financial burden firsthand of how burial costs affect families. Our mission is to help you achieve the financial vision you have for your family when your time comes. You will also have our agents for life to assist you with any questions or policy information.

Everything from the initial sign-up to amendments for your policy such as adding more coverage etc. is handled by your agent and they are on call whenever you need them.

You can give us a call at our number in the right corner of our website or fill out the form to your right to see pricing and be connected with an agent instantly!

In 30 minutes your family will have the peace of mind they deserve!

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