Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 50 Final Expense

Burial insurance over 50 is going to be extremely affordable considering the younger age bracket. The younger you are the more affordable final expense insurance is going to be. In this article we will go over what funeral insurance is, costs of coverage, underwriting, waiting periods and much more.

50 years old is the age you should get burial insurance due to the fact that it does not expire at a certain age and locks in the premium at a very affordable level.

Understanding Final Expense Insurance for Seniors Over 50

Final expense insurance(funeral insurance, cremation insurance and burial insurance) is simplified issue whole life and guaranteed issue whole life policies. These plans are a type of life insurance with smaller coverage amounts up to $50,000.

They are permanent life insurance policies that never expire as long as premiums are paid.

Final expense insurance has level premiums(premiums never increase) and level death benefits(death benefit never decreases). The policy builds cash value as premiums are paid into it which is a small savings that grows in addition to the policy.

You can borrow from the face amount at any time if you need it for any purpose.

Now final expense insurance is designed to cover burial costs, funeral costs, cremation costs and any end of life expenses left behind for your family when you die.

The policy pays the death benefit to your beneficiary and they use the money to pay for your funeral. Any money leftover is for your beneficiary to keep and use for any purpose.

The whole life insurance death benefit is 100% tax free to the beneficiary. Your family will not owe any taxes on the money provided by your life insurance policy to them.

In addition to this burial life insurance for seniors does not require a medical exam for approval. All you have to do is answer health questions and pass a medical and prescription history check. 

Funeral Insurance Cost for Seniors Over 50

Whole life insurance rates are based on age, health, life style and the amount of insurance coverage. Now a burial policy is the best option for seniors age 50 and over.

This is due to the fact that most seniors have health conditions that will disqualify them from preferred rates with traditional life insurance.

Below is sample funeral policy insurance quote for seniors over 50 for several age increments. This will give you a comprehensive idea of how much the cost of final expense insurance will be monthly to buy life insurance for burial at age 50 or older.

$5,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost for Seniors Over 50

Age$5,000 Male Non Smoker$5,000 Female Non Smoker$5,000 Male Smoker$5,000 Female Smoker

$10,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost for Seniors Over 50

Age$10,000 Male Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Male Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Non Smoker Sample Quotes$10,000 Female Smoker Sample Quotes

$15,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost for Seniors Over 50

Age$15,000 Life Insurance Coverage Male$15,000 Life Insurance Coverage Female$15,000 Life Insurance Coverage Male Tobacco$15,000 Life Insurance Coverage Female Tobacco

$20,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost for Seniors Over 50

Age$20,000 Male Non Smoker$20,000 Female Non Smoker$20,000 Male Smoker$20,000 Female Smoker

$25,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost for Seniors Over 50

Age$25,000 Whole Life Male Non Smoker$25,000 Whole Life Male Smoker$25,000 Whole Life Female Non Smoker$25,000 Whole Life Female Smoker

Free Burial Insurance for Seniors Does Not Exist

Misleading advertising makes it sound like there is free senior life insurance for burial. Other misleading ads make it sound like a good thing to get a policy with no health questions and no requirements to take a medical exam. 

There is no such thing as free burial insurance for seniors and if you apply for a whole life insurance policy with no health questions you will always have a 2 year waiting period.

This is why it is crucial to work with an independent insurance agent to get burial insurance. A life insurance broker like us will run real time quotes based on your age to help you understand the cost of burial insurance for you.

Do not fall for myths created by misleading advertising.

Burial Insurance Plan Underwriting

Simplified issue life insurance doesn’t require a medical exam to be approved. You simply answer health questions on the funeral life insurance application and the life insurance company performs medical and prescription history checks.

If everything checks out in their medical and prescription history checks according to how you answered their health questions you will be approved.

Simplified burial or funeral insurance is the best life insurance option for seniors covering a burial. It is the quickest way to get approved and get final expense policies even if a senior has moderate health conditions.

