Burial Insurance in Georgia Final Expense 2023

For the state that is known as the cradle of winemaking finding burial insurance in Georgia does not have to be hard at all.

In this guide, we will cover some commonly asked questions concerning these policies and show you how ParamountQuote can help you secure the best coverage to protect your family.

We have clients in all 50 states, we are nationwide helping clients with burial insurance in the USA you can check out some of our other state articles here:





Also for more information on what is a burial insurance policy you can read that article.

In short burial insurance is life insurance for final expenses also known as final expense life insurance also known as whole life insurance. Whole life is different from term life insurance, in fact, we do not recommend term life as a reliable policy for burial considering the term will expire at some point.

With Whole Life, it is permanent coverage that will always be there for your family it also builds cash value in the policy. This is perfect for burial insurance in Georgia.

It is designed for end-of-life expenses such as funeral and burial expenses. The face amounts are typically between $1,000 – $40,000 and with the average burial across the nation being $8,000 to $12,000 and cremation being between $3,000 to $5,000 these policies pay for a funeral and much more!

These policies also payout within 24 – 48 hours of receiving a death certificate, so if the expectations in Georgia are for a quick payout, your family will receive the death benefits promptly.

Burial Insurance in Georgia Cost for Ages 19 – 91

This data comes from our agent quoting tools to give you accurate pricing for funeral insurance in Georgia. The final expense quotes are based on the age and health of the insured which means the younger and healthier you are the more affordable funeral insurance in Georgia will be for you.

Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Male Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Smoker Sample Quotes

What is the Best Life Insurance Company in Georgia?

The truth is there is no best life insurance company it comes down to what life insurance company is best for you?

In order to find the best company for you, we would have to speak with you directly and find you the best policy for your unique situation and health profile.

The best burial insurance companies we have available in Georgia:

  1. Mutual of Omaha
  2. Royal Neighbors of America
  3. Liberty Bankers Life
  4. Prosperity Life
  5. Greek Catholic Union
  6. Aetna
  7. Guarantee Trust Life
  8. Great Western

Average cost of Funeral Expenses in Georgia

According to funeralocity the average full-service burial in Georgia is $7,528 and a full-service cremation is $6,318!

This means at the time of your passing your family would have to come up with this money upon the funeral home’s request. This is NOT something a credit card can take care of, Your family would need to take out loans, sell some personal belongings or launch a GoFundMe. We have seen families do this many times.

This is why these burial insurance in Georgia policies provide the protection needed to ensure this never happens to your family.

Burial Insurance in Georgia Do these Policies require a Medical Exam?

In short no they do not applying is easy and approval can be done in minutes!

Here’s how the process works:

  1. One of our highly trained agents gives you a call.
  2. The agent confirms some basic information you filled out.
  3. Asks some basic health questions.
  4. Confirms the amount you are applying for.
  5. Proceeds with an e-signature or e-mail signature depending on the company.
  6. Then the carrier confirms your approval.

These are simplified issue policies meaning there are no physical exams or blood tests required. We also pride ourselves on helping clients with health conditions such as COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Stroke, and much more get approved for coverage!

Our agents make it their prime mission to help you qualify and secure the best coverage with the best monthly premium available in Georgia. We specialize in burial insurance in Georgia.

Working with the Right Insurance Agency

Working with the right agency like ours is paramount to achieving your vision for your family’s financial future when your time comes.

The right insurance agency would be a national independent agency. This means our agents are not bound by one particular policy or carrier.

We represent multiple carriers and have an option for any client we work with. We are not bound by state lines or any particular company we work for YOU.

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Our agents become your personal service agents for life, always here to help answer any questions and provide any extra service concerning your policy.

Cost of Cremation in GA

According to us-funerals.com

A Georgia cremation can range up to around $4,000 with a service.

Whether it is a burial or a cremation these burial policies will pay out just the same regardless of Georgia funeral laws. They are not bound by any state laws because the insurance companies are in control of paying their client’s claims.

It is up to you to specify your beneficiary so they receive the money and can carry out your final wishes as you see fit. So if you want to be buried in Lincoln Cemetery Atlanta make sure you tell your beneficiary this.

Depending on the carrier you choose they will verify insurance in Georgia to be able to substantially pay your family’s claim.

Our clients ask us all of the time if there is free cremation in Georgia and consider things like the casket’s or for example specific cities like the Atlanta embalming service’s. The answer is a simple no.

“There will always be a funeral cost in Georgia no matter if you select a burial or cremation.”

That being said there are always factors to consider when looking into the average funeral cost in Georgia.

  1. What are the body preparation services?
  2. How much is the casket?
  3. How much is the reception dinner?

This is why the cost varies so much from state to state. So when consumers ask them questions like:

“How much does a cremation cost in Georgia?”


“How much is cremation in Georgia?”

The answer is usually given in a range of pricing. It can be anywhere between $3,000 – $5,000 or more. Depending on the funeral home and services you want.


Final expense insurance in GA is extremely affordable which is the best part of burial insurance in the first place. The rates for seniors are dependent on age, health, and lifestyle.

The truth is the healthier and younger you are the more affordable it gets with the state of Georgia life insurance.

Another source which is georgiafuneralcare.com says the cost of cremation is $1,095 – $3,890.

What is the best Life of Georgia Insurance Company

The answer to this is very simple.

The best burial insurance companies have niches for different individuals and health conditions. So if you are an individual with moderate health conditions like for example, COPD.

Then you need to fill out the form to your right and one of our licensed agents will reach out to you and help you with potentially qualifying for our carrier that will give you day one coverage for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Cremation Prices in Georgia & Laws

In most cases, cremation is known to be extremely affordable. This is an alternative to traditional funeral services because most family members cannot come up with the extra money to pay a huge funeral bill.

We see this on a daily basis when talking with our clients about burial insurance in Georgia. The average cost of cremation in Georgia vary’s depending on what funeral home you go to. Each one has a different price list.

They would factor in the memorial service if it is included. In addition, this would include the cremated remains and if they are going to be put into a cremation casket. This is all discussed with the funeral director and priced into the cremation service this also would include the grave marker.

With all of that being considered the average cremation costs in Georgia would be around $2,527. You can get a pricing sheet for cremation packages from the local funeral home to assist you in your pre-planning. We have spoken with many clients that have received their loved one’s death certificate and the final arrangements were already taken care of.

This is why burial insurance in Georgia is designed to cover the cost of a funeral and help with an affordable cremation or pay the whole thing altogether. These types of policies are perfect for cover your final expenses if you are on a fixed income like social security.

The ParamountQuote Mission

If you are looking for burial insurance in Georgia you are in the perfect place. Allow us to earn your business.

  1. We are a national independent agency with access to all the top major carriers to find the best rate and coverage guaranteed!
  2. We specialize in burial insurance and helping clients find day one coverage.
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