Reliable Burial Insurance Alabama 2022

With the price of burials being upwards of $8,000 to $12,000 and cremations being between $3000 to $5000 final expense life insurance is a necessity!

These final expense plans are typically for seniors on social security benefits but are available to all Alabama residents. The state of Alabama is known for being the first state to have an electric trolly system also being considered the Heart of Dixie.

Finding burial insurance in Alabama can be a difficult task.

With this article and our help, it will be very easy and simple. We have helped clients all across the USA secure affordable burial insurance to protect their loved ones from the funeral costs. We specialize in final expense insurance.

We make it easy to get the right life insurance company and insurance plan to protect your family.

These policies provide a quick death benefit usually within 24 – 48 hours of receipt of a death certificate. The insurance company would then pay the exact amount of coverage to the funeral home or funeral director so your family is not left with a financial burden and taking out loans as a result.

Average Cost of a Funeral in Alabama

According to a full funeral average price in Alabama is $7,426

With that price range in mind, a policy for $10,000 or more will cover everything. There’s also inflation to consider, 10 – 20 years down the road these prices can easily double to $15,000 to $20,000.

So adjusting for inflation is something to keep in mind as well when considering burial insurance in Alabama. These expenses are why so many families in Alabama and all over the USA are in financial debt and see no way out.

Alabama Average Funeral Cost's  
Type of ServiceDescriptionCost Average
Direct CremationNo viewing or ceremony$1,292
Immediate BurialNo viewing or ceremony$1,975
Cremation MemorialFacility fees, viewing, & service$2,950
Full ServiceFacility fees, viewing, embalming$7,775

Leaving a family with these kinds of expenses should never be on anyone’s mind. That is why burial insurance in Alabama provides such peace of mind for our clients.

They rest assured that their family will be taken care of when their time inevitably comes. They have a vision with these policies and without, we help them achieve their vision WITH these policies.

Funeral Costs in Birmingham Alabama

Funeral Costs Birmingham Alabama  
TypeAverage CostPrice Range
Direct Cremation$669$699 - $1,799
Direct Burial$1,500$1,500-$3,000
Cremation Memorial$1,200$1,200 - $2,200
Full Funeral$3,000$3,000 - $7,900

Funeral Costs in Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery Alabama Funeral Costs  
TypeAverage CostPrice Range
Direct Cremation$1,885$1,870-$1,900
Direct Burial$2,450$1,920 - $2,975
Cremation Memorial$4,700$3,575 - $5,262
Full Funeral$7,290$5,975 - $9,950

Burial Insurance Alabama Video

Burial Insurance Guarantees

These policies come with some very important guarantees.

  1. The death benefit is guaranteed to never go down.
  2. The premium is guaranteed to never go up.
  3. The death benefit to your beneficiary is guaranteed to be tax-free.

These guarantees are paramount to burial insurance policies. There are a lot of advertisements out there marketing things like term life insurance as burial insurance.

The problem with this is that term life insurance will increase when the policy is due to being renewed. This means that for a 20 – year term policy once that 20th year is over the policy can be renewed and be double the cost!

This type of rate increase especially for seniors on social security is simply unaffordable. With true burial insurance which is whole life insurance, there is a rate lock meaning that as soon as you are qualified for coverage and it is purchased the rate can NEVER increase on you.

This results in peace of mind knowing it is an affordable rate that will never change on you.

Best Burial Insurance and Life Insurance Companies in Alabama

Burial Insurance Consumers Should Avoid

What to AvoidReason
Term life InsurancePremiums increase after 5 years. Coverage ends after 80. Term Terminates
Pre-paid funeral plansExpensive & Do not Travel with you if Death Occurs outside of State
Universal life insuranceTied with stocks used more for Inevstments
No health questions Asked policiesWith 2-year waiting period & more Expensive
Plans offering "gimmick rates"$9.95 per unit plans or $1 buys $100,000 coverage
Over priced plansInsurance from TV and Spam mail with false advertising
Plans that accept mail-in paymentsHigh Risk of Payment Failure & Policy Lapse
Plans that accept Direct ExpressHigh Chance of Lapse due to missed Payment
Plans that accept Credit CardsHigh Chance of Lapse due to missed Payment

Burial Insurance That is Best

Day One CoverageYES
Rates NEVER Go upYES
Policy Coverage NEVER DecreasesYES
Easy Underwriting & ApprovalYES
No Medical Exams RequiredYES
Same Day Instant ApprovalYES
Death Claims Pay QuicklyYES
Builds cash value over timeYES
Coverage Up To Age 85YES

How to get a Burial Insurance policy

Getting a burial policy is easy and can be done in 30 minutes.

Simply fill out the form to the right or call our number and one of our licensed agents will be in contact with you. They will confirm some basic information ask some basic health questions and determine your health profile and what carrier matches best with you and your unique needs.

Enrollment is simple it can be done in 2 ways

  1. Voice Signature
  2. Email signature

Voice signature is a process with either a 3-way call with the insurance company or a simply recorded voice signature between you and our agent. The 3-way call will consist of you doing a telephone health interview with the insurance company with our licensed agent on the line with you guiding you.

The other is a recorded voice signature between you and our agent.

As for email signature, our agent fills out the application for you and sends you an email for a DocuSign signature.

Guaranteed Acceptance

No matter what your health profile is acceptance is guaranteed. Even for individuals with extremely poor health, we will get you coverage.

We pride ourselves on helping clients get coverage even with health conditions such as diabetes, recent heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, mental health issues, and much more!

ParamountQuote Mission

If you are looking for burial insurance in Alabama, look no further. Allow us to earn your business. We can get you instant approval coverage in minutes and the best rate guaranteed! That will save you the most money.

  1. We are a national independent broker with access to the top major carriers in all 50 states which guarantees the best rate and best coverage.
  2. We specialize in burial insurance and helping people with major health conditions get day 1 coverage.
  3. Our agents become your personal agent for life! We work for you, not the insurance companies.

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