Seniors with heart attacks, diabetes, COPD and other health condition’s have a strong chance of getting approved for final expense plans without a waiting period.  Getting a funeral policy with pre-existing conditions is much easier compared to traditional life insurance policies.

Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 50 Waiting Periods

Remember there are 2 different types of burial insurance simplified issue(no waiting period) and guaranteed acceptance life insurance(2 year waiting period). Both are a type of whole life insurance which is why they serve as burial insurance coverage.

Guaranteed Life Insurance(Guaranteed Issue)

This life insurance coverage for seniors is not going to ask health questions or perform medical and prescription history checks. Approval is guaranteed however there is an automatic 2 year waiting period before deaths benefits will be paid to the beneficiary.

If the insured dies within the first 2 years of having the policy the beneficiary will receive the premiums paid into it plus a percentage of interest(typically 10%). In the event of accidental death the full benefit amount of the policy will be paid.

This life insurance is best for seniors with extreme health conditions. Now we have a table below listing all of the health conditions that will only qualify for guaranteed issue final expense life insurance for seniors.

Health ConditionGuaranteed Issue Life Insurance Only
Kidney DialysisYes
Use of Oxygen Tanks (Does not Include Oxygen Concentrator or CPAP)Yes
Organ TransplantYes
Alzheimers & DementiaYes
Current Cancer or Cancer Within 12 MonthsYes
Nursing Home Confinement, Hospital, Mental Health Facility, HospiceYes
Terminal IllnessYes

Simplified Issue Whole Life

This type of life insurance policy for seniors is used for burial and funeral expenses. Like other life insurance policies this coverage has health questions, medical and prescription history checks. The key difference here is that there are no medical exams required for the whole life coverage.

If you are approved for this type of policy 100% of the death benefit is payable to your beneficiary from day one.

Below is a table outlining the types of health conditions eligible for no waiting period coverage.

Health ConditionEligible for No Waiting PeriodEligible Only for a Waiting Period
ADL’s(Assistance of Daily Living Eating, Dressing, Toileting, Bathing)YesNo
Alcohol AbuseYesNo
Alzheimers & DementiaNoYes
Amputation Caused by Accident (No ADLS Needed)YesNo
Amputation Caused by Accident(ADL’s Needed)NoYes
Amputation Caused by Diabetes or Disease(No ADL’s Needed)YesNo
Amputation Caused by Diabetes or Disease(ADL’s Needed)NoYes
Assisted Living FacilityYesNo
AFIB (Atrial Fibrillation)YesNo
Brain Tumer(Non Cancerous)YesNo
Bipolar DisorderYesNo
Brain Tumor(Cancerous)YesNo
Bronchitis (Chronic)YesNo
Coronary Bypass SurgeryYesNo
Cerebral Palsy
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseYesNo
Circulatory SurgeryYesNo
Congestive Heart FailureYesNo
Cystic FibrosisYesNo
Diabetes(Without Complications)YesNo
Diabetes(With Complications)YesNo
Down SyndromeYesNo
Drug & Alcohol AbuseYesNo
Heart AttackYesNo
Heart DiseaseYesNo
Obesity & Under WeightYesNo
Hepatitis CYesNo
Huntington’s DiseaseYesNo
Kidney Disease Stage 1 – 3YesNo
Kidney Disease Stage 4 – 5YesNo
Lupus (Systemic)YesNo
Multiple SclerosisYesNo
Muscular DystrophyYesNo
Organ TransplantNoYes
Oxygen TanksNoYes
Oxygen ConcentratorYesNo
Pacemaker ImplantYesNo
Parkinson’s DiseaseYesNo
Pending SurgeryNoYes
Sickle Cell AnemiaYesNo
Sleep ApneaYesNo
TIA Mini StrokeYesNo
Tumor CancerousNoYes
Tumor Non-CancerousYesNo
Ulcerative ColitisYesNo

Best Burial Insurance Companies for Seniors Over 50

We are going to list below the best final expense life insurance companies to apply with at the ages of 50 or over. In order to get life insurance with these companies you must apply with an agent licensed to sell their life policies in your state.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha burial insurance has the lowest and most competitive rates compared to other companies. That being said the underwriting for their living promise final expense policy can be strict.

