Burial Insurance for Veterans(Private Coverage)

Yes, you can get affordable burial insurance for veterans from companies like Mutual of Omaha’s final expense insurance. Burial insurance is final expense whole life insurance which is a whole life policy with a benefit amount between $2,000 – $40,000 in coverage. This is private life insurance not associated with any veterans benefits.

The truth is according to va.org the burial allowance for a non-service related death is only $300 and $893 for the burial plot. This totals $1,193 for the burial allowance now with the median cost of a burial being $7,848 according to the NFDA this is like throwing a pin at a brick wall.

The VA allowance benefits will not cover the entire cost of the burial period. This is why having burial insurance for veterans is so crucial to giving your family peace of mind knowing they will not have to pay your funeral expenses when you die.

Our goal is to provide you with the answers to your questions as quickly as possible so we are going to get straight to the point.

Veteran Benefits like SGLI Do not Last

When you are in the military as current military personnel you are covered by Service Members Group Life Insurance (SGLI). However, if you leave the military you have 120 days to convert your SGLI to a Veterans Group Life policy (VGLI). The total amount of time you would have to make sure you convert your SGLI into a VGLI would be 485 days if you miss this window you will not be able to keep these benefits.

The benefits your family could receive from the SGLI coverage is $400,000 so it is crucial for you to convert this coverage if you have not already. If you missed this opportunity then burial insurance for veterans is your next best option. Funeral insurance is a simplified issue whole life insurance.

This means the coverage is easy to qualify for even if you have received a diagnosis of PTSD. Most companies that provide burial insurance for veterans will not even have this question on their application. In addition to this you can get funeral insurance at age 80, funeral insurance at age 70, funeral insurance at age 75, funeral insurance at age 85, and funeral insurance at age 60 all the way up to funeral insurance age 90.

Does the VA Cover Burial Expenses

According to va.org the only benefits given to a veteran for the VA to cover burial expenses are $300 for a burial allowance and $893 for a plot. This is for a non-service-connected death on or after October 1, 2022. For a service-connected death the burial allowance is $2,000 if it occurred on or after September 11th, 2001. These benefits are not enough money to bury someone.

This means no the VA will not cover burial expenses entirely.

Burial Insurance for Veterans Benefits & Features

Burial insurance for veterans has very good benefits to give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve. These benefits include the tax free death benefits of the policy itself which means your beneficiaries will not owe any taxes on the money they used to bury you.


  • No Medical Exam to Qualify

Burial insurance for veterans is a simplified issue whole life insurance policy which means they will not send a paramedic out to do a medical exam for you to qualify. You simply answer the health questions and the life insurance company will look at your medical and prescription history.

  • Instant Approval or Denial

Upon looking at your medical history and prescriptions you will receive an instant decision as soon as you apply which means you do not have to wait to know if you are approved for funeral insurance.

  • Premiums Never Increase

The life insurance premiums lock in the moment you are approved for your coverage. This means as long as you make your monthly premium payments you will never see a price increase for your coverage.

  • Death Benefit Never Decreases

Final expense insurance is whole life insurance which means the death benefit of the policy will never decrease. It will stay level for your entire life which means if you signed up for $15,000 in death benefits for your burial insurance for veterans policy even if you reach age 100 your family will still receive the $15,000.

  • Easy Underwriting

Burial insurance has easy underwriting which means there are some health conditions the application will not even ask about such as PTSD. Most final expense life insurance applications will not ask about PTSD on their applications. This means qualifying is easy unless you have very extreme health conditions. If that is the case we can also help you get a burial insurance with no health questions policy.

  • Builds Cash Value

The funeral insurance policy will build cash value which is like a small savings account in addition to your policy’s face amount that you can borrow from.

Burial insurance for veterans is designed to guarantee your family is protected from funeral expenses. Burials are extremely expensive and making sure your family has the right amount of coverage that pays out fast is exactly why final expense insurance is the perfect product for veterans.

Burial Insurance Companies for Veterans

The following companies all offer burial insurance for veterans these are top companies nationwide with A-ratings across the board.

These carriers offer the best products when it comes to burial insurance for veterans. With all of those carriers at our disposal it allows us to place 90% of our clients with immediate coverage which is burial insurance with no waiting period. Always remember that guaranteed issue policies with no health questions always come with a 2-year waiting period but policies that have health questions do not.

What Funeral Expenses are Covered for Veterans

There is no guarantee any funeral expenses are covered for veterans that do not have burial insurance. The only thing you get from the VA is the $300 burial allowance and the $893 for the plot, that’s it.

The only solution to making sure your burial is covered if you are a veteran is by having burial insurance which is final expense life insurance.

Is there a Burial Benefit for Veterans?

The only burial benefit provided for veterans is $300 burial allowance and $893 for a plot. This will not be enough to cover final expenses.

If you want to make sure your burial is covered you need to purchase burial insurance for veterans.

Can Veterans get Free Burial?

The VA does give a burial allowance but there is no way of knowing if there is a free burial. A surviving spouse can inquire about what they are entitled to by applying for burial benefits with the VA.

How Much is Life Insurance for Veterans

Life insurance for veterans or more specifically burial insurance for veterans will range between $50 – $100 depending on age health and life style. You can see quotes by filling out our quote form on the right of this page.

This will give you an accurate idea of how much burial insurance for veterans costs for you or your loved ones.


Or veterans are not being taken care of when it comes to their burial expenses period. The benefits supplied by the VA are not enough to make sure a veteran’s family does not have to come out of pocket for their funeral. They are better off dying during active duty with the low amount of benefits they receive as veterans. This is why burial insurance for veterans is crucial to surviving families. It will provide the benefits they need at the most crucial and emotional time of their lives when they lose you.

This is why having a final expense whole life policy for veterans is the key to providing the benefits you know your family deserves for their peace of mind. Veteran’s should not have to leave any burdens for their family. It should all be taken care of which is what we help veteran’s with every day.