Burial Insurance age 71 The Truth

burial insurance age 71

If you are wondering, “can I get burial insurance at age 71?” the answer is yes you absolutely can. Affordable burial insurance at your or your loved ones’ age is very simple to obtain.

In this article, we will go over the best life insurance companies for age 71 as well as their underwriting process and the other types of burial insurance you should avoid like the plague.

One of the very first things to understand is that term life insurance is not burial insurance and should never be used as burial insurance.

Term terminates simply put, 90% of consumers outlive their term policies this means there is a huge chance that you will outlive a term policy and your family will be stuck with the bill for your funeral and burial expenses.

So when it comes to final expense life insurance it must be a whole life policy that is guaranteed to pay when you die. Leaving your loved ones with a big financial burden when you die is not what they deserve and this article will help you make an informed decision.

Can a 71 Year Old Get Life Insurance

Yes, a 71 year old can get life insurance for their final expenses. Final expense life insurance is referred to as burial insurance because it is permanent coverage which is a simplified issue of whole life insurance.

This is the best option if you are looking for life insurance for seniors. You can see insurance quotes for all the top carriers nationwide that have the best life insurance coverage. It provides quick death benefits to your loved ones when you die.

Now the amount of coverage for burial insurance is usually smaller then other products like guaranteed universal life insurance but they do not require a medical exam like those other forms of whole life insurance. Most of the time if you take their medical exams at age 70 or older your health conditions can disqualify you.

This is why when you work with an insurance agent like us our agents are specially trained to find 90% of our clients burial insurance with no waiting period.

Life Insurance Companies for age 71

The best companies that offer coverage with the best life insurance rates are as follows below.

The top 4 companies you see on this list can offer coverage with no 2 year waiting period to most applicants even if they have some health issues. We guarantee our clients a 90% approval rating with these carriers even if they have COPD or CHF.

When you work with one of our agents make sure and communicate these health conditions to them so they know exactly which company to pair you with. In addition to this, some of these companies offer living benefits meaning if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness the policy can help pay hospital bills while you are alive.

These are the best companies for making sure your end of life expenses are paid for. Their policies will cover final expenses. Just make sure you choose the amount equal to your burial.

Quick Tip: To see pricing on these companies fill out the form to your right and you will see quotes and be able to speak to one of our agents. They will help you pick the right plane to cover the costs.

Simplified Issue Underwriting for age 71

This type of life insurance is simplified issue policies meaning they do have health questions but there is no medical exam required. This is the key difference between day one coverage and guaranteed issue life insurance.

Guaranteed issue life insurance always has a 2 year waiting period no exceptions. Now with the simplified issue, this means the life insurance company is more liberal even if you have so medical issues which make your chance of being approved very high.

So if you die tomorrow and you have been approved for day one coverage and paid your premiums for only 1 month your funeral expenses will be paid. This would also include accidental death. These companies also offer accidental death riders for additional benefits.

Burial Insurance to Avoid

What to AvoidReason
Term life InsurancePremiums increase after 5 years. Coverage ends after 80. Term Terminates
Pre-paid funeral plansExpensive & Do not Travel with you if Death Occurs outside of State
Universal life insuranceTied with stocks used more for Inevstments
No health questions Asked policiesWith 2-year waiting period & more Expensive
Plans offering "gimmick rates"$9.95 per unit plans or $1 buys $100,000 coverage
Over priced plansInsurance from TV and Spam mail with false advertising
Plans that accept mail-in paymentsHigh Risk of Payment Failure & Policy Lapse
Plans that accept Direct ExpressHigh Chance of Lapse due to missed Payment
Plans that accept Credit CardsHigh Chance of Lapse due to missed Payment

Burial Insurance that is Best

Day One CoverageYES
Rates NEVER Go upYES
Policy Coverage NEVER DecreasesYES
Easy Underwriting & ApprovalYES
No Medical Exams RequiredYES
Same Day Instant ApprovalYES
Death Claims Pay QuicklyYES
Builds cash value over timeYES
Coverage Up To Age 85YES


Burial insurance for age 71 is vital to protecting your family when you die. It pays out quickly and provides your family with the peace of mind they deserve and to honor your memory.

The best coverage to get is a whole life insurance policy from the companies we have listed that guarantees your family will be protected. With their instant approval and easy underwriting, you can get a policy within 30 minutes or less.