Kentucky Burial Insurance Ultimate Guide 2022

kentucky burial insurance

Shopping for burial insurance for seniors in Kentucky can be overwhelming, to say the least. Getting a life insurance plan for your family is not only necessary but tedious to understand all the in’s and out’s, That’s why insurance agencies like ours are here to help.

It’s important when talking with an agent that they take their time to get to know you and your unique needs and health condition. Which is what our agents are experts at.

The goal is to help you find the absolute best coverage. Not just give you an insurance quote and stick you in some guaranteed issue plan with a 2 year waiting period for the death benefit.

This is why it is critical to find the best life insurance company that fits your situation. With this funeral insurance in place to cover any burial expense so when the funeral directors want their money, your family is not scrambling to take care of the expenses.

This guide will show you the in’s and out’s of Kentucky burial insurance

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Final Expense Life Insurance is Burial Insurance

One thing to realize about Kentucky burial insurance is that it is final expense life insurance. For a more comprehensive guide check out our article on What is a Burial Insurance Policy Ultimate Guide 2021

These policies have premium payments a free look period and are used often in protecting families from the cost of funerals and burials. It is just a marketing term plain and simple.

For decades people have used a life insurance plan for end-of-life expenses.

The security life insurance companies offer is perfect for the funeral costs they pay out quickly so the funeral directors are not waiting for their money and the burial expense is taken care and grieving is just a little bit easier.

Kentucky burial insurance has health questions, Underwriting, and regular monthly or annual premium payments.

Our agents can easily help you get qualified and enrolled in minutes!

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Leading Cause of Death in Kentucky

RankingCause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease9,971
3Lower Respiratory Disease (COPD & Emphysema)3,187
6Alzheimer's Disease1,462

The best part is you can still buy life insurance even if you have some of the conditions above, we have a plan for everyone and we help 90% of our clients get this type of life insurance and they do not have a waiting period. This is why if you are a Kentucky resident fill out the form to your right to get a burial insurance quote in Kentucky.

Our agents are highly trained and will match you with the perfect company depending on the type of health conditions you have.

Funeral Costs in Kentucky

When considering a Kentucky burial insurance policy you need to take into account the average funeral cost in Kentucky which according to is $12,484 for end-of-life cost!

So above all getting burial insurance in Kentucky is imperative. Imagine your family scrambling to take out a loan just to pay the funeral directors their dues.

Leaving behind a financial burden of funeral costs is not something anyone should want to do.

As we have established funerals and burials are not cheap. Having sufficient funeral insurance is a box you should always have checked.

Life Expectancy of Americans

According to Google, the average life expectancy of Americans is 78.54 years, Canada and the UK live 3 years longer than Americans. So with this data taken into account, the demand for Kentucky burial insurance and burial insurance across the United States has increased drastically.

With inflation on the rise, burial expenses and funeral costs will increase.

The Free Look Period

Kentucky residents have a 10-day free look period with their policies. This means that when you receive your policy you have 10 days to review and decide if you want to cancel for a full refund of your premium.

You can still cancel your policy at any time however if you cancel outside of the 10-day free look of your policy you will not receive a refund.

State Specific Plans Kentucky Burial Insurance

A great thing about life insurance is that in most cases carriers are nationwide meaning no matter what state you are in you can find excellent burial coverage Kentucky burial insurance is not just specific to the state of Kentucky, these plans are available in relatively every state and will move with you should you leave that state for any reason.

There may be some state-specific regulations but the availability of the plans is nationwide. Funeral insurance is accessible to all Americans.

Common Health Questions on an application

Some common health questions you would see on an application for Kentucky burial insurance would be:

Are you currently hospitalized or in a nursing facility?

Have you used Tobacco in the last 12 months?

Are you currently diagnosed with cancer?

Height & Weight?

Keep in mind these questions do not determine eligibility. They are simply example questions on an application and you can still be approved despite your health conditions.

Specializing in instant approval for day 1 burial coverage is what we do.

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KY-EDRS & Death Certificates

Technology helps your loved ones receive the death benefit quickly within 48 hours. Part of this is done through the Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System (KY-EDRS) for short.

The way it works is the funeral directors fill out a portion of the certificate on their end and upload it for medical certifiers to complete on their end. Once the certificate is completed this is instantly communicated to the life insurance company.

At that point, your beneficiary receives the benefit to pay for the funeral expenses and begin the funeral planning alongside the funeral home you may have previously selected.

Who Keeps the Death Certificate information?

The information along with birth certificates and marriage certificates is kept in the office of vital statistics in Kentucky.


“Who is responsible for funeral expenses in Kentucky?”

The next of kin is always responsible for their loved one’s funeral expenses. This can be a son, daughter, father, or mother.

“How much insurance coverage should I get?”

You should always get a policy equal to the number of expenses your burial or cremation is going to be. If your burial is $11,000 then get a policy for $11,000.

“When should I start my coverage?”

Immediately, the sooner you have coverage in place the more affordable it will be.

“Does health insurance cover any part of burial?”

No, it does not cover any portion of cremation or burial.

Kentucky Funeral Laws Kentucky Burial Insurance

In conjunction with named beneficiaries in a policy, this is also reflected in the laws of Kentucky.

The only people allowed to make a decision about the deceased person are any next of kin like a son, sibling, daughter, named person recorded, etc.

No person outside of those specifications can make decisions related to the body.

Life insurance carriers and the Kentucky Department of Insurance work to honor these laws.

KY Life Insurance Benefits

The benefits of permanent life insurance also known as whole life insurance or burial insurance are:

  • A death benefit that will never decrease
  • A locked-in premium rate that will never decrease as you get older
  • A tax-free death benefit to your beneficiary when you die.