We would recommend this company to individuals with mild health conditions such as controlled diabetes and other mild conditions.

American Amicable

American Amicable funeral insurance is extremely liberal in their underwriting and has very competitive rates. They are particularly friendly to smokers as their tobacco rates are lower than other companies. 


Transamerica final expense coverage has no height or weight requirements which makes it ideal life insurance for obese applicants. In addition to this their rates are very competitive.


Prosperity New Vista funeral insurance is very good for applicants with heart conditions. This would be our highest recommended company for applicants with heart problems.

Aetna CVS Health

Aetna Accendo with CVS Health funeral policy is friendly towards applicants with COPD. 

Royal Neighbors of America

Royal Neighbors of America burial coverage also offers membership benefits like discounts at retailers like Wal-Mart. In addition to this they are friendly towards diabetic neuropathy complications.

Guarantee Trust Life

Guarantee trust life funeral coverage only has 5 health questions on their application. They are one of the easiest companies to get approved with. In addition to this they do not put applicants into a full 2 year waiting period. After year 1 50% of the policy is paid and after year 2 the full amount of the policy is paid.

Geber Life Insurance Company

Gerber life insurance for funeral expenses is the lowest priced guaranteed issue policy on the market. This policy has a 2 year waiting period.

Great Western Insurance Company

Great Western final expense coverage offers up to $40,000 in coverage compared to all other guaranteed issue policies that stop at $25,000.

American General AIG

AIG burial insurance has living benefits built into their policy that allow the insured to get extra money from their policy amount while they are alive. They must be diagnosed with a terminal illness for this benefit to go in effect.

Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers lower monthly premiums compared to whole life. This is because term life insurance is a temporary type of coverage(typically 10 – 20 year term lengths). In addition to this getting approved for term coverage is very difficult.

They will order doctors records, medical exams etc. it can take over 2 months to get approved for a term policy. Now your choice of coverage is dependent upon your needs like covering an asset on a loan such as a mortgage(mortgage protection).

Whole life is for long term needs such as funeral and burial costs, building cash value, retirement etc.

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 50 Based on Needs

Choosing a life policy is largely based on needs. That being said remember your health also plays a big role in narrowing down what you qualify for. You may want a term policy and only be able to qualify for a funeral or burial policy.

Term Policy

  • Optimal Health Required
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Family Income Replacement
  • Protection of Assets & Estate

Traditional Whole Life Policy

  • Optimal Health Required
  • Build Cash Value for Retirement
  • Protection of Assets & Estate
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Family Income Replacement

Final Expense Whole Life Policy

  • Moderate Health Required
  • Covering End of Life Expenses
  • Smaller Cash Value for Borrowing Against
  • Covering Extra Debts Left Behind

Life Insurance Policies for People Over 50 Worst Companies

There are several senior life insurance for burial policies we strongly advise against. Typically you want to watch out for unnecessary waiting periods or term policies being marketed as permanent policies. The worst life insurance companies for seniors are as follows.


We strongly recommend against buying AARP burial insurance due to the fact that they have an increasing term life policy that raises its rates every 5 years. This means it will become more expensive until it is unaffordable.

How to Get a Final Expense Life Insurance Plan

In order to find the best funeral policy you need to work with a life insurance agent like us. When you work with our agents they will shop the market based on your health conditions and needs. This will help them make the best recommendation for you, avoid a waiting period if possible and secure the lowest insurance premium.

Call our number or fill out the quoter on this page for a final expense insurance quote and our agents will contact you. We work with the best life companies in the USA.

Life Insurance for Parents Over 50

Getting life insurance for parents over 50 requires their knowledge and consent on the life insurance application. You cannot buy a policy for them without them knowing.